Opposing Forces – Staying Focused Through the Shift

Opposing Forces - Staying Focused Through the Shift22nd August 2014

By  Lorraine Ereira

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

With so much information out there now for all of us who want to live independent, natural, healthy free lifestyles, it can be disheartening to read about plans to control our food supply, blunt our education, poison us with unnecessary drugs and basically suppress the life within us.

If like me, you care about yourself, your family, your friends and the world at large, then reading these accounts although eye-opening can leave you filled with a sense of fear, for the world in which we live, for the future that is unfolding for our children, and although it is good to be aware and where possible to be pro-active, is it not good for the soul to feel this constant state of unease.

So how can we stay in the know, and strive to save our race and our planet, but protect ourselves from negativity at the same time?

Opposing Forces

The truth is that those of us who care so deeply are usually the ones who are the most vulnerable to the dark  ways of the world. We are the ones who read an article about a cruel act to an innocent being and can’t just walk away and forget it. Unless we learn to separate our empathic feelings from others, and see the light in the dark, we will carry that hurt – the hurt of the world  – into our very souls until it threatens  the  sense of inner peace that is so vital to our survival.

So what can we do? How can we stay strong, focused and maintain our selves with so much going on?

Recognize our  duality.

If the only colour you could see were black, how would you make sense of your what you beheld? If there were only darkness, how could you define it as darkness? We need light, even a tiny amount, to know that’s it’s dark. We need white to be able to see the black. And to some extent we need evil to be able to see the good.

Our lives today are a balance of opposing forces. Wherever there is fear, there is an opportunity  for love. Wherever there is evil, there is also good, waiting to be noticed, to show us the contrast that is the essence of everything.

So next time you feel the weight of the world’s worries on your shoulders, look around, notice your neighbour as he helps his ailing relative; notice the sun, and how it gently warms your skin; see the child how he skips through muddy puddles with pure delight, and feel the love that is around you everywhere you go.  Focus on the good, the happy, the beautiful, for it is there everywhere, in stark contrast to the bad, the sad and the ugly.

Use this focus to nourish your soul, to keep your spirit strong and your thoughts positive, and know that life in this reality exists on the balance of opposing forces.

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About the author:

Lorraine Ereira is a writer and a Sports  Therapist with a keen interest in nutrition and healthy living. Lorraine cared for her husband who was diagnosed with cancer last year, but with good nutrition and healthy living has made a full recovery. It is now Lorraine’s mission to share the positive aspects of her experience with others who wish to life a healthy and low toxic lifestyle.

She is currently writing her second novel about how she coped with her husband’s illness, and how making well researched and informed choices helped him on the path to his recovery. Her first novelJourney From the Summit, a true story, was published  earlier this year, and her Sports Therapy book is due out very soon.

For more information, check out  Journey From the Summit  on  Amazon U.S.  or  Amazon U.K.,  or connect with Lorraine on her website  www.corefit-uk.co.uk  and  Facebook.com/OPFsportstherapy.


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