The Alchemy of Synthetic Finance and Global Governance

The Alchemy of Synthetic Finance & Global Governance

By Jay Dyer

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The convergence of banking, technology and the occult.

This past week, the world’s vultures – the  economic power elite  –  met in Davos to discuss the maintenance of their global fiat hegemony. Highlights included furthering austerity measures, noting that the serf class can’t expect air conditioning and cars, as well as cheering on the death of privacy through the rise of technocracy.

The degenerate elite, completely out of touch with humanity, resembles the controllers in the Lucas classic, THX 1138, building their own prison destined to entrap their own progeny.

Degenerate elite always end up being their own worst enemy because pride detaches man from reality, which can only be perceived in the truth. Pride causes man to adopt a delusory sense of the world and his own relation to it, thereby bringing about a praxis divorced from the rules of nature, logic and classical wisdom. Banking man, homo economicus, with his foaming at the mouth rapaciousness, will find his own descendants trapped in the virtual A.I.  prison grid he has built.

Citing the insightful and recommended film, Margin Call,  JC at Philosophy Of Metrics  comments:

“This is why the solution has to come from within, as every system will simply corrupt again. Philosophers and great thinkers have warned us continuously for thousands of years. The manifestation of inner dysfunction and imbalance will always be represented physically as dysfunction and imbalances in the systems man develops.”

Margin Call – Fat Cats and Starving Dogs

When we consider the global economic situation, it is crucial to understand we are living in the midst of a long-running script that was hammered out long ago by European banking houses. CFR archivist and historian Dr. Carroll Quigley laid all of this out in his 1300 page work, Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, revealing that world wars and economic crises, as well as so-called “leftist”, “communist” and “fascist”  movements have been the creation of international banking elites over time.

Davos thus represents  a  yearly public manifestation of this same superstructure Quigley described, and with Davos we can see another insight into the digital future – since digits are useful in both banking and computing. At this juncture, I recommend the following documentary on flash trades, where the nexus of the virtual meets the banking, coalescing into a hybrid chimera of fraud like the world has never seen. It’s not accidental the documentary is titled “alchemy”, since this also brings to mind George Soros’ book, The Alchemy of Finance.

Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street

A documentary about algorithmic trading.

Is there a deeper sense to all this alchemy and digit talk? I have argued in the absolute affirmative. This is no mere banking scam confidence trick: the metamorphosis of economics into a virtual, digital existence mirrors the transference of the social sphere into the virtual as well. It is not by organic happenstance that both realms of civilization have moved in this direction – it is not as if the coming technocracy was only interested in dominating the social realm for constructing A.I., while the banking sphere would be left to “market forces”.

Collins comments on the problem-reaction-solution scripting that, in my view, corresponds to the alchemist’s solve et coagula.  

The World Economic Forum and the IMF today called for a “central bank of oil”, which is code for regulating the oil pricing mechanism and ultimately using the SDR as the unit of account for not just oil, but all other commodities. This CSI scripting fits perfectly with what we have been discussing for the last year in regards to the multilateral transition. So far our analysis has been correct on both the methodology and scripting practices of the transition.

All central banks around the world are implementing their own micro CSI script for the purpose of shifting upward into the macro CSI script. This also includes Russia and China, both of which have been the most vocal about the need for the multilateral framework.

We are all like the people of France in the years and months leading up to the French Revolution. Please don’t accept any scripting which promotes the idea of the source of the problem becoming the solution to the problem. The French had no idea what hit them. We do.

The Alchemy of Synthetic Finance & Global Governance - Meltdown CollapseIn contrast  to the common idea, the banking sector is in no way left to  “market forces”, but is  completely gamed, and the same plan is evident in the A.I. reconnaissance program known as the “Internet” and “Facebook”. It becomes evident in flash trading and wash trading, which is preparing us for  a cashless global currency.  The alchemy of A.I. is the alchemy of finance, as both are geared towards the reductionist quantification of all things. Humans are thus resources being translated into a data resource as currency is becoming a digital “resource”.

As  I noted in a recent article… To see this principle in action, and I think operating as an interesting proof of my thesis, Philosophy of Metrics writer J.C. Collins has recently posted a great article on the ultimate goal of social media and information trafficking in relation to AI. Normally, A.I. can perform logical tasks of if, then relations like what we see in modus ponens or formal logic, but spontaneous emergence of the ideational – consciousness, is really the key. This subconscious manifestation (directly linked to the aether and psyche like Jung and Pauli argued) isn’t easy to “catch”. Ideas come and go, and may be written down, but how might we “capture” the archetypal flow and trend of mass thought? What about mass thoughtforms that are floating about? Collins is right to use computerized banking as a model, but the purpose is much deeper.

