Sex, Love and Oxytocin – The Full Spectrum Connection

By Indra

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Within our brain there is a code that tells us what we need to do to be happy, healthy, wealthy, glowing and living within our life’s purpose. When we do those things, and we experience things such as social interaction, pair bonding and orgasm, our endocrine system responds by releasing the naturally occurring hormone, oxytocin (not to be confused with the pharmaceutical opioid OxyContin/Oxycodone.)

Oxytocin – the body’s bliss hormone – is the master hormone that triggers different functions within the glands of the body. When we activate oxytocin, we activate all the different glands within the oxytocin feedback loop, and we start experiencing the benefits of this bliss frequency move through our body and our life. As a result, we gravitate more towards the things that make us feel more love, make us feel more beautiful, more healthy, more satisfied, more abundant.

Activating the Oxytocin Loop

Oxytocin has been found to be conducive to pair-bonding as it generates feelings of love and trust, and equanimity. It also lowers stress levels as it reduces cortisol levels. If we have oxytocin flowing through our body, and our life, we live in less fear, experience more synchronicity (“luck”), have less guards, and feel more comfortable, relaxed, and able to speak our truth. When oxytocin levels are high, we don’t feel stressed or depressed. Because we feel happy and loved, we don’t reach out for “comfort” foods and other unhealthy things that give us instant gratification. We even begin to look better.

Within the body system is a full octave of glands and organs that resonate on a certain frequency. To activate oxytocin, the crown frequency, it is important to activate all the glands within the body so that they are all functioning in perfect harmony. By developing an intimacy with our body’s glands and their functions, we can give ourselves access to their sensations and trigger the energetic feedback loop that creates more love, and supports our physical health.

Initially, when we turn the focus of the lens into the physical body, we develop a simple awareness of their sensations. As we go deeper into that experience, our relationship with their sensations becomes more sophisticated, and in turn, the mind becomes more intelligent at interpreting those sensations. Over time, by learning to bring the flow of oxytocin into our body and our experience, we master living in that feel-good, holistic frequency of harmony and well being.

The most important thing to understand about oxytocin is that by itself, it is a hormone that fires the functions of many other glands. It is a part of circuitry. If the circuit is failing in some area of the body, the healthy holistic life that is coded in our bodies cannot be properly manifested. In these cases detoxing, inner work, DNA re-coding, and re-training the body circuit is needed to re-introduce the body to its natural frequencies. In essence, we are learning to communicate with our body’s energy centers in a very intimate way, and to do that we need to relearn the way of the “natural” flow of our body and our hormones.

Oxytocin and Sexual Union

Oxytocin by itself is considered to make us indiscriminate in its bonding influence. Under its influence, we may feel a bond towards “any” person that we are sexually or even physically intimate with. So, like all-powerful things, before we learn to use it we need to recognize the need for caution. Without mastering these sensations we run the risk of using them in ways that can ultimately be harmful to us. In my experience, this is especially true if there was sexual trauma in childhood where natural boundaries and paradigms were violated or not developed. We are also programmed (to some extent) by unassuming influences like “Hollywood romances”, which paint a very idealized notion of what “love” is, so a reality check is always advisable.

At its deepest level, sexual union is a spiralling together of energy, much like strands of DNA spiral together. But the first step to it is to first be in sexual union with you. Mastery starts with yourself.

When the “soul’s code” triggers the master hormone, it triggers all the rest of the glands – provided they are healthy enough to receive the messages and are in turn able to release their contribution to the hormonal feedback loop. We have to be able to find and integrate this harmony within ourselves, with the full octave activated, before we can truly experience pure sexual union with anyone else.

When we live in the full bliss vibration of our body, with all our glands working in harmony with each other, we become fully ‘married’ with our self. We learn to live in alignment with our natural code, leaving behind any pre-conceived paradigms of romantic “love”. (Esoteric texts refer to this as being “complete within yourself”.) As we develop an intimacy with our body’s bliss frequency, new sensations open up to us, new vibrations activate, and we get to know our Self in a new and intimate way. Over time, we can evolve further and play with the infinite octaves above and below our body’s core energy centers.

When we feel ready and willing, and we share the bliss of sexual union, we experience a fusion with another body that has their own unique vibration. Together, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. The union we experience when activated beings come together in this way opens up endless opportunities for energetic expansion and evolution. For that reason, it helps to understand how the body’s energy centers interact when we experience that full-spectrum connection with another person.

Full Spectrum Connection Starts at the Top

The Hypothalamus – Does your life purpose line up?

Experiencing a full spectrum connection with another being is very similar to the way you activate your own body; it starts with merging your soul with the crown center frequencies, and getting to know what your life’s purpose is. The big picture. So, when you merge with another, your Crown center is the first place you want to meet.

