The Illusion of Money and the Economic System Construct

Understanding Illusory Money and the Economic System Construct

By Julian Websdale

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The name ‘Rothschild’ first appeared in the 18th century when Mayer Amschel Bauer established his banking empire in Frankfurt, Germany, and changed the family name. The Bauers were a notorious satanic family in Middle Ages Germany and the major Rothschilds remain master black magicians to this day. Mayer Amschel’s father, Moses Amschel Bauer, was a moneylender and proprietor of a counting house.

The Rothschild dynasty is controlled by the family’s satanic magicians who know how reality works and how they can manipulate energy and human perception. They know that money, like everything else, is energy and they have set up the financial system to exploit this knowledge. People talk about ‘flows of money’, but it is really flows of energy and they have created an energetic construct that ensures that the energy of money flows to them. We call this construct the ‘economic system’ or ‘the economy’ and it appears to consist of banks, financial houses, stock markets and other forms of trading; but all of these entities are just acupuncture points on the meridians of money to ensure that the wealth of the world flows to the bloodline families. It is because of this that the Rothschilds count their wealth in multiples of trillions and more.

The Rothschilds control the global financial system and have accumulated their power by theft and exploitation. Their whole system is based on a gigantic fraud because there is no money, as we perceive it. The paper money and coins are backed by nothing. Their value is only the value that we can be persuaded they have. They are just worthless pieces of paper (a promise-to-pay or promissory note) and pieces of metal that we are tricked into taking seriously. Most ‘money’ is not even something you can hold today; it is only figures on a computer screen. ‘Money’ is brought into circulation through what is called ‘credit’, but this ‘credit’ is a belief-system, that’s all  –  a belief that it exists. The banks are not lending us anything – they are creating it – and people are paying them a fortune to do so.

The bloodline families, particularly the Rothschilds, have controlled governments and banking for centuries and they have been able to dictate the laws of the financial system and introduce what is called ‘fractional reserve lending’. This allows banks to lend at least ten times what they have on deposit. In other words, they are lending ‘money’ they don’t have and that doesn’t exist – called ‘credit’ – and are charging interest on it.

When you go to a bank to borrow, say £50,000, you have to provide ‘collateral’ by signing over your house, land, car or business, and this will go to the bank if you don’t meet the repayments. The bank is giving you nothing in return for all this. It types into your account £50,000 and that’s it. The £50,000 doesn’t really exist – it is a line of non-existent ‘credit’. Say you give someone a cheque for £20,000 from the original £50,000 and the recipient deposits the money into another bank. Now this second bank can lend ten times the £20,000 to other people, quite legally, and charge them interest. When you follow the original £50,000 from bank to bank, the amount of ‘credit’ that is created as it circulates the banking system is absolutely fantastic. We are talking here about a single loan that was created out of thin air in the first place.

Understanding Illusory Money and the Economic System Construct

Illusory Money: ‘Fractional reserve lending’ creates money out of thin air.

This is how the Rothschilds have come to own governments and most of the world. Interest on money is the key here. If money was put into circulation interest-free, and there was no interest on money in any form, it would return to its rightful role as a unit of energy exchange that overcomes the limitations of barter. It is when you introduce interest that the trouble starts because then you are making money from money and it no longer serves the people – it enslaves them. The bank credit/interest system means that the unit of exchange for human activity comes into circulation right from the start as a debt.

Governments could create their own money interest-free to pay for public services, but instead they borrow it from the banking system and the population has to pay it back, plus interest. It is the same with individuals and businesses. Governments don’t create their own interest-free money;  they are controlled by the families who also control the banks, most notably the Rothschilds. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by the Rothschilds when he began to print interest-free money called ‘greenbacks’ to fund the North in the American Civil War. The Rothschilds were funding both sides in the Civil War, as they do in all the wars they engineer, but Lincoln eventually refused to pay their phenomenal levels of interest. The greenback system worked so well that Lincoln was considering making it the permanent means of government finance. This was the worst nightmare for the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds had Lincoln assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in 1865 and the greenback policy went with him.

