Conviction, Commitment and the Call to Arise

Conviction, Commitment and the Call to AriseBy  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

It’s amazing how few people have conviction. Not in just one area of their lives, but in whatever their pursuits. The cost vs. return apparently seems to be too much in their estimation. It usually manifests in half-hearted and self-preserving decisions and actions, a compromise for advantage, whatever that may be for each individual.

It’s not a terminal illness, it’s installed; a muted effect of social engineering.

We’ve all been within that paradigm of half-heartedness. It’s a defense mechanism, a nasty one. It’s designed to preserve the status quo; “Don’t rock the boat, don’t appear to be abnormal..” Ironic when they extol great innovators who dared to buck the system. But that’s not for everyone, apparently.

Real Conviction is Essentially Spiritual

Having the courage of one’s convictions is essentially a willingness to let go of preset mindsets and lifelong entrainment. What it boils down to for a sincere seeker is the onset of obvious truths of a continually changing reality – our essential need to keep in flux while a falsely structured matrix surrounds us. Challenging this is the most important attribute any of us can have.

It’s not that big of a deal. It’s just letting go of where we are in order to move on. But we’re led to believe that isn’t possible, nor “normal”.

Taking the step to the next level isn’t that hard. It’s simply staying willing to keep stepping. Stop off points include many belief “systems” which result in adopted “lifestyles”, and they’re all around us; jobs and family, social constraints, set goals and objectives, these are the pre-determinded externally set parameters we need to be aware of.  And those we need to shirk.

Knowing our real destiny is so much more… for anyone willing to keep pursuing.

Don’t Be Attached to the Outcome

This axiom is profoundly true and not that easy to live up to – in the “normal” world. Think of where you’re heading in your life. How much of it is a pre-set goal of some sort? Is it right? Is it good? Is it truly purposeful? And for what…or for whom? Are we “attached to the outcome” of our actions?

Letting go of our previous conceptions rather than hanging on to them is anathema to the world’s current social and even spiritual constructs. Goals are laid out a dime a dozen for both short and long term…material or social fulfillment, answering senses of responsibility, even so-called paths to enlightenment. These can all be distractions from our day to day task of answering the call of life’s signs and the power of synchronicity to move us where we are truly the most fulfilled… and effective.

This clearly goes against the grain of our left brained and wholly programmed upbringing, all of which is based on survival, acceptance and what we are told happiness is supposed to be comprised of. No matter. In almost every instance the human spirit will cry out for this thrilling human experience of fully awakening that awaits all who heed its call.

Commitment and Conviction

These attributes don’t arrive early in most peoples’ lives. Even if they do, they’re often pre-programmed. Something happens in a truth seeker’s life that changes this paradigm, for the better. Almost ironically, like the fluid rising contrary to gravity in the stem of a plant, the “blood” of the plant makes its way to the leaves to receive the nourishment of the life giving sun and the process of photosynthesis.

This process is allegorically within every living organism. Yet social mechanics repress or deny it.

The intuitive reaction of the plant, us, is to seek for and draw on this energetic source, yet the world around us works to deny this natural process. Yes, we are up against such engineered opposition, in many forms, but that is not our essential issue, although an important revelation along the way. Our issue is to go with the true natural course that cannot be denied.

Herein lies real conviction. Going with the heart, answering the innate call that there is more, much more. And once you find it to pursue it with intensity, because that is our essential source of life and soul expression, and fulfillment.

If we don’t go with our hearts, our intuitive sense of what’s right and good and helpful and liberating, we won’t be living up to our potential. And yes, this means shedding the old, the programming, the conformity to the hardened and essentially calloused world around us.

This will mean life changes, large and small. But I ask; So what? Where is our conviction? Follow your heart. Where is it centered? Follow it. Where are you really, deep down inside in your thoughts and attitudes and hence reactions? Follow it.

We Are What We Do, or Don’t Do

It’s not what we say, but what we do or refuse to participate in. It’s not what we believe, but how we live. Where is your conviction? Is it a heart felt conviction, or a pull towards conformity or even survival and self preservation?

Those are serious questions we each should ask ourselves.

In the end, once you know….will you go all the way? Will the convictions be fulfilled, or just bandied about like the folly of detached philosophers?

We all hear that same voice. The question is: Will we respond?

That question, and answer… are ours.

Love Zen

Updated August 2014

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