Grounding Demystified

chakraBy Matt Raye

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Grounding is the best named of the psychic tools. It has the same meaning in the psychic world as it does in the world of physics and electricians. It’s all about “flushing” the excess energy away from the device, in this case your own body. They also say “sending it to ground” as a way to describe what is happening. Even in common usage, grounding and being “down to earth” is a perfect way to describe “owning your own energy” and being in your body.

What is my excess energy?

I feel like I need more energy not less, can grounding help me?

Yes, it can! In a nutshell, the “excess” energies are not you and not your energy. For example, almost everybody has their parents energy in their space. These energies can be who you are and what you should do and be. It’s not just your parents of course, friends, classmates, teachers and bosses are some of the main culprits whose energies you can ‘take on’. Spirits can jump into your space as well.

Ever know anybody who gets so drunk that their accent or body language changes?

This can occur above and beyond the usual slurring of speech and normal body language changes that take place under the influence of alcohol. Many serial killers and the like say things like, “I didn’t do this crime but I know that this body needs to be punished.” The psychiatric wards are full of people who have been unable to “own their own space”. We’ve all heard of the religious term/concept of possession. But I digress – the scope of spirit or entity possession is too large a subject for this article and requires it’s own, if not it’s own book!

Now that science has “discovered” a mind body connection, we now know that visualization is more than just imagining or fantasy, you can actually move energy around!

So how do I ground myself?

You send energy that is not you down your grounding cord to the center of the earth to be “recycled”. That’s it! This most basic, beneficial and POWERFUL psychic tool is just that simple!

I think I left my grounding cord in my other pants!

Your grounding cord is an energetic tube that runs from the tip of your spine (also known as 1st, base, or root chakra), to the center of the earth. It starts off smaller, grows to the size of your trash can, and expands even greater as it nears the center of our planet. You may need to visualize this, as many of our grounding cords have been neglected and undeveloped.

Ground the Planet

You can ground other people, places and things as well. We can ground the entire planet, together. You can do this with only your mind, but you may have seen healers and spiritual types (shaman, priests, etc.) use hand gestures that look like they are pushing energy down to the floor (similar to the motion you make with your hand while treading water). Sorry I can’t think of a better way to explain.

How do I ground myself?

  1. Sit in a chair (preferably outside on a lawn) with bare feet flat on the ground, arms uncrossed
  2. Visualize your grounding cord starting from the base of your spine to the center of the earth
  3. Visualize that chord/tube expanding as it descends into the ground
  4. You can draw brown earth energy up through your feet, through your legs and into your abdomen
  5. Draw purple cosmic energy in through your head (crown chakra) to your abdomen
  6. Mix those two energies together and flush one third of it down the cord
  7. This will be a stream of energy that will “clean the pipes”
  8. Drop anything that isn’t you into this stream for recycling


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matt rayeMatt Raye has been a remote viewer since 1997 and a commercial helicopter pilot since 2000. His goal is twofold: to teach as many people as possible how to Remote View, and encourage those people to help him find lost, kidnapped and exploited children. Matt feels that if we can save one child it will be completely justify his existence. He lives in Lake Tahoe California with his dog “Traffic” – named appropriately as he was rescued from Highway 101 in California. However, some people say Matt saved Traffic and consider him a ‘rescue dog’, but Matt believes Traffic rescued him, not the other way round! Matt’s favorite activity is playing fetch with his friend Traffic, who runs off so Matt can go fetch him back!

You can connect with  Matt at via  Facebook/PsychicSpyAcademy,  and  email.

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