How To Commit Nutritional Anarchy! Resistance Through Food Self-Sufficiency

How To Commit Nutritional Anarchy! Resistance Through Food Self-Sufficiency

By Daisy Luther, Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton

Guest Writers for Wake Up World

Once upon a time, if we felt we needed to, we could go to the pharmacy or department store, select a bottle of vitamins, and feel pretty confident about the actual contents of the bottles.

Nowadays, real vitamins are so hard to track down that they might as well be on the endangered species list. In fact, most of what is sold as “vitamins” in the United States actually contains toxic ingredients and nutritional content that isn’t readily bio-available. Just going to the drug-store and buying one of the brightly colored bottles off the shelf may actually be worse for your health than being bereft of the nutrient. And matters may soon get even worse, as the US government “harmonizes” with an overbearing set of rules called Codex Alimentarius.

Before spending your hard-earned money on candy-flavored chewables or much-advertised over-the-counter vitamin imposters, do some research.

In 2013 Sayer Ji, Wake Up World contributing writer and founder of, wrote about the hazardous chemicals found in a popular brand of children’s vitamins in his article Top U.S. Brand of Children’s Vitamins Contains Aspartame, GMOs & Other Hazardous Chemicals:

“Kids vitamins are supposed to be healthy, right? Well then, what’s going on with Flintstones Vitamins, which proudly claims to be “Pediatricians’ #1 Choice”? Produced by the global pharmaceutical corporation Bayer, this wildly successful brand features a shocking list of unhealthy ingredients, including: Aspartame,  Cupric Oxide, Coal tar artificial coloring agents (FD&C Blue #2, Red #40, Yellow #6),  Zinc Oxide,  Sorbitol,  Ferrous Fumarate, Hydrogenated Oil (Soybean) and  GMO Corn starch.”

“[However] on Bayer Health Science’s Flintstones product page designed for healthcare professionals they lead into the product description with the following tidbit of information: ‘82% of kids aren’t eating all of their veggies. Without enough vegetables, kids may not be getting all of the nutrients they need.’  The implication? That Flintstones vitamins somehow fill this nutritional void.”

Unfortunately it gets even worse than the deception waged by Fred, Barney, Betty, and Wilma…

With the approach of a world governed by the Codex Alimentarius standards of foods, food production and food safety, natural supplements will become regulated to the point that you will no longer be able to acquire a therapeutic amount without taking nutritionally pillaged vitamins by the handful. In the United States, the FDA is in charge of implementing these standards, with the Food Safety Modernization Act, they will be doing just that. According to a Natural News article by Dr. Gregory D’Amato, the following standards are on their way of being implemented to allow the US to “harmonize” with Codex:

* All nutrients (vitamins and minerals) are to be considered toxins/poisons and are to be removed from all food because Codex prohibits the use of nutrients to “prevent, treat or cure any condition or disease”…

* All nutrients (e.g., CoQ10, Vitamins A, B, C, D, Zinc and Magnesium) that have any positive health impact on the body will be deemed illegal under Codex and are to be reduced to amounts negligible to humans’ health.

Soon legitimate vitamin supplements will not be readily available – only the toxic Big Pharma options will be sold. Because of this, it is imperative that we figure out how to provide proper nutrition for ourselves naturally.

An article by American lawyer, author and activist Alfred Lambremont Webre suggests that once Codex is fully implemented, most vitamins and nutritional supplements will require a prescription.

Drug companies can exploit this process by trying to patent common dietary ingredients as drugs before supplement companies have an opportunity to submit their NDI notifications. Once a drug company investigates an ingredient for drug purposes and publishes their findings, the ingredient can no longer be used in supplements.

This has happened before – it happened with the pyridoxamine form of vitamin B6 we mentioned above. In other words, what was once a supplement available to consumers at low cost will now be an expensive prescription-only drug, if it is available at all. (And it’s not only the drug that costs more: you’ll need to pay your doctor for an office visit just to get the prescription!)

The draft guidance also states that a synthetic copy of a supplement constituent, or an extract of an herb or other botanical, is not considered a dietary ingredient at all (much less an NDI). Isn’t this good – isn’t it better not to be an NDI? No. If the FDA says it is not an NDI, that means they are saying it can only be sold as a drug – period. This could knock out a number of important supplements currently sold.

The guidance discusses at length the evidence required for a notification (approval) – and the requirements are extensive, including a strong recommendation to include human studies. We sometimes forget that human studies, in addition to being very costly, do not always fit supplements.

How to Commit Nutritional Anarchy

The most important thing we can do for our health right now is to learn about nature’s vitamins in preparation for the day that choosing our own supplements is against the law. For example, did you know that a cup of rose hip tea contains staggeringly high amounts of Vitamin C? Or that a cup of dandelion greens contains three times the RDA for Vitamin A?

Anarchy is defined as “the non-recognition of authority”. If nutrition becomes regulated by a bunch of bureaucrats who, at best, don’t really care about people, and at worst, hope to depopulate the globe, we must have the plans in place to live a life of nutritional anarchy. So, we suggest you take these steps to prepare for the day when real vitamins might be completely inaccessible without a prescription.

1. Educate yourself on which foods provide the most nutritional bang for the buck.

2. Plant nutrient dense flora in your garden.

3. Learn to identify edible plants and locate wild sources of nutrients, like a field of dandelions (make sure they are not sprayed with pesticides).

4. Learn small space gardening methods to make the most of urban locations.

5. Consider hydroponics and/or aquaponics.

6. Purchase heirloom seeds to put aside for the future, when they may no longer be available, and learn how to re-grow vegetables from kitchen scraps.

7. Learn how to properly save and store seeds from your own plants for future gardening endeavors.

8. Learn how to harvest and preserve the bounty from your own property.

9. Practice preparing delicious meals using the most nutritious foods available.

10. Experiment with multiple ways to use the in-season bounty from your garden, to prevent boredom.

These are actions that will provide our independence from those who would have the audacity to regulate our access to good nutrition.

When you stock your pantry with vitamin-laden goodies straight from nature, you don’t have to question whether you are providing your family with what they need or just buying into the Big Pharma marketing scam. Big Pharma executives are rubbing their greedy hands together, just waiting for the day that we have been “food modernized” and can no longer purchase nutritional supplements without a visit to a physician, a trip to the pharmacy, and all of the costs (and risks) associated with those things.

In the case of Codex Alimentarius and the nutritional dictatorship the document portends, Mick Jagger had it right when he said: Anarchy is the only slight glimmer of hope!

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Anarchy is defined as the non-recognition of authority. If nutrition becomes regulated by a bunch of bureaucrats who, at best, don’t really care about people, and at worst, hope to depopulate the globe, you must have the plans and weapons in place to live a life of nutritional anarchy.

Founded by Daisy Luther of the Organic Prepper, and Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton of Truthstream Media, the team at Nutritional Anarchy is dedicated to helping people prepare for the day when real vitamins might be completely inaccessible without a prescription and real, untainted food may not be available in stores.

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