Cannabis Oil Provides New Hope for 5 Year Old Boy with Grade-4 Brain Tumor

Cannabis Oil Provides Hope for 5 Year Old Boy with Grade-4 Brain Tumor23rd September 2014

By  Michael Wilson

Guest writer for Wake Up World

We don’t often post personal stories on Wake Up World, but this one really touched a chord. This article  is the first in a  series from  a father who recently turned to Cannabis Oil to help heal his  son from a grade-4 brain tumor after conventional radiotherapy treatment failed. We feel this story is a timely reminder of the human  side of  the medicinal cannabis debate. —  Editor.

Hope for Jayden  –  a Father’s Story

Just over 12 months ago, my son Jayden was diagnosed with one of the worst conditions currently known in the medical world; a  Grade 4 Glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor. At the time he was 4 years old. The consultants gave my wife and I  the horrific news after completing a biopsy and MRI Scan, which confirmed the illness. It was a freak of nature really, as 2 days before the diagnosis Jayden fell of a spinning roundabout at a local children’s park. He became extremely unsteady on his feet so we called for an ambulance asap.

They rushed him to hospital where he was given a CAT scan, revealing a “mass” inside his brain. Once they had this information, they rushed him to Southampton General Children’s Hospital where they began the MRI Scan.

As parents we could not believe our little 4 year old boy was going through such a horrific ordeal. We  questioned the doctors if they were sure of what they had found. In our minds, this wasn’t happening to our little boy. Questions were flying in and out of our heads, wondering how this happened, why this was happening. Then I ask the dreaded question… Is this diagnosis terminal?

As soon as they said yes, we completely broke down. For days we couldn’t believe this was happening, but we always said from day one that whilst we were in front of Jayden, we’d continue as normal, and ultimately make the time he have left the most enjoyable, creating incredible memories as a family.

Then days after we got this news, I felt the need to start a Facebook Page called Hope For Jayden, with the view of spreading the news of what our child was going through, to make people aware of his story and show that it can effect anyone. We wanted to reach out to the world for support and advice on how we could get through this.

Within 24 hours we had hundreds of people liking the page. Within a few days we were into the thousands, and then it went into the 10’s of thousands. We couldn’t believe Jayden’s story had gone viral and that random people were offering their support and advice. It was overwhelming, and very heart-warming to know we were not alone.

After 3 weeks of Radiotherapy, our key goal was then to create as many memorable moments as a family as we possibly could, and generous people in the community were willing to help fund raise to make this as amazing as possible. We raised enough money to go to Disneyland, Florida, where we took Jayden on  a helicopter ride, and did many other incredible things. Our local community were simply wonderful, and it showed that people do care and want to help other families in need.

Hope for Jayden 2

We had an incredible few months of amazing memories, but then Jayden began to deteriorate, and we simply couldn’t take the thought that this was it for our son. So I decided to research online about natural medicines and dietary cures for cancers and tumors. I even posted on the Hope for Jayden page asking for everyone’s advice.

We got hundreds of people telling us to start juicing fruit and vegetables, to become vegan, to try different ‘food’ remedies, and also Cannabis oil. So we naturally thought to ourselves that if we could get as much natural goodness into him as we could, then we’d be giving Jayden’s little body the best chance possible to fight this, and hopefully keep the symptoms at bay. The nutritional approach certainly  helped but unfortunately it wasn’t enough and we found ourselves in a position of needing to look for other options we could try.

Throughout this time we kept getting hundreds of messages telling us to research  Cannabis oil.  Now like any parent, we  immediately started to think, it’s ridiculous to give your child drugs. Cannabis is defined by law as a Class B illegal drug, in the same category as amphetamines such as speed and barbiturates, with a possible 5-year jail sentence if you are caught in possession. But we’ve come to realise our resistance was just a mind-set created by the  illegal status of cannabis here in the UK (and other countries).

Enter Cannabis Oil

After our initial thoughts to reject the idea of giving an illegal ‘drug’ to Jayden, I decided to research this oil in more detail. What I found out was extremely interesting. I learned  that Cannabis oil is in fact a natural substance, unlike speed and barbiturates. My research showed that Cannabis oil has been known to cure patients of similar brain tumors, and  can be of massive benefit against the reproduction of cancer cells, helping to reduce tumor sizes. I was also sent many, many links to stories of real people using Cannabis oil to cure  many different types of cancers and tumors.

Our new understanding just proves that unless you research things for yourself, you never know what may or may not have medicinal benefit.

By now sold on the idea, we realised to get hold of some of this oil was going to be near impossible because in the UK not only is it illegal, it is frowned upon by the medical establishment. After even more research I came across many different people who managed to get hold of the oil, but could never find out where they purchased the oil from. It was becoming very frustrating, because we were only in one mind-set…

We must to do whatever it takes to help our child!

Hope for Jayden 3We decided that enough was enough. We never wanted to be left with the feeling that we didn’t try everything we possibly could. So we went to the meeting and discussed how Jayden was doing, and what more could be done to help him.

At  our next meeting with Jayden’s consultant at Southampton Children’s Hospital, we had  the inevitable discussion about more Radiotherapy, but there are increased risks when ‘re-irradiating’ a patient. So we asked the question about the possibility of Cannabis oil.  To our surprise, the hospital seemed very open to the idea of us wanting to explore this route of medicine. But as  they can only prescribe ‘conventional medicines’, there is  currently nothing more conventional medicine can  offer us a cure, or which can have any further benefit to Jayden’s present state of health. There was nothing they could do other than offer steroids and drain fluids from the cysts to reduce any pressure.