As Collins relates, going to other galaxies is problematic for humans because of the obviously brief lifespan, but what about AI? Certainly the plan is to concoct such AI systems, but an AI system is still stuck within the walls of formal logic and set theory strangeloops, as Hofstadter grappled with in his Godel, Escher, Bach. However, what if an AI could draw from a deep well of a synthetic matrix? What if AI could be made to experience some form of spontaneous (supposedly) archetypal imagery? Here enters the matrix “web” of the Internet and social media. A synthetic anima mundi would have to be constructed, gathering massive amounts of data and information over a long period of time. And that, my friends, is the entire, ultimate goal of the Internet and social media.

As we are tempted to think of alchemy as real, and in a sense it is, with bio-engineering and nanotechnology, it is important to keep in mind the classical alchemists were fraudsters. They were masters of the con, from adventurous characters like Count Cagliostro to 007  Dr. John Dee, the “great work” of many of history’s alchemists was to defraud credulous monarchs into  being patrons of  their quest to create gold from base matter. Today’s alchemists of finance are like their transhumanist counterparts – devious and intelligent, but con men in the last analysis. They, like their forebears, con heads of state into signing on public wealth, just as the shadow surveillance agencies con heads of state into handing over “big data” through contrived legalities. has recently done an excellent interview with William Binney on this point…

The Future of Freedom: Interview with NSA Whistleblower William Binney

The technocracy is here.  Recall the market  suddenly dropping to  “666” in 2009, echoing Lagarde’s “magic 7”. If this event was an engineered twilight language  scenario by the shadow banking establishment, it was a window into the nature of how gamed this technocratic system really is.

Laughing at the occurrence, Forbes stated:

This beastly number, 666, has also weirdly popped up during recent stock market panics. On March 9, 2009, the S&P index hit its lowest point — 666, of course — of the Great Recession. Monday the S&P fell, you’ve got it, 6.66%. Does Monday’s 6.66% drop thusly mark the demonic bottom of the August 2011 panic?

I sense more at work than mere coincidence, and I certainly don’t think it had anything to do with actual biblical prophecy.

Does the Forbes writer also think Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s “Eyes Wide Shut” lifestyle and Lagarde’s “magic 7”³ speech are also laughable? Was the Dutroux affair that ensnared the occult elite in Belgium also a joke? Or  Vatican pedophiles? Or the recent revelations about Savile and the Satanic British establishment? The reality is, this is all very real, and the same establishment insider that exposed elements of this years before it became  mainstream news, Malachi Martin, also revealed Davos to be a key part of the “Grand Design” back in 1990 in his work  Keys of This Blood:

The Alchemy of Synthetic Finance & Global Governance - Eyes Wide Shut Gathering“At Davos, of course, the participants already contemplated the third circle of the Grand Design, the one that included North America. All agreed that while the decade of the nineties will be the “decade of Europe”, the twenty-first century will see the emergence of the “Pacific Rim”, as a potent member of the great grid. For the Asia/Pacific countries were already bent on capitalizing the “new European economic space.” Of course, as West Germany’s Helmut Haussmann said, the European nations will compete with North America and “Pacific Rim” economies. But the new Europeans must integrate with the economic grid of the Asia/Pacific nations. In other words, the twenty-first century will not be a European or a Pacific Rim century. The term “geopolitical” was rather rarely used at Davos, but it is the only term adequate enough to cover that third circle (along with the first and second circles) of the Grand Design. The twenty-first century will be the century of the Geopolitical Earth.

At Davos, for the first time, a representative group of the society nations did peek beyond the traditional limits of international politics and transnational globalism, just long enough to etch the bare outlines of a geopolitical world to come – the new world order, the world of the Grand Design of nations. As Helmut Kohl stated soundly, the new Europe must have as its goal the grand vision expressed by Thomas Jefferson: “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” ~  Keys of This Blood  (page  649)

In other words, economic liberalism is the path to globalism and the New World Order, and Davos is part of that “Grand Design”. The “Grand Design” is synonymous with the alchemist’s “Great Work”, and Martin is correct to outline the esoteric and occult aspects of this plan in his massive tome. This design undoubtedly has a secret society and occult background to it, but while Martin’s book highlights the economic and occult aspects, his book missed the synthetic and A.I. element of the coming world order. The alchemists’ designs do not end at world banking or the creation of the Golem – they extend to the creation of a  Golem economy, where the hidden  philosopher’s stone can only be perceived through Micro-Google  virtual glasses.

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