Activism and the Power of 108

Activism and the Power of 108 -

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

As I have outlined in many articles, nuclear experimentation is a social, political and biological/environmental problem that is beyond the pale of traditional human comprehension. Due to the fact that it is a complicated technology shrouded in complicated politics, many people succumb to the ostrich effect — that is, they would rather bury their heads in the sand than acknowledge the nuclear industry’s history of political fascism and ecological devastation.

Whether sourced from industrial or militaristic concerns, radiation is difficult to quantify and impossible to see. The conundrum of nuclear experimentation is that radiation creates so vast and deep of an alteration of our ecology that, now only approaching year 70 of the nuclear experiment, the causal implications have not been considered entirely, if at all.

So, when people first learn about the unsettling consequences of nuclear experimentation, I like to provide them with a simple formula for conscious activism and social transformation.

The Power of 108

When speaking of activism, I use the number 108 to illustrate the construct.

Esteemed in an esoteric context, the number 108 is considered metaphysically divine as it symbolizes the union between the microcosm and macrocosm, the inner and outer worlds. There are also innumerable auspicious aspects to the number relating to astronomy, astrology, intuition, science and spirituality, including the recurring ratio of 1:108 between celestial bodies in our solar system.

As activists, 108 hold an important lesson for us, as it represents the trinity of time: 1 for the present, 0 for the past and 8 for the infinite future. As it relates to activism:

1 is for acceptance. It represents the singular ‘now’ moment; what is. It reminds us that we cannot change anything unless we understand and accept reality.

0 is for integration. It represents the integration of the past. It reminds us that we cannot change anything until we integrate our reality, and combining everything until it just is; until there is no negative or positive, just the mix if you will. The integrated whole.

8 is for the transmutation. It represents the infinite, the undefined potential. It reminds us that we can change our reality in infinite ways, yet only after acceptance and integration of the entirety can we see and understand and act on that potential.

So, if we do not fully integrate our past and present realities, energy of the past continues to live in the present, and change for the future does not progress as freely as it could otherwise. That is why I apply this understanding when discussing nuclear experimentation with others; because we must accept and integrate our reality, however complex, before transmuting it.

Many times when I discuss the complexity of nuclear experimentation with people, they become defensive of the message, then defensive toward the messenger, and then overwhelmed by it all. In other words they do not get past the acceptance phase of the change process. It can seem like an overwhelming subject, but change cannot happen until we accept and integrate our reality. Only when we come to terms with our reality will we see the solutions of infinite potential ahead of us.

Humanity manifested the rise of the nuclear industry (and its inherent disasters) and we can also manifest its demise.

1 is for Acceptance.

Collectively, this is crunch time for humanity. We have to unite against the nuclear experimentation or we will be united in our own dissolution.

The unwillingness of the majority to understand and accept the full extent of our reality is the biggest problem we face. And, while our society remain overwhelmed, uninformed and passive to the problem, the Netherworld Oligarchy will continue its destructive, but highly profitable practices.

It’s time we faced reality…

  • Nuclear radiation is incompatible with life on Earth. It devastates ecosystems and is toxic to all Earth Beings.
  • The nuclear experiment is operated without a complete plan. Although it is touted as a ‘clean’ technology, the industry has no mechanism for disposing of the nuclear waste it generates, only mechanisms for containing it, storing it for the million years it takes to break down, and accumulating more each day. And that’s when all goes well. When it all goes wrong, the destruction is permanent.
  • The nuclear industry has a disastrous history of failures. Hanford, Windscale, Santa Susana, Bikini Atoll, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Rocky Flats, Fukushima… and more recently, in December a fault at a facility south of Miami forced it into a partial shutdown.

It is not a question of whether nuclear disasters will happen again, but a question of where and when.

When disaster does occur, we typically count our losses in human lives. But when we truly integrate our reality, and find that ‘0‘ point, we come to see that we are only one inhabitant of this planet. In two human generations we have polluted our planet (with nuclear and other wastes) so severely that it has already altered ecosystems and wiped out countless species of flora and fauna.

So, if we want any ‘climate change’ debate to be a scientific discourse and not a political distraction, we must consider the effects of nuclear radiation and other known (but ignored by the mainstream) influences on our natural ecosystem. Currently, the complex question of climate and environment in general has been reduced in our collective public dialogue to a simplistic notion of “carbon emissions”, but it fails to take into account the ecological effects of:

  • Atmospheric heavy metal and chemical spraying as part of government geo-engineering programs.
  • Ever-increasing levels of nuclear radiation in our air and sea, plus mounting waste from both ‘functioning’ and malfunctioning nuclear facilities.
  • Compromised soil and water caused by geo-engineering and “fracking” experiments.
  • 4 years worth of radioactive waste pouring from the failed Fukushima Daiichi facility into the oceans that are home to the plant life that supplies two thirds of our atmosphere’s oxygen.
  • The decline of other plant and animal life, including the collapsing bee colonies that pollenate food bearing, oxygen-creating plant life on land.
  • Unsustainable agricultural processes, including the heavy use of toxic pesticides such as RoundUp (glyphosate) (central to GMO crop production) which studies have been linked to the collapse of global bee colonies.

While our ‘climate’ focus remains only on carbon, little action is being taken to reform those toxic industrial systems (like nuclear) that we already know are yesterday’s news.

So what’s the solution?

108 Solutions

108. Acceptance, integration, transmutation.

We cannot change anything unless we understand, accept and integrate our reality. To reach acceptance of the truth, we have to educate ourselves, and we have to communicate with each other. There is no other way.

The integration phase is allegorically akin to witches throwing in sacred herbs as well as crow’s feet and snake heads into the cauldron, all at once. Everything has to be mixed in. To truly integrate this situation, we must forgive the past and form together, and understand there is no negative and no positive, no separation, and no past — just the brew. We have to forgive each other our differences (despicable evil aside) and integrate all of our potentiation from this moment forward. This integration stirs the mix.

Transmutation, true change – or rather, change in truth – will become manifest when we live in openness, without obfuscation, without looking for positive and negative, forgiven and unforgiven. Such open mindedness allows for the unobstructed flow of transmutation and alteration, and for the ongoing process of acceptance and integration to continue. When revenge or close mindedness (functions of the ego) cloud our decision making processes, we minimize our energetic potential and are less able to influence the outer world in a truly positive manner.

In the case of nuclear experimentation, the reality is so inexcusably dangerous, so obviously detrimental to the Earth’s biological systems and so infinitely harmful to ourselves and future generations, that if the truth were widely known, I believe it would incite unity. Radiation knows no borders, it cares for no culture or ideal. We are all biologically the same, and we are all biologically at risk from the industrial and militaristic soot of these oligarchical energy systems.

But those energy systems are of our own design, of our own manifestation, and we can now manifest better systems. Together we can change our reality in infinite ways. We have both the power and now the urgent necessity to change our approach to energy generation, and create true, timely solutions to these problems. And while the Oligarchy profits from these problems without remorse or relent, there is no point waiting patiently to be served — our best solution is in activism and transmutation, as illustrated using the magical formula of 108.

So the next time you find the opportunity to raise someone’s awareness of the extent of the problem, share this formula with them. Take them on the ride. Foresee that the truth will be confronting to them, and help them to understand the process of acceptance and integration and transmutation. Reassure them that that, although it may seem overwhelming, being a part of this change requires that we begin to understand the truth. It starts with each of us or it’s over for all of us.

Peace, one love.

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