Understanding Illusory Money and the Economic System Construct

There is another vital aspect to understand about interest on money: when you take out a loan, the bank ‘creates’, in the form of ‘credit’, the amount of the ‘loan’. This sounds obvious and straightforward, except for one thing. You are not paying back only the loan; you are paying back the loan, plus interest, and the interest is not created, only the principle figure. This means that there is never even nearly enough ‘money’ in circulation to pay back all the outstanding loans and interest. It is a fatal flaw with regard to human freedom and it has been done purposely to ensure that bankruptcy and loss of property and possessions to the banks is built into the system. It is all part of the Rothschild energy-construct that flows the wealth and energy of the people in their direction. A fantastic amount of the money that people pay in taxes goes straight to the private banks to pay back interest on ‘money’ that the government could create itself, interest free, but doesn’t. ‘Privatisation’ is the selling of state assets in response to bank-created debt.

The world’s poorest countries are handing over control of their land and resources to the Rothschild banks when they can’t pay back the loans made specifically to ensnare them in this very situation. ‘Third World Debt’ was manufactured to replace physical occupation of resource-rich or strategically-situated countries with today’s financial occupation. Once a country is indebted to the Rothschild bankers with non-existent credit, it is forced to hand over control of its affairs to the banks, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). These entities then dictate economic and social policy at every level. The World Bank and IMF are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Rothschilds and always have their place-men at the helm. Poor countries struggling to repay debt are forced to cut spending on social programmes, health, education and humanitarian projects to pay the banks the ‘debt’ they owe.

The world does not have to be in poverty and conflict. It is manipulated to be that way to serve the bloodline agenda for global dictatorship.

Further reading:

  • Icke, D. (2010).  Human Race Get Off Your Knees – The Lion Sleeps No More.  Ryde: David Icke Books.

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Julian Websdale  is an independent researcher in the fields of esoterica, metaphysics, and mysticism. Born in England, his interest in these subjects began in 1988, at the age of seven. Julian received his education as an engineer from the University of Bolton, has  served in a Vaishnava monastery, and has traveled to over 14 countries since 2012 in his ongoing journey for knowledge. His work creates enthusiastic responses from inquiring minds across the world.

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  • Very interesting article!
    I have total faith in the universe and our abilities to make this change one day. Thankfully I have removed my understanding of debt in my financial life and I vow to never enslave anyone in an exchange.
    TLG 🙂

  • Grela

    Let me get this straight: “…and people are paying them a fortune…” A fortune in what, exactly? The same
    illusionary money cited earlier in your rant? I give you
    points for creativity but as far as logic goes…fail.

  • Liighthouse

    Great article, but people with awareness have known this for years. I think the best use of this forum or any others for that matter, would be to provide solutions and ideas for Global change. It’s clear that we haven’t figured out how to fix it yet, and people need to not be afraid to join together and say enough is enough! HOW we go about doing that so e can release our programmed fears and take Unified actions are the answers we need here. Thank you!

