Remote Viewing Demystified

Remote Viewing Demystified

By Matt Raye

Guest writer for Wake up World

Remote viewing is a mental faculty that allows a perceiver (a “viewer”) to describe or give details about something that is inaccessible to “normal” senses. In remote viewing, the viewer not only verbalizes what he or she is perceiving, but usually also records it in writing or in sketches. [1]

It is my hope in writing this article that I can relate to the reader exactly what Remote Viewing is, while dispelling a few misconceptions as we go. This involves a small history lesson, and you may even learn a little bit about yourself along the way!

Where did remote viewing come from?

The U.S. military and a natural psychic, Ingo Swann got together with physicists from Stanford Research Institute and figured out how Ingo did what he did — evidently a skill the U.S. military wanted to invest in. Swann who described himself as a “consciousness researcher” was a naturally gifted parapsychologist, and the best psychic they could find to work with under laboratory conditions.

I’m blind but now I can see!

Being blind to target is one thing that separates Remote Viewing from the other “psychic arts”. This means that you have no idea what you are looking at psychically. How did they do this? Originally they used GPS coordinates, yep good old latitude and longitude. There are two main problems with this method though. Firstly, GPS coordinates are not completely blind; you cannot be completely blind to the target if you have some idea of where on the planet the coordinates are geographically. For example, if the latitude is zero degrees, you can be pretty sure that it’s not a prison camp in Siberia! The second problem is that the GPS tracking doesn’t include anything off planet.

Best mistake Ever!

One fateful day while conducting a Remote Viewing session, somebody mistranscribed the numbers but the viewers “went” to the correct location anyway! So they realized that the numbers were only symbolic, and this meant two wonderful things. First, the viewer could be completely blind to the target (no viewer bias), and secondly you could view anything anywhere, well almost, but that may be a subject for a different article.

Do I have to be psychic to be a good Remote Viewer?

The late Ingo Swann (1933 – 2013)

The late Ingo Swann (1933–2013)

No, everybody has this “gift”; however it’s more like the gift of eye-sight than the ability to play Mozart after hearing only one of his compositions. In a way, we do not teach Remote Viewing insomuch as we ‘un-teach’ what you’ve already learned since your time of being a spirit in a body. Yes, you too can Remote View! Stay with me…

Inside out: Am I watching from HERE or going THERE?

There are two main ways to see across space and time. You can leave your body, spiritually and actually travel to the target location, or you can view the target with your third eye. At the Psychic Spy Academy we recommend the latter approach. The third eye is in the center of your forehead between your eyes. It’s also known as the 6th chakra. For those of you who want to learn more, please read: Understanding the Chakras and How They Impact Our Outer Life

You are a tool!

Indeed, in Remote Viewing you are the tool. We don’t have any crystal balls, magic wands or purple robes. We don’t call on God or any spirit entities. The Remote Viewing methods and techniques we teach are only there to help YOU; in the same way your computer is only an aid to help YOU.

You are also a Magician!

After more than a decade of being a Remote Viewer, I’m still constantly surprised and in awe of how it all works. I find myself saying, “Wow, this is like magic!” The funny part is that you are the magician but you don’t quite know how the magic is performed! If you want to get started on Remote Viewing and discover that you are just a spirit in a body, or you just want to see what the government was up to back in the early 1970’s, come check us out at the Psychic Spy Academy. Who knows, you may be the first to find out where all those missing socks go!

About the author:

matt rayeMatt Raye has been a remote viewer since 1997 and a commercial helicopter pilot since 2000. His goal is twofold: to teach as many people as possible how to Remote View, and encourage those people to help him find lost, kidnapped and exploited children. Matt feels that if we can save one child it will be completely justify his existence. He lives in Lake Tahoe California with his dog “Traffic” – named appropriately as he was rescued from Highway 101 in California. However, some people say Matt saved Traffic and consider him a ‘rescue dog’, but Matt believes Traffic rescued him, not the other way round! Matt’s favorite activity is playing fetch with his friend Traffic, who runs off so Matt can go fetch him back!

You can connect with Matt at his website Psychic Spy Academy, or via, and email.

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