We wanted to hold off using steroids because we knew the side effects of these drugs were not a nice further prospect for Jayden. We also knew that after researching Cannabis oil, following all the information we had received from Facebook forums, websites, success stories, etc, we had nothing to lose by at least trying the oil because from our new understanding; that  Cannabis is a completely natural substance. We had begun to believe this oil could help, but were naturally very concerned about using a  still “illegal” substance.

So during the meeting with the hospital, we asked about natural medicines. They recommended we speak to Dr. Kenyon of The Dove Clinic in Hampshire, UK, where they specialize in prescribing and helping patients with 100% natural supplements and medicines. Because it’s a private clinic, we had to pay for the services and expertise, however no price can  be placed on our son’s life, so we booked the appointment and went.

During the appointment we received a live-analysis of Jayden’s blood cells, paying close attention to his white cells. In a normal healthy patient, the white blood cells move very fast, but Jayden’s white blood cells weren’t moving at all.  This didn’t mean his immune and  defence system wasn’t working at all, but clearly it was not working to anything like its full potential. Dr. Kenyon said he could provide natural supplements to boost this and help revive the white blood cells;  Jayden  was given C-Satin which helps to slow down or stop new blood cells growing in tumors, Green Tea Extract which is a great anti-cancer preventative, and an immune system booster, all to be taken daily as prescribed.

Once the consultation was finished and the prescription was made for the supplements, I asked Dr. Kenyon about his understanding of Cannabis oil. His answer was very honest  –  he wasn’t 100% sure. He did say however, that he’d seen a number of cases and studies where the treatment has been very effective with cancers and tumors, and had read some success stories.  If we wanted to explore this route we could do. He would contact the right people with the knowledge of rules and regulations, as well as dosage amounts for children of this age and then let us know.

The one thing he said  that  completely made our minds up was… “The main thing here is that it’s completely harmless as it’s a natural remedy”.

We instantly said “yes” to this suggestion and asked him if he could find out this information and get back to us with either a yes or no on whether it can be prescribed. He did say however, that if the answer was “yes” this would be his first case where he would prescribe Cannabis oil to a patient.

A few days had passed and we got the answer we hoped for — Dr Kenyon could legally prescribe Jayden with Cannabis oil in drop form as a “special” case. We were over the moon! Dr. Kenyon also stated that after doing even more research himself, that he felt we were onto something here. He believed the oil may provide dramatic benefit in treating Jayden’s cancer. Even at the very beginning of the appointment with Dr. Kenyon, he made it clear he could lay no claim to being successful at curing these particular types of cancer diagnoses, but said it  may be able help with symptoms, etc. It seemed Jayden might be  one of the first patients to have Cannabinoid treatment prescribed by a Doctor in the UK.

Hope for Jayden 0The most amazing thing here was that we knew we had gone through the correct legal route, which covered us as parents doing what was best for our child, while receiving and understanding the correct information and protocol regarding Cannabis oil treatment.  Unfortunately this Cannabis oil came at quite a price, and we had to pay £1,240 for 3 packs of oil.

It would take around 5-10 days to receive the oil at the clinic, so we said go for it. Within 5 days we were able to collect the oil from the clinic.  During this time Jayden was at hospital as he had begun to deteriorate very fast. An MRI was taken which revealed the tumor had increased in size in comparison to the last MRI, and in addition, a second  cyst had formed, which needed to be drained. We told the surgeons and consultants that we were able to have Jayden on a prescription of Cannabis oil, and we asked if we could start giving Jayden the drops immediately. They said absolutely. They did however make it clearly known to us that, because they have seen no clinical human trails themselves, they could not  know if the oil would help Jayden, but added that they believed it would cause no harm.

The Road to Recovery

During Jayden’s time in the hospital, he couldn’t walk, couldn’t speak, was very weak from being starved just in case a slot became open for MRI scans etc. He appeared  lifeless. The surgeon stated that there would only be a 5% chance of any improvement after the fluid was drained; the primary tumor increasing in size was the reason  his symptoms were progressing faster.

The day the operation to drain the fluid was scheduled was also the same day we collected the Cannabis oil, so we rushed to get the oil, to get it into his system as soon as possible. Well, after the operation, we gave Jayden his first drops, after which he didn’t stop eating for 2 hours because he had been starved prior to the procedure. Already we started seeing improvements in his speech and general coordination. We were so happy he was improving and knew the decisions we made were the right ones. At this stage we aren’t sure if the drainage of fluid is helping or if it was the Cannabis oil is kicking in, but after  learning all we have along the way,  we feel if it is  likely a combination of both.

Right now, we’re still in  the first  week of treating Jayden with Cannabis  oil, giving him  5 drops twice a day. Each week we will be increasing the dosage by 5 drops, until eventually he is taking 40 drops twice a day.

Since  taking his first drops, Jayden is slowly improving,  and after not being able to walk properly for a few weeks, he took his first few steps, confidently and with minimal wobbling. Even simple things — like Jayden  smiling again  —  shows us his well-being has improved dramatically. He is returning to his cheeky little self again! And it is our hope that once we have reached the maximum daily dosage, Jayden will improve even more.

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About the author:

Jayden + MichaelMichael Wilson is Jayden’s father, and he and his family are hoping Jayden’s recovery will become one of those miracle success stories they can then share with the world. The family are strong believers in positive energy, and  feel strongly that positive energy will help Jayden’s body to recover,  so they are hoping that as many Wake Up World readers as possible will send some positivity their way,  for little Jayden’s recovery back to health. Jayden has clearly shown he has a fighting spirit, confirmed by all his medical consultants who have said what an unusually strong little boy he is.

For more information, visit Facebook/HopeForJayden.

The family has also set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ fund-raising page  if you would like to make a contribution to help with the cost of supplements and Cannabis Oil.

This article adapted for Wake Up World by Mal Ryan.


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