How to Heal Your Heart


14th September 2014

By Joshua Eagle

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Love and Fear exist as the two greatest spiritual forces expressed in the duality of our current everyday lives. Likewise, the energetic vibrational frequency cast out through these two powerful states is polar opposite in nature. In embodying a state of love, the energetic chakra point of our heart begins to spin its toroidal vortex wheel at a much stronger and faster pace which grows in force and vibration over time. This allows for radiant states of joy, peace and love to unfold in our everyday lives. Yet working to heal and strengthen the love muscle of our hearts is not as simple as just pushing a button. In this article we will delve into several techniques for generating greater states of love and radiance in our lives through tapping into the power of our hearts.

Like all organs of the body, the heart is vulnerable to all things of which we consume. This consumption however is not limited to just that of food. Although food exists as one of the most significant influencers, what we consume through our mind, eyes, feelings and emotions can have just as powerful of an effect. How did you feel the last time you saw a news segment on a war going on in some part of the world? Did it generate fear in your heart and soul? Tell a vision programming exists as one of the greatest inducers of fear that is currently projected onto the mass population in the western world. This can be bypassed by simply not engaging in any type of fear-based programming. Instead, one can work to counteract this issue through simply adding in positive forms of content. These can range from inspirational books, positive documentaries and show segments, harmonic music and movies that uplift to the soul through conveying messages of positivity and hope.

The teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, and various other spiritual cultures reveal that the food we eat is also an integral part of our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state, but not necessarily as one might initially think. Rather than this being a result of the foods nutritional content, the food we eat effects us on a much deeper karmic and vibrational level. For example, if you eat the meat of an animal who has been raised in a factory farm, under hellish conditions, living in its own excrement with it’s companions and fed a diet of genetically modified corn or wheat which creates much digestive distress, only to be followed by the horror of being slaughtered by a robotic metal machine, then all of those negative emotions which this animal experienced throughout its incarnation enter into you upon consuming it. Imprinted on a molecular, energetic and cellular level into that animal were all of its life experiences. This weighs heavily on the spirit of the consumer and can only be counterbalanced through one’s personally experiencing these vibrations which goes through the cycle of life through the food chain, awaiting karmic restoration. Enlightenment is not just an ideal. It is a path of generating light within through the consumption of high vibrational photonic energy, which is light in its atomic weight.

Hearts are further deeply affected by the toxins which we ingest through the foods and products we consume. The most detrimental of these are plaque, synthetic calcium and pharmaceutical medications. All physical arterial disease in fact stems from the clogging of these lifeblood veins of which plaque, calcium and other synthetic chemicals work to encrust and clog up like a coral reef. The first step to detoxifying your heart physically should be to consciously reduce the level of arterial and ventricle blockages through eating a cleaner diet. When one begins to comprise their diet of 80% wild or organic vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, the body can use these natural substances to purge out accumulated toxins in the body, as well as activate our body’s own powerful ability of self-healing and regeneration. Specific foods that can be added into one’s diet that add more power to the plaque and calcium nano-bacteria eradication are citric acid rich foods such as grapefruits and oranges, chanca piedra, sulfur rich foods such as garlic, onions and radishes, as well as wild harvested spring water (see to access local springs near you).

After or during the initiation of one’s physical heart detoxification one can next look into directly strengthening the heart through herbs and foods. Foods that lubricate and structurally support the heart muscles and channels are fatty fruits and vegetables such as olives, olive oil, coconut oil, durian and avocados. Medicinal herbs and foods which work to jumpstart the hearts functioning include Japanese knotweed, red grapes, hawthorn berry tea, cacao beans and last but certainly not least, San Pedro cactus preparations, only to be consumed under the guidance of a trained shaman.

While the cleansing of the heart is integral to its healing and generation of the high vibrational frequencies love, energetic and emotional blockages in other parts of the body can work to hinder high vibratory flow as well. This is where other sophisticated healing modalities come into play. Depending on the unique circumstances of one’s life, a person can literally absorb or self-create negative emotional blockages in any part of their body. While the most common area of negative emotional and energetic accumulation is the stomach region, one can work to physically purge the entire bodily system through practices such as guided juice fasting, spring water fasting, rolfing, ayahuasca, kundalini yoga, colon hydrotherapy, herbal decoction enemas, mucoid plaque cleanses and various other healing techniques. Being that all of these techniques work from different angles, they are all important to include with each other to create synergistic and integrative healing power.

After one becomes consciously aware of physical and emotional heart blockages that they may embody, the next step is taking action. To be consciously aware of one’s issues is only the first step in our never-ending journey of growth, which is life. Pharmaceutical medications can work like crutches to a wounded soul, but only create further work to be done in the long haul as they prevent one from truly healing through the numbing of ones feeling senses. This undoubtedly also derails one from their heart and souls true mission in this incarnation which may be the worst consequence of all. Open up your heart to the love that is our benevolent universe, forgive those that may be under the chains of negativity and use the power of your will to ascend the power of your heart today.

About the author:

Joshua EagleJoshua Eagle is a Holistic Health Coach specializing in immune system revitalization, detoxification, weight loss, mind ascension and longevity. After a decade of studying health through various modalities he received formal training from the Institute for Intergrative Nutrition as well as The Body Mind Institute where he studied under various Naturopaths, Nutritionists and healers of various holistic health systems. Visit Josh at


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