5 Reasons to Juice Rather Than Smoke Cannabis

6 Reasons to Juice Rather Than Smoke Cannabis

By  Marco Torres

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Cannabis is one of the most versatile plants with few others matching its medicinal powers.  Dozens of scientific publications have shown the  cannabinoids from juices and extracts are very effective against diseases  such as cancer, tourette’s syndrome, seizures, migraines, MS, IBS, Alzheimer’s and  many other diseases.  Some believe that raw cannabis should be treated as a dietary staple.

Juicing cannabis usually involves blending or pressing fresh plant material instead of buds that have been dried or aged. And it’s easy.

Here are the top reasons to juice cannabis rather than smoke it.

5  Reasons to Juice Cannabis

1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Cannabis – whether Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis, male, female, hermaphrodite, wild, bred for fiber, seeds or medicinal resin – is a vegetable with every dietary essential we can’t synthesize: Essential Amino Acids, Essential Fatty Acids, Essential Cannabinoid acids and hundreds of anti-Cancer compounds.

Juicing better allows the body to interact with cannabinoids through the gut, small intestine and entire digestive system complementing absorption of many critical vitamins, minerals and enzymes within the plant.

2. Juicing Will Not Make You High

Some people prefer their cannabis without psychoactive effects. This is where juicing is far superior to smoking. Since heat is required to convert the THCA in raw cannabis into THC, its psychoactive form, juicing provides a way of obtaining many of the benefits of cannabis without getting high.

“If you heat the plant, you will decarboxylate THC-acid and you will get high, you”ll get your 10 mg. If you don’t heat it, you can go up to five or six hundred milligrams and use it as a Dietary Cannabis…and push it up to the Anti-oxidant and Neuro-protective levels which come into play at hundreds of milligrams”, stated M.D. and dietary raw cannabis specialist Dr. William Courtney.

3. Diverse Applications

Cannabis juice can be mixed with other healthy ingredients in your juices or smoothies to create high energy, high anti-oxidant beverages to keep you alert and active the entire day. Think of how much easier it is to drink cannabis in liquid form that smoking or vaporizing which is not only inconvenient in our society, but has a stigma attached to it. By blending or juicing cannabis, it becomes as versatile as any other leafy green.

4. Allows You To Avoid Smoking

While  a  large-scale national study  suggests that moderate use of marijuana is less harmful to users’ lungs than exposure to tobacco, marijuana smoke  irritates the airways and can lead to respiratory symptoms and even bronchitis. Vaporizing is one way to avoid the problems associated with smoking, but the benefits of juicing exceed either form.

5. Getting The Highest Dose Possible of Cannabinoids

This is possibly the most important reason of juicing rather than smoking cannabis. Cannabis plants actually produce cannabinoids in their acidic forms only, which are then converted to THC and CBD after being heated or aged. Decarboxylation is the chemical reaction responsible for this conversion. THCA and CBDA are  believed to act  as anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and neuroprotectants, much like their non-acidic counterparts. When left in their natural forms, THCA and CBDA won’t get you high. However, they happen to offer many of the same health benefits as their better known counterparts. Without the high, these acidic compounds can be ingested in large doses without having an impact on your daily activities.

“THCA is the real tricky molecule… Once it’s heated, it turns into THC and the tolerable dose drops from hundreds of milligrams a day to 10 milligrams”, says Dr. William Courtney.

Figure Our What Works Best For You

The fact that THCA won’t get you high implies one major drawback for medical users –  it doesn’t activate the  endocannabinoid system. A  large portion of medical marijuana research has focused on the activity of this unique biological system, which most –  including Dr. Courtney –  believe is responsible for the symptom relief that cannabis is known for.  For example, symptoms of pain and neurological dysfunction are thought to be directly regulated by cannabinoid activity in the brain.  Treatment with raw cannabis may not be as effective in these cases, although no one really knows for sure.  Until more studies are done on the effects of raw cannabis, patients must shoulder the responsibility of figuring out what works best for them.

Please note:  Wake Up World does not advocate breaking the law, we advocate  changing the law.


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About the author:

Marco Torres  is a research specialist, writer and consumer advocate for healthy lifestyles. He holds degrees in Public Health and Environmental Science and is a professional speaker on topics such as disease prevention, environmental toxins and health policy.

This article  appears by kind  permission of preventdisease.com


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  • Tex

    It’s amazing all the things that cannabis is good for!

  • Saydi

    Why don’t you offer a print option on your articles?

    • Wake Up World

      Hi there,

      At the end of each article there is an option to “Print Friendly or Save as PDF” 🙂

  • “Some believe that raw cannabis should be treated as a dietary staple…” Me included. Also, if cannabis/hemp products were reclassified as food supplements – we could shake off the stormtroopers!
    The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (“DSHEA”), is a 1994 statute of United States Federal legislation which defines and regulates dietary supplements.[1] Under the act, supplements are mainly unregulated, without proof of effectiveness or safety needed to market a supplement, as well as dietary supplements being classified as foods instead of as drugs.

  • Sabrina

    When you say blend fresh plant material ( not buds) are you talking about the leaves? and does it matter what strain?

  • ZAK

    Both TCH and CBD are pain remedies. The concentration is heaviest in the bud form, but there is also some in the stalks and leaves. So in terms of pain it’s not the most effective, but would likely help.

  • irenka

    how do you juice cannabis……

  • Sophie

    Juicing would heat generated by juicer?

  • Candice Meskin

    Agreed! Interesting article, thanks

  • Will this show up in urine test at work?

    • LaFaye Lincoln

      yes most likely. its still has its active ingredients. Unless you have a medical card and you notify your work or ask for permission from your work to use it at your work,, I would not take the chance.

  • Charles Knows

    Our Government would rather see us all DEAD,before they will legally allow us what we need and desire!! Our Government is evil….Its almost as if they enjoy suppressing people`s potential !!!Why do they make life such a struggle?????Our Government is a CRIMINAL ENTITY!!! So you know what I say, Do what ever the hell you want..Because that`s what they do,,regardless of anyone on this Planet thinks says or feels…Nobody really cares what our sick clueless Government Criminals think..If it harms no one,do what you will…………

  • bobg11

    Any proof that it’s effective

  • NOTE: The real difference is you can juice from your garden you can’t juice from a dispensary.

    You can smoke from a dispensary, but you can’t from your garden.

    Juicing Cannabis (pyscho-tropic)

    Smoking (psycho-active) which is technically: Vaporizing with bio-mass.

    1.) Juicing can be accessed DIRECTLY from the leaves, buds etc WHILE the plant is GROWING during pruning or trimming.

    2.) Juicing can be between two fingers.

    3.) Juicing is Non-Psychoactive.

    4.) Vaporizing requires a heat source.

    5.) Vaporizing with bio-mass requires the plant be cultivated to maturity.

    6.) Vaporizing with bio-mass requires the plant is dried 4-5 days.

    7.) Vaporizing with bio-mass requires the plant is dried for 4-8 weeks.

    8.) Juicing cannabis from spout to harvest sometimes makes for root salve only.

    9.) Cannabis/Hemp is a cipher for the Human existence.

    10.) Whole Plant Therapy is required to have a Whole Human Existence.

  • ellie

    Very interesting. Can you distill cannabis to create essential oils — for ingestion, inhalation therapy???