Manifesting Miracles with ‘White Magic’… Authentically!

Manifesting Miracles with 'White Magic'...Authentically!

28th April 2015

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

How do we become a channel for the Miraculous?

In our philosophy Five Gateways, we’ve detailed what we feel to be the five key transitions on route to Enlightenment and our ultimate Ascension. It’s a journey of profound honesty with ourselves, seeking always to express the authentic beingness within us.

As we peel away layers of conditioning and negative behaviours, the journey leads increasingly to a sense of mystical, internal positivity: the realisation that something magical is dawning all around us, that this flow to the higher paradigm is inevitable and to truly experience it, we have to open a space for it to flow into our hearts. We begin to manifest miracles, but we do so authentically, aligned with the divine…

Light Separating From the Dark

Anyone on the path would be forgiven for thinking how dark things seem to be around us right now. We still see the old world reality of have and have-not, winner and loser, profit and loss in seemingly ever greater technicolour. We see countries struggling and fighting with one another to control ever dwindling natural resources. We see greed, manipulation and selfishness reaching epidemic proportions. There are more and more people on the planet with less and less land with which to feed and house them. It would be easy to get sucked into a negative attitude about it all.

But when we truly connect to higher consciousness by going inwards and then peeling away our own distortions, then we open a space where higher truth can flood in. We begin to see that the old world values and control ARE breaking down. And in fact it’s the collapse of those values which is appearing bleak. As we become increasingly multidimensional, the more we realise we’re living in not just one world, but two: we can literally feel the synchronicity, harmony and unconditional love which defines the higher paradigm, even if we can’t see it with our third dimensional eyes.

Take heart. The field is moving all the time and so accordingly is the ‘matrix’. The highest levels of benevolence are engaging the density and unwinding it, right at this moment. Increasingly it’s going to make life here more unstable. Contrary to popular belief, this is a good thing, since the status quo of inequitable ‘business as usual’ serves no sentient life here in the long run. So stay light on your feet. Don’t worry about the outcome, just as long as you keep moving, keep progressing as a being, keep expanding internally, then you’ll be moving in exactly the right direction; you’ll prosper greatly from the energetic shifts now commencing.

Changing Reality Through Consciousness

It is frequently said within the spiritual mainstream that ‘our reality is shaped by our thoughts’ and that if we could think positively, then we would change our world for the better. Plenty of approaches would have us envisage a new, more desirable reality that we might want. I’m reminded that there’s always truth within the distortion. Yes, to me, there is a more desirable reality that we can manifest, but it is not one that comes from the lower mind. It is not one that has been programmed and conditioned within us. It is not one of material want and greed. It is a truly grand design that is already being shaped by the universe, one which serves all in it, not just the lucky few.

Yes we can influence reality with our thoughts, but our thoughts are the product of our inner state of consciousness. To say our thoughts shape reality is like saying my hands and feet are driving the car, not me. It is to say the tail is wagging the dog or the cart is pushing the horse. Our thoughts are merely the product of our consciousness. This is why Ghandi spoke of “Being the Change”, he didn’t say “Think the Change”!

I’m reminded of an insightful metaphor from the Matrix which I’ve included briefly here below…

So when Neo tried the jump, how much do think he actually believed he could perform the jump and how much did he think he could do it? It’s an obvious answer, but I’m sure you get my drift.

The key is to know in your heart what you’re given to do, but then, by continually exploring the truth about the natural flow of life, find the belief in your mind that your true destiny will unfold from your beingness. We can then build our thoughts and emotions around the creative act that is authentically arising from within. In this way, our creativity becomes an unstoppable force – a force for truly miraculous change – change that can literally move mountains.

Miraculous Manifestation — Driving On Air

On my path of rediscovery here, I was given a very powerful reminder of ‘miraculous manifestation’ by benevolence. The story might sound a little far fetched to some, but I guarantee every word of it is true. It demonstrates the power of ‘attention’ over ‘intention’. The universal flow can be undeniably strong, but, we have to be in it, and only attention to what really wants to happen will achieve that…

I was driving my car one day and it was very low on fuel. The orange warning light had been signaling for a good ten miles. It was time to fill up. But as I drove into the next petrol station, suddenly it seemed as though every car on the forecourt moved in unison to block my path to the next pump. Now by this time, I’d remembered enough to realise that flows of energy like this don’t happen by chance and there must be a deeper meaning and purpose at work. So I paused for a moment, made sure I was open, relaxed and waited for my consciousness to be ‘spiked’ as to what I was supposed to notice.

My attention was immediately drawn to a couple of billboards in quick succession… “don’t need this”, “what do you mean?” I asked, “fuel” came the unmistakable (inner) answer. Now this may sound a little weird, but I’d already been party to quite a number of ‘miraculous phenomena’ on my journey here already, and so I was absolutely ready to follow the divine when I felt it in my heart. What do you really have to lose?

