Connecting the Dots on Humanity’s Untold Genetic History

Connecting the Dots on Humanity's Untold Genetic History

31st August  2014

By  Steven Strong with Andy Whiteley

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

The  ideas that form the basis of this article have admittedly  sat at the bottom of our  ‘to do  list’ for well over a year.  Even though more than 30 articles have come and gone in the meantime, about sites of varying credentials, the ‘bones’ of this article have steadfastly clung on, albeit hanging onto second last position on the  ladder  of urgency.

More than once we have contemplated putting a line through the caption and seeking out more promising or pressing Original sites or relics to pursue. But with over half a dozen avenues of investigation currently underway or incomplete, these ideas – which relate to the untold history and evolution of humanity –  can  now finally appear in print.

Even though we will stray into the cosmic realm during this  examination, we will also maintain our commitment to academic rigour and applying methodology of the finest selection. To that end we will be citing references as varied as world renowned experts in the fields of mitochondrial DNA  and  Y Chromosomes, the words of Original Elders, Original  Dreaming stories, “hobbits”, and the telepathic thoughts of the alien held captive at Roswell for three years.

About 400,000 Years ago

To begin with, we need to set a solid empirical base, so we will  briefly revisit some earlier research. We have made mention in previous articles of the individual work of Professors Alan Wilson and Rebecca Cann, who first proposed Africa as the birthplace of modern humans, as well as their subsequent retraction that  nominated Australia, not Africa, as humanity’s  beginning place.

Their examination of Original genes motivated Wilson to finally concede that:

“…it seems too far out to admit, but while Homo erectus was muddling along in the rest of the world, a few erectus had got to Australia and did something dramatically different – not even with stone tools – but it was there that Homo sapiens emerged and evolved.”

Wilson discovered that “the Australian racial group has a much higher rate of mutations than any other racial group”, and that the Original Homo sapien sapiens first emerged “about 400,000 years ago”. We have no problem with his conclusions, but do take exception to the open-ended nature of the process that he proposed led to the genesis of modern humans in Australia.

How did the evolution and transformation of Homo erectus take place?  What factors, agents and agencies were responsible? And why did this occur in a continent supposedly lacking in any hominid presence until the appearance of African Homo sapien sapiens?

When Rebecca Cann delved more deeply into the most recent genetic studies of indigenous people, she not only nominated a 400,000 year entry point to Australia for the  Original people, but went forward a  considerable distance along that time-line to determine a  beginning date for “Negroid and Caucasian groups [of] about 40,000 years ago”. But what really added to the intrigue was Cann’s observation that the Original people “arose … from two distinct lineages” – a fact that  was identified by both male and female genetic signposts.  In their  outline of  the  two possible candidates,  both Wilson and Cann broke the rules of ‘accepted academia’ by suggesting that Homo erectus somehow sailed to Australia, despite knowing full well the prevailing belief is that only Homo sapiens could sail across the oceans to other continents. According to Wilson and Cann, the genetic evidence negates this common assumption.

Further more, what is not as well known is yet another inconvenient archaeological truth, which details the movement of no less than 20 hominids across 23 kilometres of open-ocean to the island of Flores more than 800,000 years ago. According to Dr. Michael Morwood, well known for his work in the discovery of the small species of hominid called ‘hobbits’, he noted the existence of “evidence that some 800,000 years ago Homo erectus –  our upright but smaller-brained ancestor – had reached the island of Flores”.

Morwood was aware of the sensational nature of what he found, but remained confident in the integrity of the science and numbers behind his claims. “The dating is reliable. Volcanic tuff deposits from above and below indisputable stone artefacts and associated extinct fauna were securely dated by the well-tried and trusted fission-track method”. Accepting that this is indeed evidence of Homo erectus, not Homo sapien, activity, we can conclude that,  if Homo erectus  did indeed sail south towards Flores and continued in that direction, they would reach Timor and then the Australian mainland. And the leap in technology required of this migration is minimal; if already capable of constructing a vessel carrying many and sailing a long way around 800,000 years ago, it is quite feasible that Homo erectus sailed similar numbers a little further south another 400,000 years later.

Two Original, Separate Lineages of Australian Aboriginals

A complementary study of the male genetic legacy of Original Y Chromosomes conducted “by Vandenburg and others in 1999” revealed two haplotypes unique to Australian Aboriginals, which of course is contrary to any theory of an  Africa genetic link. What was even more relevant was the clustering of haplotypes into two groups. In total, male chromosome can be spread amongst “41 unique haplotypes”, but in Australia different factors existed.  And  what only adds to the unique nature of the Original ‘blue-print’, “most (78%) of Aboriginal haplotypes fell into two clusters, possibly indicating two original, separate lineages of Aboriginal Australians”.

