Millions of Children Infected with Vaccine “Safety” Expert’s Rotateq Vaccine

Millions of Children Infected with 'Vaccine Safety Experts' Rotateq Vaccine - Dr. Paul Offit

1st October 2014

By  Sayer Ji

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Vaccine “safety” expert Paul Offit  says you can safely administer 10,000 vaccines to infants at once. But he also profits from the patent he holds for the Rotateq vaccine.

What’s wrong with this picture?  

Conflict of Interest

Dr. Paul Offit is a pediatrician who co-invented a rotavirus vaccine (trade named Rotateq), who once stated in interview that a child can be administered  100,000 vaccines safely at once  (later revising his estimate to 10,000).  A professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania, he is the darling of the mainstream media and a widely cited self-appointed ‘vaccine safety expert’, despite the glaring conflict of interest implied by such a designation.

Unfortunately for  Dr. Offit  (not so affectionately named Dr. Profit), a 2010 study published in the  Journal of Virology  revealed that his multi-million-dollar-grossing patent on the Rotateq vaccine contains a live simian retrovirus (with a 96% match of certainty) that has likely infected millions of children over the past few years with a virus that causes great harm.


Retrovirus infections are permanent, and can carry on indefinitely into future generations. In other words, once they are inserted into the human genome they can not be removed. You can  view the entire PDF here  –   ©  American Society for Microbiology.

Moreover, a 2014 study published in  Advances in Virology  found Dr. Offit’s vaccine contains a “a baboon endogenous virus strain M7… likely due to the monkey cell line in which RotaTeq was produced.” You can view the entire PDF here  –   © 2014 Laura Hewitson (The Johnson Center for Child Health and Development, TX) et al.

In order to grasp the dire significance of these findings, you might want to familiarize yourself with the history of adventitious viruses in so-called attenuated or live vaccines. (Learn more here.) These vaccines contain the actual disease vector they are supposed to prevent. While considered “weakened”, their process of manufacture often make them more adaptable to the host within which they are injected. Many rounds of passage through human and animal cells often makes these vaccines far more dangerous than the natural ‘wild-type’ infections that we encounter naturally.

You only have to look to oral polio vaccine to understand the dangers of the vaccine model. In 2011,  the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics  published a study revealing that vaccine strain polio is twice as lethal as wild-type, and has been identified to cause over 47,000 cases of polio-associated paralysis in 2011 alone. This was the vaccine launched by the  Dali Lama himself  – who apparently has no clue as to the harm caused by these interventions.

Rotateq Vaccine Expert and Patent Owner Dr. Paul Offit

Rotateq vaccine “expert” and patent owner, Dr. Paul Offit

The theory is that by infecting healthy bodies with attenuated (live) viruses,  you generate an immune response – validated by elevated antibody titers, regardless of their affinity to the pathogen – that results (in theory) in increased protection. Regardless of the justification for using monkey cells for vaccine production, monkey retroviruses contaminate the vaccines nonetheless. By unintentionally infecting healthy infants with these monkey viruses, you making them sick. Retroviruses use reverse transcriptase – a viral enzyme – to insert pathogenic genetic information into healthy cells, effectively converting them into virus-manufacturing factories. And no matter what your medical philosophy is, monkey viruses have no justifiable place in a healthy human body.

For context, consider the deleterious role of a previous monkey virus –  simian virus 40 (SV40)  – in the polio vaccination campaigns. This ‘hidden’ cancer-causing virus infected millions of unsuspecting polio vaccine recipients during the initial polio eradication campaigns. Not only is it cancer-causing, but it is passed down transgenerationally. In a 2013 interview,  Merck’s senior vaccine scientist confessed to the damage these SV-40 contaminated vaccines cause  to millions of unsuspecting victims, including causing cancer.  These vaccines did untold damage to  the following infected generations, leaving a legacy of untold pain and suffering in millions of offspring whose parents unwittingly succumbed to one of the most dangerous biological experiments in human history.

Watch this 10 minute video to learn the horrific truth about the unintended, adverse effects of polio vaccination.

Retroviruses  are just as serious. HIV for instance, is a retrovirus whose phylogenetic lineage also comes from a monkey virus: simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV). Offit’s Rotateq vaccine should be pulled from the market, considering it contains live viruses that are capable of infecting the bodies of those within which they are injected. For information on the exploding epidemic caused by hidden viruses in vaccines, read Judy Mikovits’ incredible new book Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth About Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism and Other Diseases. It’s a must read!

More Harm Than Good - Millions of Children Infected with Vaccine Safety Experts' Rotateq VaccineThe significance of these findings cannot be underestimated. Rotavirus infections are a natural rite of passage for the developing immune system. In developed nations, where nutrition, hygiene and sanitation are up to par, infection from childhood pathogens normally proceed without morbidity or mortality – unless  the infant/child is already immunocompromised. In fact, rotavirus challenges result in lasting immunity and provide the justification ultimately for the vaccinology model, which draws from the normal (arguably  millions of years old) experience of overcoming infection, constructing a model of vaccine-induced immunity upon this natural fact.

Enough is Enough

Paul Offit, the patent holder of the  Rotateq vaccine  is morally obligated to call for an immediate halt of the use of his vaccine in infants and children. Unless he wishes to be responsible for the harms associated with injecting them with live monkey viruses, he must step forward now to ask for a review of the safety of these vaccines.  Failing to do so makes him culpable in the harm of millions of children that he personally profits from infecting with retroviruses.

Our society is littered with millions of children who have been harmed in one way or another by vaccination. Also, let us not forget the millions of parents who have had to watch helplessly as their children’s lives have been destroyed by devastating vaccination programs. ~ Neurosurgeon and author Dr. Russell Blaylock MD

Enough is enough. The facts are clearly available for anyone with an ‘evidence-based’ bent to ascertain. The credibility of the entire  vaccination schedule  is on the line. Dr. Offit  is likely uneducated about the iatrogenic risks associated with this pharmaceutical product, but new research clearly shows that the unintended, adverse effects may outweight the purported benefits. It is time to take a closer look at what if any benefit vaccines have,  given their clearly documented risks.

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