  • Frederick Reincke

    My dream is to free the people of the world from their beliefs that enslave themselves using their own fears that are invisible for them to even realize. It’s hard to get the world to understand what they can not even imagine. I call that dream Freedism. Not a religion to be labeled but a dream or positive belief system without ownership for any and everyone to take part in. It doesn’t discriminate or judge you if you’re straight, gay, both, pink, purple, blue, short, tall, old, young, fat, skinny, in between, white, black, rich, poor, good, bad Jew, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, or any religion and nationality from every corner of the earth. My heaven has everything in it, so when anyone one person or persons ever get lonely and bored in their heaven with their God remember that you’re always welcomed in my heaven where everyone’s beliefs and dreams exist. In my heaven my God created everything good and bad because we can only compare a good day through having a bad day. In my heaven God is just another word for everything with everyone included. People say a belief is a powerful word and that the truth shall set you free. It is so true and becomes so apparent when you understand that most people don’t have the courage to talk about what they truly feel because they were influenced by the judgement of others and what others perceive in a negative perspective. We all judge and can’t stop judging it’s holding a judgment against someone that creates conflict. The best way to win any conflict is with a compromise. It’s the best gift anyone can give to another. Most people hide from their true selves and never get an opportunity to truly be free. People enslave themselves through their beliefs. A belief is a powerful word because a belief can either free you from your fears or enslave you with your fears. Free yourself from yourself with a belief in yourself. Stop worrying and start believing in everything. Don’t let anyone limit you from your dreams. Its inside of you that you need to search and start believing in yourself regardless of what others think but to not allow any conflict. To make compromises with everything. Avoid conflict and to just be free and do whatever you feel and be open to anything that opposes each other in any thing or any aspect and become the neutral in every situation perceive them both as an individual of each, together as both, and all 3 aspects in one. This will bring the peace and love to light in order to see harmony. Then you will be more aware to the obsticals and challenges life throws at you. You will be able to focus completely and be successful in any and all areas of your life. Again a belief is a powerful word. So do yourself a favor and start believing in yourself and once you start believing and seeing it in yourself then start believing in me because I already believe in you and when we start believing in each other we then become 3 just like all for one and one for all. Free yourself by believing in yourself no matter what. Be peaceful and friendly. Love your neighbor. If everyone believes then we can all live with freedom. Lead by example if no one listens keep believing in yourself and find your pot if gold on the other side of the rainbow. Freedism is just a concept or perspective of a dream without ownership so that nobody can use it as an excuse to fight for. This is a perspective that I define as Freedism.


    • Raoul Estlinbaum

      Frederick, you are a man after my own heart. I posted a save the world theory that is in essence a lot like what you said in the comment above. I called mine “Love2 (two people) plus U”(yourself) = save the world. I believe if people would start a “love tree” and then whenever any event – good or bad -happening anywhere, imagine it happened to your “love tree” and then we could share as a global community and have real empathy. I love your vision for both its similarities with mine as well as your unique ideas that branch off in different directions. I would love to see more of your concept and believe we have the same goal of an enlightened humanity of consciousness based on love and free from fear. We are capable of so much more, and we owe it to ourselves, the planet, and all other species to become citizens of the world and protectors of our shared future. Keep the dream alive, Frederick.

  • Frederick Reincke

    Obviously the administrators don’t approve of my perspective and dream since my comment isn’t posted. So if by sharing comments and perspectives on wakeup-world are censored to influence you on a specific view and not open to all views kind of defeats the purpose if wake up-world.

    • Meagen Staub

      Hi Frederick,

      Thank you for your comment! We do have to censor some comments, for a variety of reasons. We do, however, believe in free speech and personal opinion as much as possible.

      I am wondering whether your comment may have been caught up in our Spam file? please feel free to post your comment again.

      With warm regards Frederick,


      • Meagen Staub

        Hi Frederick,

        I have located your comment, and it is now approved. Thank you for taking the time to comment, and I apologise for the delay in approving your comment.

        With warm regards Frederick,


        • Frederick Reincke

          Thank you for posting my comment. I wrote that a couple of months ago along with other thoughts that race through my mind of what is and what isn’t. Numbers, letters, symbols, lyrics, music and many things I noticed changed but didn’t change at the same time. Their perspectives and meaning changed in an awakening way that put me in a spin of puzzling through everything I have experienced and seen so far through my journey through life as well as what influences/manipulates me into the way I perceive different aspects of perspectives around me on what is or what isn’t. I was told over 20 years ago that I was going to be able to breakdown invisible walls that people don’t realize exist by a Sunday school teacher that I spent a short time exploring Christianity. It stuck with me because I didn’t quite understand what he was actually saying to me until I started flirting with an open mind vs a closed mind. How it is impossible to learn anything without having an open mind and that a closed mind only holds you back from understanding something new. I noticed that I’ve been thinking of concepts that some people can’t imagine let alone understand which creates a conflict in it’s self because of how others hold so strongly to their beliefs that have been so deeply influenced and manipulated. I finally understand what he was saying when he was saying how I will walk through walls that people can’t even see. Those walls are peoples beliefs and as I wrote in my comment of a creation of a concept of Freedism beliefs either enslave you or free you from your fears. I’m searching for like minded people to share my experiences with as well as their experiences in order to help see what is and what isn’t through the mass confusion of the world in which creates conflict itself through individual fears and influences.