Once again we are dealing with the proposal that  a second non-sapien hominid was  part of the ancestry of the Original race. But even if we concede for a moment that the theory of  a single hominid or genetic lineage in Australian Originals (Homo erectus) is possible, it still  begs  the questions:

What was this second hominid, and where did it  come from?

If a second genetic source was involved, how did they get to Australia?

And why is there no skeletal evidence of any non-sapien hominid in this country?

Archaeologists are united in insisting every pre-historical human bone found in this country is from Original Homo sapien sapiens  stock, yet genetic experts have detected the influence of more than one strand of hominid. Perhaps the clue to this puzzle can be found within the mitochondrial DNA of Mungo Man (WLH 3)?

We believe Mungo Man is at least 60,000 years old, as did the late anthropologist  Alan Thorne, who was considered an expert in his understanding of the human genome. ANU  geomorphologist  Jim Bowler, who discovered the Mungo Man remains, estimates  a date of 45,000 years is applicable. Yet despite arguments over numbers, the consensus among  academics is that  the mtDNA extracted from the Mungo Man sample has no genetic match, past or present. Extensively compared to all known present-day races, extinct hominids and primates, the genetic material extracted appears to have no living equal, and because of this fact, Mungo Man is regarded as an extinct and mysterious genetic strand of Homo sapien sapiens.

The problem is that  (regardless of its exact age)  it is agreed that Mungo Man  is the oldest Homo sapien yet recovered in Australia, and is closest in timing to the theoretical arrival of the Africans some 50-60,000 years ago. Therefore, its  genetics should be an almost perfect replica of the African blueprint. Yet in reality, the reverse applies;  instead of being the most similar to the African genetics, it turns out that the oldest Original person yet found had no relationship to Africans, but also no relationship  to any non-Original peoples.

Now this is where it gets very difficult. We have genetic experts insisting two distinct lineages are present in the Original DNA, but aside from  assuming one group was Homo erectus (and there is not one supporting bone or artefact yet found in Australia to substantiate this suggestion) nobody has been daring enough to propose who or what that second genetic source was, or from where in the world they came.

Nothing But the Original Truth

Well, when we say “nobody has been daring enough” to come forward with a reasonable theory, we do need to add a caveat:  no academic has made a public declaration validating the lineage and history conveyed to us by the Original tribal people. When consulting with Original Elders and Custodians of the Old Ways, which is always our first course of action, answers about our “unexplained” genetic lineage are far more forthcoming.

The Original ‘Dreaming’ tells of humanity’s genetic origins – that  of both earthly and off-world genetics, specifically Pleiadean.  “As on top so below.” And as challenging a concept as this may be, the Original peoples’  Pleiades ancestry is a constant truth told throughout the continent, by  Original Elders and  Dreaming stories of the Seven Sisters. Undeniably, the link between the Original race and the  distant Pleiadean constellation is an integral part of their understanding of their history, and importantly,  there is a distinct commonality between the two separate genetic stocks that western science  has identified, and the off-world location the Original people  speak of.

Does this  explain why the oldest Original bones yet found cannot be genetically linked to any other Earthly population?

One of  (if not the) first pieces of Original wisdom we were given,  some time ago, was some  advice given to us by highly respected Dhungutti Elder, Ray Kelly. It isn’t symbolic nor is it a multi-layered allegory, but  literally says exactly what it means.

“Our legends tell us we came to this planet on a space ship made of energy. When it hit this atmosphere, it turned to crystal.”

Darkinooong Elder, the late Auntie Beve, also spoke of the same cataclysmic event, when the mother-ship of the “carriers from up there” came to grief when “crashing in the still waters of Bambara”. Original Elder Mr. Bostock spoke of the same misfortune, not only confirming the craft’s forced arrival (in  grief) but specifying from where they came. Whenever he rang me to pass on Original guidance, he would always close by reminding me that his distant ancestry was Pleiadean and that it was for this reason that the mantra ‘as on top, so below’ echoes throughout the country.

When last on country together, Ramindjeri spokesperson Karno Walker introduced us to the Lore of the Star Beings, and informed us that  every sacred land-form must always have a celestial counterpart. He not only affirmed that one race of Homo sapien sapiens are indeed descended from the Pleiadeans, but that there are other  races of  people whose genetic ancestry is also from distant constellations, yet are not from the Pleiades system.

