Full Moon In Capricorn: Mastering Our New Reality

Full Moon In Capricorn - Mastering Our New Reality 3

2nd July 2015

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing writers for Wake Up World

The scattered and opposing energetic influences we are experiencing at this time have many of us running around in circles in a desperate attempt to hold things together. Amid the chaos, our tendency can be to detach from our reality, and look for ways to escape the chaos — but there is no escaping this energetic pattern. The harder we try to detach, the more easily we get caught up in this whirlwind of swirling energetic contrasts.

As we passage through the planetary pattern that this month’s Full Moon is reflecting to us, a powerful energetic thrust is emerging. Our collective awakening process is taking a deep dive back into the dark uncharted waters, as Saturn transits into Scorpio, and for the final time we will face our personal limitations and outdated external attachments.

The final metamorphosis of our newly established relationships to the collective and to our individual consciousness is taking place. The illusions that keep us disconnected from achieving our highest spiritual sovereignty are dissolving as the new unity consciousness is being strengthened and aligned within our vibration. The energetic momentum is pulling us to assert our truth, and to influence and impact the world around us. We’re being called to BE the organic, empowered, sovereign beings we are, and to take the necessary steps towards making change. BIG CHANGE!

It’s time.

Astrological alignments reflecting the evolution of our Consciousness

Mars Conjunct The Sun in Cancer, Opposing Pluto Conjunct The Moon in Capricorn

This alignment has many layers to it. As we merge into a 5th dimensional state of reality, the energy of this alignment highlights for us the areas in our lives where we are not yet flexible enough to make the necessary adjustments that will allow our authentic experience to flow.

Whenever Mars (actions) is in opposition to Pluto (desires) we experience incredible internal frustration. This happens because our internal desires feel like they are being opposed by others, and you can imagine how this feeling of opposition becomes contagious, as it is projected outwards by each of us, reinforcing this oppositional force in our collective field. I am sure at this time many of you have felt extremely frustrated, like you are being stopped or opposed or halted in some way or another.

Another expression of this alignment is reflecting to us a new direction and metamorphic shift in our definition (Capricorn) of gender assignment. Gender assignment is reflected through the Axis of Cancer/Capricorn; they represent the inner (Cancer) and outer (Capricorn) definition of ourselves. What is interesting to notice, as Mars moves through Cancer and conjuncts the Sun, is the new evolutionary patterns of consciousness emerging in our outer world. A particularly strong manifestation of this shift in consciousness is the recent legal recognition of same-gender marriage rights in the United States (and the momentum this recognition has created globally.)

On a deeper level, this alignment is inviting us to explore the more subtle layers of deep inner reflection. As these alignments mirror the totality of the Cancer/Capricorn archetype, this period of apparent stasis or feeling ‘blocked’ induces deep inner reflection and self inquiry, which drives us to connect more deeply to our emotional body and to strengthen our awareness around our own personal soul journey — that journey of returning home.

Jupiter Conjunct Venus in Leo, Trine Uranus in Aries and  Square Saturn in Scorpio

This alignment has been building up and strengthening our connection to our creative life force energy. With Venus now ahead of Jupiter in its relative orbit, the new expansion of our heart resonance (Venus) is strongly emerging.

As with many of these alignments there are multiple layers. From our own perspective of healing and returning to spiritual sacredness, this alignment is stimulating a sense of need around strengthening our connection to what we love; it is aligning us with and fine-tuning that authentic connection with our highest joy. There is a new path available for us to actualize our special destiny, if we actively choose to embrace it with courage. We must be ready to let go of our security attachments and allow our hearts to guide us in a free flowing way.

As Venus Quincuncts Chiron in Pisces, we have an invitation to recognize the heart as the Gateway to Love and the ultimate connection to your highest potential. This aspect is allowing us to work through and heal any illusions of separation from Source, giving us the ‘missing key’ to achieving total unimpeded connection. The higher Self knows the path to illumination and flow — it is directed through the heart-center — and so merging the two together enables our true spiritual abundance.

Uranus “The Awakener” is reflecting the role of fracturing any core beliefs that are crystallized in our consciousness. As Uranus operates outside the field of  our linear perception of time, these bursts of creative enlightenment are felt and sensed beyond what is ‘current’ for you right now. Align yourself with these thoughts in a way that allows you to shift the course of your reality into alignment with the new timeline that is being revealed to you, and you will create a pathway toward the reality you wish to experience. It is about integrating your unique path with the inner core of your being; your light.

Mercury in Gemini Square Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, and Sextile Pluto Conjunct The Moon in Capricorn

This alignment is playing havoc with us at the moment. I am sure you have, over the last couple of days, felt an increased awareness that your reality is impossible to experience in a linear fashion. It is as if you are aware of everything at once and that and there is a need to do everything, but you cannot simply accomplish it all at the same time. This alignment is largely responsible for that whirlwind feeling.

Full Moon In Capricorn - Mastering Our New Reality 2

What is actually happening here is that as the Earth has risen into a higher frequency of perception — beyond linear space-time. Our awareness of multiple timelines and realities is constant, and we are sensing that alternate realities are available for as at every moment. Of course, the left brain simply cannot assimilate all of this information in its typical way. This is compounded by the relationship Gemini has to Pisces in the natural zodiac, which is being expressed directly through this alignment; Pisces reflects the totality of awareness while Gemini represents the “left brain” or linear logical aspect of our awareness.

