Vibrations and the Law of Octaves

Vibrations and the Law of Octaves

By  Indra

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The entire universe is made of energy, which vibrates at a certain frequency, and the vibration of that frequency determines its  form. Although this is a well-known fact, the question is: How can you apply it to create more beauty and wellbeing in your life, and accelerate your personal evolution?

My answer is DNA activation, a method  based on the fundamentals of vibration.

From its state of wholeness, the universe split into billions of galaxies, asteroids, and planets. In the human body, we call them cells, molecules and atoms, but the patterns of evolution and expansion are the same. The single cell goes from being one to two, then four, eight and so on, until the amazing ‘universe’ of the human body exists, where everything vibrates at a certain frequency, holding different expressions of form and structure within the unified whole.

There are certain laws within which these vibrations work, for example, Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, or the Law of Octaves, the functioning of energy within octaves of frequency.  Since the entire universe is made of energy, including ourselves, our being  also vibrates within octaves of  frequency.

The LumenOctave

Your energy body is similar to a musical instrument, and what you’re doing is learning to master that instrument. As  you become really good at playing those notes, as your life and your consciousness expands, you learn to access  more octaves, and  you can choose to play notes within a whole new set of octaves, or all of them.  Like a musical instrument, the more notes and chords we know and use, the greater our potential to  create.

Within the body system is a full octave of glands and organs that resonate on a certain frequency. When the white light of consciousness enters the body, it refracts and travels through seven different organs and glands with seven different frequencies. Each frequency regulates the characteristics and color of light emitted. For example, when the consciousness light enters the pineal gland, the energy emitted is violet due to the specific vibration of the gland. By that standard, our ‘bliss frequency’  – what we call The LumenOctave – is the light of consciousness experienced through the full octave of frequencies in the body: the seven frequencies plus the origin of the octave (the high ‘C’).

Glands Chakras Energy Centers LumenOctave

When your  instrument is tuned to the “correct” frequency,  amazing things happen.  This  is the state where we are most blissful, most beautiful, most thriving and most divine.

The Bliss Instinct

The guide that is going to take you to a journey of learning how to play this instrument is a very specific frequency within your body – your unique bliss frequency. Our bliss  reflects  our  true beauty, true intelligence  and  evolutionary path, and drives us to be the most upgraded version of ourselves we can be.

Just the rays of the sunlight are broken down into multiple different colours, it’s the same with the bliss frequency. It’s a master frequency and certain glands within our body resonate a certain tone of that frequency. It’s important to understand this because when we are trying to heal our body, everything that we do ever has got to do with frequency, energy in some way, shape or form.

When you find yourself ill  and you take a medicine or remedy, that medicine is a combination of certain things that remind your body of something that is missing. You’re giving your body a  kind of frequency.  Whether you turn to conventional medicine,  homeopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, acupuncture or herbs, what you’re doing is trying to relate to the universe in a way that helps you  find  the antidote to your condition  –  the frequency that you need.

Vibrations and the Law of Octaves - The Bliss InstinctWhen you feel  whole, it feels a certain way; everything is healthy, healed and harmonized. That frequency of the wholeness I believe is the frequency of love; the frequency of our  bliss.  It  guides you  to what supports your being, and what needs to be healed. So, when you acknowledge  that something needs healing or you have a problem of some sort, what you’re doing is recognizing that something has been taken away from the blissful whole. You can then embark on the journey to find what is the missing piece and how you could fulfil it.

Healing the Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Body

A lot of Western reductionist medicine has been criticized  for  seeking  only temporary solutions for  symptoms, not causes. Nevertheless, Western medicine has its value;  it is very good at diagnostics and emergency care, among many other things. However, it overlooks a very important spiritual element, the  emotional factors that determine  why the body functions the way it does, and why the mind functions the way it does.

Intrinsically, deep within, you are that whole, that love, that god frequency. As science has recently begun to acknowledge, the thoughts and feelings that make up your emotional body have a direct effect on the physical body and the expression of DNA. If we do not heal our spiritual body, it manifests as dis-ease in the physical body. For this reason, many of the issues we have in our lives cannot be resolved only with Western medicine, because even though symptoms may be physical, the solution is not only medical or physical, it is also spiritual and emotional.

Remember, it’s all interconnected, because we are holistic beings.

If you start believing that you are not that god frequency, your body feels the separation from its natural state of blissful being  and  sends out alarm bells about that false belief. As a result, something will invariably either go wrong physically in your body, or this detachment from the bliss instinct leads you to situations that perpetuate this detachment, such as  a car accident, or  a falling out with  somebody that you love in your life. Our physical reality reflects back to us the frequency of  our emotional and spiritual vibration.

Generally, you can track the root of  any physical ailment  back to what consciousness  –  life  –  is trying to teach you about where your focus and attention needs to go, to help you return to your natural state of bliss;  to the truth that you are whole, healthy, healed and harmonized; that you are that blissful god frequency, always wanting to return to that place.

Vibrations:  Bringing It All Together

From conception, our cells split into two during mitosis – representing the black and the white.  That state of growth is only enough  for a certain while, as we have only two colours to play with, painting black, white and grey. As  consciousness embodied, we get bored, just like we did with black and white films, and our nature is to continue expanding and growing. A  more complex body is the result.

Vibrations and the Law of Octaves - CopyAs our growth continues, the single cell goes from being one to two, then four, eight and so on.We start recognizing that we want to incorporate more colours into the energy spectrum, splitting the black and white into an octave of colours  –  the eight different frequencies that comprise it. Different areas of the body begin to resonate and emanate these eight frequencies.

If we can master how to use those frequencies, we add colours to our pallet.

Why? Because we want to be better creators, better painters  and  musicians. We want to create vibrant realities, which are more interesting, more fun, more loving  and  more divine — worthy of a god or a goddess.

The activation of the body’s energy centers is not just for the purposes of healing, it is also for the purposes of evolution. Once you have the tools to paint, you aren’t  just limited to using that paint to cover up a little dent or a spot on the wall, you can use that paint to create beautiful pictures; to expand, and grow, and evolve. You heal first, but then you can use the tools to play with those frequencies, and create realities with it.

I started this process by recognizing that light, sound, sensations are all interrelated, and that there are various other vibrational patterns  that play by the same rules of the octave.

If you take each gland that is responsible for emanating specific frequency and present it with a reminder (vibrations, sounds, specific foods, medicines etc.) of what its true natural vibrational frequency is, this  jogs its memory and helps it return to  its  natural state, the state in which it is  the most healthy and most vibrant. As you provide the gland  with  the ‘antidote’ –  the frequency that you need  – and  it starts functioning in its super-state.

For example, if you take a heart that doesn’t know how to experience love (most of us know what incredible energies this organ generates) and you give it love from all different directions, it is  reminded what its natural frequency is and (as science has proven) the body responds by releasing dis-ease and returning to its natural state.

But evolution doesn’t stop there; with the proper support,  your body’s evolution  will keep evolving past its superstate. Remember, the same frequencies also exist on different sections of the scale, just like a piano. The vibration of the  Middle C on a piano is repeated as High C and Low C within the other octaves, each  producing a tone that resonates that C  vibration.  Once you have explored the range of frequencies (notes) within the ‘middle’ octave, there are plenty more octaves to explore.

The more pure, strong and ready your body is, the more frequencies your body can absorb to activate your LumenOctave to its full potential. And then the game of life gets even more interesting.

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