The final verdict on the subject is found within the narrative of the only Dreaming story handed down as  part  of  the history and  lore  of every Original tribe: the Seven Sisters. Indeed, this Dreaming story is unique in that the  narrative and characters relayed in this  Dreaming story do not vary between tribes. Each Original tribal estate has its own language, spirits, totems, and blood-lines, yet despite each tribe’s  exclusive relationship and bond to one area, the Seven Sisters is the  one account that transcends every tribal and language boundary, and has been  passed down – without dispute – through  every tribe since time immemorial.

The Seven Sisters  tells  the  story of  the arrival of beings from the seven stars of the Pleiades, with Orion in pursuit, attempting to capture one of the Sisters (the seven stars of the Pleiades constellation). While resonating to the continent-wide theme of ‘as on top, so below’, it also provides  a specific location in the night-time sky from which Homo sapien sapiens’ “unexplained” genetic ancestry originated. Correspondingly,  a team of researchers working at the Human Genome Project confirmed  in 2013 that:

“..  more than 95% of the non-coding sequences (also called junk DNA) found in human DNA is actually the genetic codes of alien lifeforms. These sequences are actually found in all lifeforms found on Earth but they make up a larger portion of the human genome than in any other species known. It is these sequences that the team is using to explain many gaps in our understanding of how human beings have ‘evolved’ over the ages.”

We believe that the information  engraved into the second sandstone wall at Bambara is a sequential narrative of the evolution of human DNA — the nurturing, splicing and improving of one earthly hominid specimen by  the surgical intervention of Pleiadean scientists. Aware that Dreaming stories refer to the first Creation Spirits as Sky-Heroes who came down from the sky and created humanity, and that the first Sky-Heroes’ name (Baiame) means “to cut off one leg from which humanity is spawned”, the translations  we have gleaned from the second wall of the Bambara hieroglyphs is entirely in keeping with the Original account of Pleaidean Sky-Heroes coming to Earth then genetically manipulating one species of hominid.

The Original Custodians say extra-terrestrials came to Australia and created the first modern humans, and many  scientists say that there are two Original lineages that made up the first Homo sapien sapiens  race, whose ascension took place at around 400,000 years ago in Australia. But alas, until a star-being from above and beyond stands amongst mere mortals on this planet and supplies first-hand observations on this topic, all we have are degrees of possibility gleaned from second-hand accounts.  Despite the imposing nature of the combined credentials of these Original custodians and their oral testimonies, in a court of law their testimonies would be dismissed  as ‘hearsay’.

A First-Hand Account

Now it gets decidedly off-centre, and that  is indeed our next port-of-call.

As we begin  to stray into the cosmos with few  empirical signposts, it now becomes apparent why this article occupied the ‘semi-pariah’ status of second-last position in the list of drafts and maybes for so long. Up to this point, this discussion  has been plain sailing in still, empirical waters; a matter of connecting some archaeological and genetic ‘dots’ already discussed in earlier articles to  provide the  ’bigger picture’. And while  the science and archaeology that  substantiate a minimum evolution date of 400,000 years is solid,  by supposing  a second Pleiadean genetic lineage, our case is so far incomplete. More substantiation is needed…

And there can be no better source than the diary of the nurse chosen to tend to the medical needs of the Roswell Alien who was held captive at the United States military installation for three years.

As much a leap of faith as it is to accept such a record exists, it becomes even more challenging when considering that this reputed Alien captive never uttered one word or audible syllable. It is O’Donnell’s claim the Alien refused to make any interaction with the military personnel, instead choosing to communicate – telepathically – with a woman whose profession and motivations were diametrically opposed to all others stationed on the base. O’Donnell  reportedly spent three years in telepathic communication with the star-being, and her diary of that exchange was recently released.

It goes without saying there is not one word printed on this matter that holds water, according to  any scientific standard. Nonetheless, there is a prophetic entry made on pages 86 and 87 of this record that seems so strangely accurate, unprompted and ahead of its time (or interest level) that it literally begs further consideration  –  and to be honest, it is the main motivation for this article being  written. Once again, not only the numbers but also the location tell a similar story to those of  genetic scientists and Original Elders:

Once upon a time, 400,000 years ago in Australia…

IS-BEs have been dumped on Earth from all over the galaxy, adjoining galaxies, and from planetary systems all over the “Old Empire,” like Sirius, Aldebaron, the Pleiades, Orion, Draconia, and countless others. There are IS-BEs on Earth from unnamed races, civilizations, cultural backgrounds, and planetary environments. Each of the various IS-BE populations have their own languages, belief systems, moral values, religious beliefs, training and unknown and untold histories.

