Creative Day-Dreaming: Your Connection to Life’s Creative Flow

Creative Day Dreaming - Your Connection to Life’s Creative Flow

By  Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The act of day-dreaming can be beneficial  to so many aspects of our well-being.  It allows us  to tap into our spiritual wisdom and desires for life  experiences we  are really longing to create, and  brings our mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual aspects into alignment so we  can anchor them as synergistic faculties here on earth. In doing so, we  raise our level of self-understanding, self-awareness and inner knowing of  who we  really are, and of the sacredness  we  came into this lifetime to share.

Day-dreaming keeps us  connected to our first home – the spiritual realm –  and helps  us  enjoy an experience of life that is infused with fulfilment, amusement, meaning, validation, purpose and love. It  allows us to step beyond the limitations of the rational,  three dimensional, linear mind, and into the realm of limitless possibilities of which we  are each an individualised part.

When we  allow ourselves the freedom of day-dreaming, we  remind ourselves  of our essential nature –  physically, emotionally and spiritually free.

We  give ourselves the necessary distance and reprieve from situations and circumstances on the external level  which,  for one reason or another, can cause us  to feel compromised or restricted; that is, situations that neither honour the real  us  nor speak to our truth.

The limitless space we  access when we  day-dream is built on the dynamic intelligence of multi-coloured creative sands – an ever-changing intuitive platform that enables us  to creatively roam, search for and explore new perspectives that can naturally and effortlessly shift us  beyond  whatever limits we  are currently experiencing day to day.

The act of day-dreaming is an essential component of our ability to express our highest visions for our self, and thrive here on earth. As our perspective changes, so too does our response to life. We start choosing differently, in a way that is more aligned with our innermost desires and needs, and  harness the flow of our intuition in such a way that we  are able to ‘up-level’ our experience and enjoyment of life.

Dreaming or detachment?

If you are one of millions who was chided for day-dreaming too much as a child, or were in some other way taught that day-dreaming was tantamount to being unproductive, unfocused, disengaged, disinterested or aloof, hopefully you will come to  see that following your natural instinct as a dreamer is nothing less than intuitive  and  natural.

No matter your age, day-dreaming enables you to access your creative, wise and intuitive self. Without this connection, life can feel ‘flat’. You may find yourself uninspired and uncertain of yourself,  because your outer circumstances speak to a frustratingly diluted version of your truth  –  a  potential that has not yet been imagined.

As you acknowledge and celebrate your inborn gift of being able to enter a creative, infinite and intuitive space at will, be aware however that, as with most things, there is a shadow side.

Your consciousness is your anchor to the earth; to this reality.  Creative day-dreaming occurs when you allow a part of your consciousness to stray from your physical body. So it is helpful to be aware that there is a very fine line between  your actual experience of the two realms.

Detachment from the physical body and life’s creative flow is your natural survival response to any kind of trauma, crisis, shock or physical, emotional or spiritual pain.

Imagine that your energy, life force, soul, whatever you want to call it, is tethered to your physical body by an infinite length of etheric cord. When you experience any kind of trauma, crisis, shock or pain, your natural response is to do whatever is necessary to reduce or eliminate the effect on you. During times of stress your consciousness becomes buoyant to the extent that it can drift away to varying degrees – anywhere between your immediate personal space and far out into the ether – while you stay connected to your physical body by means of this etheric cord.

Think back to times when you might have been involved in some type of accident, or experienced bereavement, been physically and emotionally violated, felt shocked,  unsafe or  unable to protect yourself. How did your consciousness react?

Drifting out of the body is a natural ‘coping’ mechanism, an instinct to quickly usher our consciousness away from the stressor or threat, and into a safe space that is pain-free.

The challenge  with consciousness  drifting away from your body is that we  often do not have a conscious awareness of the mechanics that take  place within us during the time of intense trauma, crisis or pain. Flight or fight mechanisms  activate, and we  instinctively  do  as best we  can to carry on with the flow of life,  while shards of our awareness ‘out there’ can become  detached from the moment.

Being able to view our survival of the past trauma, crisis, shock or pain as a trigger for greater understanding and appreciation of our real  self, offers a golden opportunity for expanded personal growth, self-realisation and healing.

Once the original stressors are  removed or conquered, our innate life-ward tendency is then to rebuild our life, but critically, consciously, compassionately and lovingly rebuilding our relationship with our self is what really  determines our ability to succeed. As we work  to rebuild, we  face the humbling reality that we have  only our self – we are the only one  who can take responsibility for our healing, self-actualisation, safety and well-being. This is the point at which our creative self-awareness comes into its own.

So where are you now?

Are you a creative day-dreamer? Or are you feeling  detached from life’s creative flow?

Whatever your current situation, or your past, creative day-dreaming can help you imagine your life and manifest the fullest possible expression of you.  Set the intention now  to grow your self-understanding, awareness of yourself, inner knowing and the life-ward intelligence within.

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Caroline wants to live in a world where it’s easy for others to connect with their innermost desires and experience the exhilaration that comes when they find their groove. An  Intuitive Life Coach,  Caroline is the creator and facilitator of  Everyday Alchemy: Intuition at Work and Play, a system of intuitive self-healing programs,  thoughtfully designed to help you reveal your own essential energetic, intuitive and creative nature, and effect positive, meaningful life change.

You can experience Caroline’s work by joining the  Everyday Alchemy community,  a platform designed to give you greater self-understanding and alignment with your inner knowing, spiritual purpose and needs. In this confidential and sacred space you are invited via online teleconference each month not only to show up as your most authentic self but to participate in various combinations of group discussion, journaling exercises, guided meditations, intuitive coaching and energy-based self-healing techniques.

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