Polarity and Limitation

Polarity and Limitation

24th March 2015

By Michael Cavallaro

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Limitation is simply the belief in polarity.  It is the belief in duality – that is limitation. Everything in duality is limited to a positive pole or a negative pole.

Anything in unity is unlimited because it is everything and anything at the same time and as long as you are in belief of duality or polarity, the male and female, the mother and father, you are limited. As long as you believe in that polarity you are limiting your spirit to be only one aspect at any given moment – never to be itself. True freedom comes in unity or wholeness, being everything and yet nothing.

So while you are in polarity and you still believe in polarity, you’ll perceive everything as having degrees, levels, positives, negatives, successful, unsuccessful – you will always have judgment. Judgment can only exist in polarity. When there are opposite poles there can be judgment. When there is unity pole there is nothing to judge because all is one.

Judgment ceases when you allow your consciousness to reunite with itself so to speak, and become one. When you are in the oneness there can still be an experience of perceived separateness but it is experience in a way without judgment — so there is just experience.

When you are in the oneness or unified within self, you can then experience any existence joyfully and with neutrality and just the experience. As long as you are in duality or polarity there will always be judgment, there will never be satisfaction because with satisfaction comes dissatisfaction – so there are always opposite poles. When there is happiness there is sadness, when there is goodness there is badness, when there is right there is wrong. That is the whole world of polarity. So to move into this unity or oneness you have to step out of polarity and realize that polarity is the sole source of limitation. Freedom from limitations means freeing yourself from polarity.

As long as you are in polarity, there is always pain.

There cannot be painless polarity, always a positive and a negative. Pain is eternal in the world of polarity. In polarity, you will have the same rediscovery of the same thing over and over, because you are bouncing, but you are only bouncing from pole to pole. So it looks like change, and it looks like choice. It has the illusion of choice, because you have gone from positive to the negative. “Oh, I am in pain now!” “Oh, now I am on the positive side. This is really good, I am really happy!” “Wow! Look at how she has changed! This is really great!” It has the illusion of change and the illusion of no pain because you will always have to return to the other pole, that is the world of polarity.

So polarity equals pain, simply because there are two poles, positive and negative always. Until you are in the unity field, you cannot be pain free. Once in unity consciousness, there is no pain. There is only preference.

Positive thinking does have its place to help people manage certain things; but positive thinking, in general, does not change the internal dynamics of a person. It is using the external dynamics, mostly languaging and some thought process to try to manipulate the internal dynamics into changing. And that has no permanent effects; but it is better than being completely negative.

To get a permanent change, you have to change the internal dynamics within you; and then learn to break the habitual languaging and external dynamics as a secondary model to have permanent change. There is no reason why you couldn’t do both at the same time; changing your internal dynamics while simultaneously changing your habits and languaging to suit. That could expedite the process if you can truly be honest within yourself while you are doing it because the comfortability of slipping into a positive speaking without fully integrating the internal dynamic change could be very deceptive to you. You would fall into that and it wouldn’t completely take hold.

Positive thinking is limiting; however to many people it’s expansive. It is only expansive because they are coming out, let’s say, of pure negative. So we could metaphor this and say that you are coming from the purely negative pole in polarity; and you are swinging the purely positive pole in polarity to positive thinking; thinking that you have made a change because it appears as if you have made a change. But there is no stability in that pendulum because it is still a pendulum whether it is a five year pendulum, ten year pendulum, or two day pendulum. You are still in polarity. And while you are in polarized thinking, there will always be a negative and a positive. So therefore, positive thinking has no long term effects.

People want instant enlightenment.

Your ego-personality gets so disoriented and so disrupted there would be no way for you to function, this why instant enlightenment is hell. Your head will blow off. You won’t have an ego-personality. You will not know how to function here, and everything that you thought you enjoyed you are not going to know what it means. And it is going to take you years to get back to some sort of functionality, to enjoy what you are here to enjoy. Using a process that works for you allows your ego personality to integrate.

Processes are simply tools to be used, not to get lost in, so that your ego personality can assimilate the transition and the changes. Once the integration takes place so to speak it then becomes your spirit. Your spirit becomes that integration. It becomes one/whole, so neither has to be destroyed for the other to exist. This integration is where you can still be an active, walking, functioning human being while you are in your oneness. So that is the only thing processes are for is to be fully integrated; spirit manifested fully in human form. Processes are polarity. As long as you are in process there will be pain. As long as there will be pain, you are in polarity. If you are positive, you are in polarity. If you are negative, you are in polarity.

When your internal dynamics change, you actually become a neutral pole, meaning you are always centered. So positive thinking doesn’t exist and negative thinking doesn’t exist. You think with your heart and not from the human, emotional heart.

This absolute state of still point or neutrality is the place of transition; it is the place of rebirth. Conscious rebirth; very different. You do not have to actually die. Conscious rebirth occurs here. You think from the heart of your Spirit, the heart of your soul that tells you what is always in balance for you; not for the world; not for other people; but what is always in balance for you.

As you are transitioning to neutrality you sometimes bounce back and forth from the old and new. You find that it does not work, you get exhausted, you get tired, you get burned out, things do not work, you are not happy, it just does not feel right, and then you go back to still, and then you try it again. And it is almost like, until you figure out, you should not be trying anything, you should just be still.

It will transition, it will change. It is just a part of your birth. You are in the womb. You are in the embryo there. You are in the embryo growing a new you. So let yourself be, it is okay.

It is uncomfortable at times; it is really awkward. But the really cool part is you do not have to die to be reborn. This is about taking your consciousness with you. It is very different. There is no death. Life is eternal. Consciousness is eternal.

It has nothing to do with reincarnation.

When you can become born or reborn while you are alive, then you have reached immortality. Immortality is simply being conscious of your spirit, not trapped in the human polarities.

When you are free from a polarized existence you can get in tuned with your own inner divinity in its wholeness and become the sovereign being you were always. And it is simply that, at your soul level, you know you are in a polarized universe and you are trying to heal the polarization and bring it into unity. That unity is then metaphoric for your Spirit which is always in union with Source. And when you get this at the human level and your programming level, it reverberates back to your Spirit that says, “Yes, I have the message. And we can live this now. And we can live unity, sovereignty within this polarized universe. And we have healed ourselves.”

It is not truly healing. It is actually just a remembrance. But for the metaphor, you have healed the polarization within yourself and remembered your union; your sovereignty.

About the author:

Michael CavallaroMichael Cavallaro is an international speaker  who, for the past 30 years, has lectured worldwide on parenting, spirituality and the practical skills needed to enjoy life and meet its challenges. Including The 55 Concepts, Mastering the Art of Being Human, and The I AM Processâ„¢, his talks and workshops have taken him through the United States, New Zealand, England, and many other countries. Applying ancient wisdom to modern life, his style is practical, direct, humorous and loving, reaching audiences of all ages on many levels.

Michael is also the author of several books including  The 55 Concepts:  A Guide to Conscious Living and the upcoming “Change Your Mind Not Your Child:  Loving Your Child By Raising Your Consciousness”.  He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Adele and is the founder of Living Concepts, LLC.  For more of his works and information on classes and private consultations, please visit  LivingConcepts1.com  or check out Michael’s previous publications here on Amazon.


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