These IS-Bes are mixed together with earlier inhabitants of Earth who came from another star system more than 400,000 years ago to establish the civilisations of Atlanta and Lemuria. Those civilizations vanished beneath tidal waves by a planetary “polar shift,” many thousands of years before the current “prison” populations started to arrive. Apparently, the IS-BEs from those star systems were the source of the original, oriental races of Earth, beginning in Australia.”

My almost immediate reaction to reading records of this telepathic exchange was: Why was Australia nominated as the birthplace of modern humans as early  as  1947? Australia was undeniably a place of little interest to the United States in those times.  An under-developed colony of the British empire, it was not a “main player” in global affairs, nor the focus of any evolutionary conversation. In 1947 it was believed Australia had been unpopulated until 12,000 years ago, and nothing exhibiting any technical or engineering sophistication had been found or was suspected to exist. Given  that the prevailing theory in 1947 was that Australia was settled by naked hunter-gatherers bearing “rock stick and stone” technology (which was held in low regard by scholars of the day) this continent would appear to be the least likely candidate for a fraudulent claim.

So, if the Roswell records are  all bogus, why did O’Donnell choose such a remote, insignificant (and yet accurate) outpost for her claim?  Can it really be a coincidence that  O’Donnell specified a date of 400,00 years — in exact accord with recently emerging genetic evidence?

For O’Donnell to  claim that highly advanced Aliens gathered en-masse 400,000 years earlier, and created our ancestors in a continent seemingly  devoid of  evidence of buildings, clothes, metal, wheels or gun powder until after the British Invasion is illogical on every level except genetics  –  and that link was not known to any scientist in 1947.

The Last Word

Put it all together and what do we have in total?

The study of both mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosomes indicates that when the first Original people came into existence there are “two lineages” at play, and that it is possible one of those lineages could have been  Homo erectus.

Determining who  was the second contributor to this genetic partnership is a difficult call, but if we rely on accepted historical accounts, we can rule out any other type of hominid taking up Australian residence. Even granting Homo erectus a ‘ticket of entry’ into ancient Australia is a big enough concession  in itself, especially since mainstream  texts and scientific curricula maintain that only Homo sapien sapiens have ever set foot in this country.

No-one, including us, has ever made claim to lesser hominids (whether Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, Denisovan, Homo habilis or any other non-sapien)  having walked on Australian soil. So, if that is the case, with every known hominid and primate ruled out of the equation, we are left with no logical alternative but to follow the directions of the Original men and women whose ancient tribal history reveals knowledge of such things – and to look into the night-time sky.

So, relying on a combination of high-order science and Original lore  to  establish our case and narrow the alternatives, we will conclude our paper by referring to an  utterly unprovable telepathic conversation between an Alien and a nurse. The sensible course of action would be to omit  Matilda O’Donnell’s recollections at this point, as  the rest of our examination could certainly stand alone. But the reality is — it was that entry in O’Donnell’s  diary that set this article and its structure into motion. Moreover, Matilda’s reference  to  an evolution/creation date of 400,000 years taking place  Australia is too coincidental – given the facts we have already discussed – to leave her testimony to the side.

Undeniably, the mere mention of the telepathic musings of an Alien will see many academics dismiss the intentions and content of this article as folly. “Break out the tin foil hats” they’ll cry! It was for that exact reason that  this article sat so low on our “to do” list.

But taking notice of such superficial intransigence was a  lapse in judgement. Our  Original counsellors from tribal estates across the continent have made it clear – the Original people  descended (in part) from beings from the Pleiadean star system. And the truth is, there can never be any shame in raising the possibility of extra-terrestrial involvement in the affairs of the men and women of earth, especially since scientists, Elders and Aliens all stand united in declaring that Homo sapien sapiens were created in Australia by the Original Sky-heroes no less than 400,000 years ago.

So far, no other explanation holds water.

About the authors:

strongsSteven Strong is an Australian-based researcher, author and former high school teacher. Together with his son Evan, his work is to explore  the ancient story of the Original people, a narrative that was almost lost to aggressive European colonisation.

Andy Whiteley an average 40-something from Melbourne Australia who, like many people, “woke up” and realized everything isn’t what it seems. Since then, he feels blessed to be a part of Wake Up World and its amazing community of readers.

This article   © Wake Up World.


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