Courage, Commitment and Focus on the Spiritual Path

Courage Commitment Focus Spiritual Path

By  Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

You’ll never forget this video.

I came across this amazing video the other day which I felt to share. I find it tremendously inspirational. It’s not a ‘spiritual’ video as such, but then again, if we’re truly following and committing to our passion, is that not spiritual in itself?

I’m travelling the world currently on the  Divinicus Tour, meeting people, all of whom have seemingly mountainous obstacles on their path. This is a video about a guy demonstrating tremendous skill, commitment and bravery in crossing a seemingly insurmountable mountain range – a knife edge ridge – on the awesomely beautiful Isle of Sky in Scotland.

What can this video teach us about life itself?…

Mastering your craft – we each have gifts

When you watch it, consider the countless hours this guy must have applied to master his craft, even though he’s pretty young. Contemplate the level of commitment and focus required, the courage and bravery, when even the slightest slip, would surely result in serious injury or death. Yet consider how calm he is in the face of that.

And when you watch it, perhaps then, you might realise we all have such a gift, such a talent, although it may not always be as obvious as his.

The talents and gifts we have are  gifts of beingness, and we each have the capacity to master what’s within us. But it’s only ever going to happen, it will only ever materialise, by applying ourselves wholeheartedly, with utmost commitment to our path – that which is unique to each of us.

And when we do, we’ll reach a place, where we find ourselves totally overawed by what we’re capable of and the majesty within us.

What are you capable of? What can you unveil?

So watch the video now, but as you do, don’t just see it as an incredible feat by someone else; don’t let it simply drift off into the annals of  ‘just another great video’. This sharing is simply too good for that; it’s just too inspirational to be consigned so easily to the  ‘new media heap’. I suggest instead, you let it inspire you to contemplate how you might unfold the beauty inside of you, and how much attention, courage and commitment you might need to find –  that you are capable of uncovering.

In a world that is just too full of soft comfort, sometimes it needs the example of someone prepared to go out on a limb, to ride the blade edge of life, to demonstrate to others, just what they too may be capable of, in their own way, in their own sense of beingness…

Danny Macaskill – The Ridge

From my heart to yours,

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