So I pulled out of the petrol station and continued to drive… ten miles, twenty miles, thirty miles (now definitely ‘sucking on air’!), forty miles, fifty miles (still going!). At around sixty or seventy miles, when the car had long since run out of fuel, I found myself slipping into a degree of disbelief “this can’t possibly be happening” I found myself saying, upon which, the car juddered and ground to a halt! I just managed to pull it over to the side of the road. Wow. It was clear to me the car had responded to my disbelief! I realised that I’d broken the flow of energy. Just as soon as the realisation landed, my heart opened again and trust in benevolence was restored. To my amazement, the car fired up again.

I drove through eighty miles, ninety, hundred, hundred and ten, hundred and twenty. At around a hundred and twenty miles, I began to get a touch conceited “Wow, look at what I can manifest!” At exactly that point, the car juddered and ground to a halt again. “What’s the problem?” I directed at higher consciousness. My attention was immediately drawn to another billboard saying “Team Work”. Immediately I understood: it’s all about being at-one with the natural creative flow – it’s about being a part of a higher consciousness team. I had my answer. My soul was satisfied and true beingness restored. In that week, the car drove for over 200 miles before finally running out of fuel.

Since sharing this story in the seminars I give, other people have reported similar miraculous happenings. I realise that benevolence is helping many people in this way, but not to learn how to drive a car without fuel! The purpose is to show us how the creative flow REALLY works; that fear, doubt and disbelief – in a word ‘negativity’ – interrupt our destined flow. And conversely, false mind-led manifestation, which is too often based on ego fueled desire, also interrupts the flow – it captures it and channels it into a bubble (the old system which is bursting). What truly works is destiny: a destined way of being that then becomes an unstoppable movement of energy

Remember what this is really all about: life is about learning, evolving and growing as a being; creation is the effect of that. You may recall other vibrational realms where you can manifest matter at the speed of your knowing, a place where you were more based in light. But here we’ve chosen to take on a form which is limited by physicality. This sense of separation creates relativity, and thus you get the bounteous wonders of the physical. So although you may recall your higher dimensional creativity, don’t expect that this will always necessarily work in this form here. It can, it just takes a good deal of co-creative universal will to do. That’s why we must content ourselves with being a part of the divine flow, where miracles are abound.

Manifesting Beingness

So the real key to being a positive force for change in the world is not trying to manifest some kind of creation by yourself that is separate from the natural flow – from the divine. It is to manifest your unique way of being by making space for it to arise naturally from within. When you do, you’re connecting up to the flow, which now shapes through you; truly miraculous things start to happen, but not the things we think we might WANT to happen. What’s really happening is that we’re continually creating new vehicles of expression for this beingness. Here’s some tips on how…

  • Stay open and light. Let go of the need for any kind of outcome from the moment. Open into any contractions caused by an attachment.
  • Let ‘intention’ surrender into attention – allowing your consciousness to be directed by spontaneous knowings and the heart-felt pull.
  • Notice visions and thoughts landing about the direction to take or act of creation to embark upon, but always look for an aspect of higher beingness that is wanting to reveal itself as you follow this direction.
  • Watch for your path being lit up by signs and synchronicity. Be prepared for this to also appear as perceived negative patterning as it reveals your distortions (it may take you constantly into repetitive conditioned behaviours).
  • If you’re unsure what you’re being invited to do, ask “show me” of the universe then watch attentively. You’ll be shown either a distortion to break through or an aspect of beingness to express – this dynamic ultimately makes the choice
  • Maintain a positive mental attitude, even if you run into blockages; be prepared for the flow to shift direction – the stream can have many paths to the ocean.
  • Celebrate not so much in what you create, but the elevation of beingness this vehicle of creativity has revealed in you. With each step, become more of you and celebrate in that. You are amazing!

It could be in the simple things of life: doing the school run, the housework, writing an article on a blog, helping someone in need. When we focus on revealing beingness in our lives, then the universe will ALWAYS present a vehicle for that expression to shine forth; it is absolutely inevitable. We just have to be open, awake and aware of the opportunities continually presenting themselves.

Being is the Change

To summarise this approach to miraculous manifestation from beingness, we created this video “Being is the Change”. And below it, a meditation for channeling in the higher light. And there are other links below which you might like to follow…

With an open mind, I find higher consciousness just flows like an unstoppable stream through my life, shaping continually miraculous circumstances. Life becomes a joy in itself, but not because I want to move mountains or jump tall buildings! I experience the miraculous in the seemingly ordinary. I find it is a way of being that becomes infectious, it seems to inspire others to live the same way.

It is with this in mind that we recorded this “Liquid Gold Meditation” some time ago which you can download to your desktop or play here online for free.

I wish you great success in your authentic manifestation.


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