Because our expanded consciousness can now see all possibilities in all directions of time, our awareness of the struggling linear, sequential brain (Gemini) can become overwhelming. It may sound simplistic, but the best way to approach this is to allow yourself to go with the flow. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to “figure it all out”.

The Cardinal Cross – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

As we move deeper into the exploration and expansion of our own consciousness, we would like to share a deeper understanding about the relationship these four astrological archetypes reflect to us, as consciousness infuses itself with the complex human psyche.

The Axis of Cancer-Capricorn reflects to us the inner and outer relationships we have to this plane of existence. Without getting into too much detail, Cancer reflects the search for security, which induces the human expression of the need for consistency. It is through consistency that we establish patterns that project our past into our present and future, which in turn gives us a sense of security (Cancer). Closely associated with the home, this known aspect — the patterns created from the totality of our experience — offers us a central point of definition and security as we experience motion (Capricorn) and change around us. In essence, that definition of ourselves becomes merged into the core of our being.

The Axis of Libra-Aries reveals to us how we go about taking action (Aries), and the relationships we form to other souls. External objects reflect back to us the experiences we are initiating through the desire to explore (Aries). Although there we may feel blocked, hanging on to the securities and attachments we have not yet learned to release, we are driven by an impulse to initiate action and alter the timeline of our external world.

This entire sum of the alignments accompanying today’s Full Moon in Capricorn, and the energy of this unique time period, are forcing us to examine how we move from moment to moment, how we transcend our past experiences, and most importantly, how we assimilate our reality into manifest creation.

Pluto’s (evolution and metamorphosis) movement through Capricorn (our outer definitions) is showing us that a new identity (Cancer) has emerged for us. The manifestation of our relationship (Libra) to consciousness, both individually and collectively, is being totally reshaped. We are learning to see beyond the veil, and embarking on a journey of personal self-mastery; of alignment of the ‘lower’ and ‘higher’ Self, bringing total soul empowerment into our Being.

The Full Moon’s Message

We find ourselves in such great awareness of so many aspects of our reality that it can be difficult to stay grounded and find flow in our moment to moment reality. Our minds will not find the solution and direction needed to get us through the “mess” at this point. Our purely mental faculties look for linear understanding of our experience, and yet, we are facing multiple timelines and realities simultaneously, creating mental distress and confusion. It becomes too overwhelming. This can lead us to detach completely from our reality, and we can easily find ourselves bouncing back and forth between these states — between these realities.

We believe the best way to navigate ourselves and our lives in the coming weeks is to just keep moving. Find the flow and fluidity in every moment, and try not to rely too heavily on your mental navigation system. By allowing our multidimensional hearts, not our linear minds, to take the lead, wewill move into the free flowing nature of our new reality.

The fire of creative life force energy is beckoning us to shine our light on the world. Our heart’s desires are being clearly felt at this time, and only the demands of the mundane, linear aspects of our experience can stand in our way. So, if we nurture ourselves in such a way that we are able to hold a high vibration in our hearts, without becoming overwhelmed in our minds, we will more easily find our way through the noise — and also manage to give our hearts some freedom to expand and glow. That’s the point after all! We are being invited to master our reality, to clear any residual clutter and attachments that are unnecessarily creating noise in our lives, and move forward with our intuitive heart-consciousness as our guide.

The ultimate purpose of these lessons is self mastery. We are bringing our hearts into our physical reality so that we can live freely within the abundance of the love vibration. Of course, by that we do not mean that we will exist on love and air alone; rather that we can begin to live in total freedom and abundance, and find new ways to subsist (or “make a living”) by living our highest joy and simultaneously aiding the evolutionary shift in consciousness we are experiencing on Earth.

It is our collective mission to create a new global paradigm, and to change the course of our past. Our world is to become a world of 5th dimensional, heart centered unity-consciousness. We are bringing our hearts and souls into our lives – giving them to life itself – and building our individual realities around the amazing feeling of heart resonance we have worked so hard to cultivated. So, by clearing out unnecessary attachments and clutter from our lives (and minds), we create efficiency and flow in our daily duties and responsibilities and allow room for creative flow, soul expansion and ultimately, their physical manifestation.

At this time, it is not only our desire but also our responsibility to bring this light into the world, and to continue bringing that light, no matter how ominous the world around us may appear. Don’t be disheartened or defeated by tragedy, but allow it to fuel our hearts to create the change we so desperately desire. Self-mastery comes from our ability to hold our highest vibration while navigating our determined lives in the physical/mental reality of the outdated world.

So how do we do this? We must become lighter. Physically, mentally and emotionally lighter. We do this by letting go of emotional, physical attachments that weigh us down; by bringing more light into our physical bodies with a natural plant-based, whole food diet and reducing problematic and low-vibrational foods like wheat, dairy and meat; by detoxing and removing heavy metals from our physical bodies; by connecting to mother Earth and protecting her children, the animals and nature; and by nurturing and being true to ourselves, everyone and everything we interact with.

Once we begin on this path, we can and will begin to access our highest potential and we will naturally know exactly what is needed at every moment to bring this shift.

As you are reading this, know that you are being called to action. The change has begun! You know what you need to do — and the time to do it is now!

Be the change!
Simon & Jennifer

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