Pineal Gland – Are you a mental/intuitive match?

Moving down the body, you come to to the Pineal Gland. Are you able to see eye-to-eye? Do you have mental harmony? Are you an intellectual match? Do you read each other’s thoughts and mind? Do you know how the other is feeling even when no words are spoken? Can you intuitively pick up on subtle cues on each other?

Sex, Love and Oxytocin – The Full Spectrum Connection - Chakras

The Nervous System – Do you move with each other’s groove?

Although not a gland it is important in disseminating electrical impulses through the body that facilitate the functioning of the endocrine system. Here we investigate how our physical energy interacts together. Are you both active? Are you both wanting to live an active lifestyle, or more sedentary? People have different levels of their natural energy. You need to figure out whether the state of your natural physical energy is compatible. Otherwise, if one person is extremely active, and another one prefers activities that don’t require much physical assertion, you might end up in relationship where you don’t spend much time together or doing things that aren’t enjoyable for both.

Thyroid Gland – Have you learnt the art of “over-communicating” yet?

Next stop is the Thyroid Gland where you see if you can communicate. Can you talk about your deepest and most intimate desires? Can you talk about these issues with one another? Do you truly understand each other? Can you get to an understanding on things, even if you disagree? Do you have a degree of psychic-empathic connection with each other, where you feel like you understand and communicate with each other beyond what is basic?

Thymus Gland – Are you friends?

Do you love each other? Do you feel the friendship with this person? Do you love each other as friends? Is your partner someone that you enjoy spending time with? Do you enjoy activities together? Do you feel freedom and sovereignty in your relationship to “be who you are”? Are you looking forward to simply being with them, laughing and enjoying their company?

If not, my recommendation is do not move forward. If there is a gap, emptiness, a hole – you will trip over them at some point in your relationship. Therefore, it is important to work on each of these levels before you move on to the next one.

Pancreas – Will you make it in the physical world?

After the Thymus Gland, you move to the Pancreas – the physical world. Are you stronger together in this world? Does your power become greater as a result of merging with this being? Or does this merger diminish your power? This is where a lot of relationships fail, and a lot of people make compromises in this area. This is the first indication of whether you are going to make it in the physical world – if you expand each other’s power.

If you realize that you are making each other better and encourage each other to be more of who you truly are; if together you are creating more power, mobilization, dynamism, and more activity in the world as a couple – then yes! Great, nicely done. You may have to work on it to really turn on the lights in certain areas. You many need to negotiate and help each other learn, because your vision from your octave will be able to see things within them, and their vision from their octave can see things within you. So, at this point you are helping each other. You can spend time tweaking and fixing because by now it is worth making the effort.

Ovaries/Prostate – How is your emotional connection?

Then you are going into the Sacral Region, and see whether you make each other more beautiful. Together, are you generating a vibration of family, community, beauty, and bliss? Are you creating harmony in your external environment? Do you have harmony with each other’s friends? Are you a kind of couple that feels like that in order to be together you need to isolate yourself because either you or your partner has too much insecurity? If they can’t deal with you being around your friends, it’s typically a major sacral-center level issue that can cripple you in social settings.

Root/Anal Glands – The garden is safe to enter!

Finally, after this journey through all the glands the oxytocin loop is at the Root center, a place where you are ready to merge your physical bodies. By, now both parties in the equations are feeling safe secure and sober. You have done your due diligence and you have every reason to feel proud to have achieved mastery not only within yourself but also by merging your full spectrum with another. Here you get to explore “what happens” when your deepest bliss instinct physically touches their bliss instinct. Your full octave comes together when you touch your bliss in a sexual, physical way. And when this happens, you have exponentially evolved, and exponentially expanded your choices and combinations. Your creative potential has magnified together, encompassing all the body’s glands/energy centers and the variations that the two of you create.

At Bliss Instinct, we recommend you strive to create seven gland connections with your inner circles, friends, community members etc., and reserve your full octave/circuit connection for your divine partner; a lover that can meet you in your completeness for both of you to experience the gift of deep intimate and fulfilling soul-level connections. When you have both played with this expanded pallet, it becomes your choice on how you will co-create the next part of your journey.

About the author:


Indra Love (passed June 2016) was the founder of the Full Spectrum Bliss®, a teaching organization dedicated to raising consciousness by incorporating scientific, metaphysical and ancient teachings on “bliss” to enhance sex, love, beauty, health and longevity.

With a background in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Communication, USDA and CDC funded graduate research in Ag and Applied Sciences, and corporate experience in both healthcare and not-for-profit organizations, Indra, along with a team of like-minded people, devoted her life to teaching, research and development of the ultimate tools for human health, happiness and evolution — all of which can be achieved by following the “physical instinct of bliss”.

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