The Medicine Wheel of Time and Karma

The Medicine Wheel of Time and Karma

By  Jennifer Deisher

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen all at once” ~ Albert Einstein

Time in the spiritual world doesn’t exist as we perceive it on the Earthly plane. Spiritual “time” is relative to our karmic experiences and whether or not we choose to transcend – to live only in the Now and learn the lessons the universe brings to our attention, the “karmic wheel” if you will.  The medicine wheel, as it’s known in Native American Indian culture, represents a karmic, peaceful balance with the Earth and each other.

The Medicine Wheel

We tend to look at time as linear with events happening one after the other and this is true. But time is also experienced in  cycle. We may not find the exact same events or opportunities recur, because change is constant in the Universe, but we will find similar energetic opportunities are presented to us so that we may confront and release our karmic patterns and emotional triggers.

Wherever we go, there we are. In that, we can consider a different perspective in regards to time and the shift in consciousness by saying that “time” is a form of karmic responsibility. We are collectively co-creating the  future, and this karmic responsibility is there for all of us  –  which is why it’s true that “what comes round goes around”, and  why it’s important to “do unto others…”.

There’s no such thing as zero other than in the binary code of the “matrix” or the universal law of duality. There is no concept in the universe that includes a zero outcome yet we find ourselves, intentionally or otherwise, spending our time going round and round in the cause and effect of duality while  the wheel of never stop turning. Guided by our perceptions of past and future, we perpetuate our karmic patterns in cycles, with no beginning or end,  running  from the only person who can truly provide any kind of relief… our Self.

Thus, when we think of “zero point time” we can relate it to the transcendence of duality, or a graduation of sorts; a state  where  we’ve worked to identify and release energetic patterns  and where we have an unwritten, clean karmic slate in which to Create.

The karmic wheel is a gift and a challenge for us to rise above the energies, emotions  and influences that are  hampering our spirit and experience of true freedom, and to  reach a higher state of grace and abundance within, then without.  With a little currency, an understanding of how these emotional roles play out  in our  lives, a new perspective on time, and the  Heartfelt intention of  transcendence… we’re prepared to heal our “karma”.

And when we do, we clear  the energy of  the “past” and clear the path to understanding and manifesting our soul desires  for the “future”. And with our karmic pathway cleared, our emotional being  (now) and our soul desires (future) become  our  conscience, informing  our thoughts and  actions in the now moment and in the future we create. Our Heartfelt intention.

The Human Drama

We come into this world with pre-assigned roles that we’re expected to adapt to and participate in, even if it often feels unnatural to our being (and it does). Our roles are based on gender, social status, race, financial concerns, and on it goes.  These social repetitions have shaped  our  society today  –  one that is built on  judgment, fear, competition  and separation, leaving us pre-disposed to miss the entire point of our existence.  We tend to get lost in competition, thinking we missed this boat or that opportunity,  and therefore  a plethora of other golden opportunities that most surely will never pass this way again.

It’s true that our thoughts create our reality, at first. Most importantly, they inform our belief in what’s possible in the first place. The very first step is changing the neuropathways in the brain from an imbalanced energy  to a more positive approach about life and all its infinite possibilities. But the true key to creating and manifesting is through our spiritual and emotional “body”, our energy signature. If we perceive our karmic lessons as punishment we’re completely missing the gift of transcendence.

We tend to judge or deny the issues that we’re fearful of, have been taught to avoid, or find distasteful in some way. From there, we create emotional roles for ourselves to feed our “ignorance” which is just another way of saying we haven’t chosen to learn something yet – in the case of our emotions, ignoring our own nuances and/or personal truth.

The emotional roles in the human drama typically  take on the character  of either the victim/martyr, the oppressor/antagonist, or  the savior/messiah – all depending on the relationship. When we take the time to genuinely  consider  that we’ve played some or all of these roles in our relationships, we can begin to see them for what they are – unresolved emotional patterns – and why we continue to play out our dramas on an individual and collective level.

The first step in re-writing the play is  identifying and nurturing the aspects of ourselves that are wounded in the first place. The key is not  creating new roles  but looking for areas of healing, with the goal of moving toward our unity and divinity. In unity, we  resonate with the vastness of experience, remaining  open to receive, feel, and experience, without the need to assign roles, labels  and  words of  limitation.

We are all capable of horrific things just as much as we are capable of beauty and love. But we are also capable of healing the emotional and energetic wounds that make us capable of horrific things  (“What goes around comes around…”). So, when we look into the mirror of our relationships and find ourselves unsatisfied, we have to take what we find  and  apply it to the Self.

For example: Many of us who have  had turbulent childhood relationships with a parent then, for lack of a better blueprint, become the same kind of parent we  “hated” in the first place. But, by examining that difficult relationship, identifying our own roles as parents objectively and seeing our own  karmic story within that emotional narrative, we can heal that  energy  and  clear the space for  a new energetic  relationship to form.

Karmic Wheel - Lessons LearnedConditioning children into unnatural social expectations provides  a prolonged lesson in  emotional suppression and disconnection. We are taught on a most basic level that emotions should be “appropriately” managed in order to conform to myriad social expectations of behavior. We’re told to sit still, be quiet, put that down, don’t answer back, stop asking questions, and don’t speak unless spoken to. As parents, we often focus on managing behavior instead of focusing on the underlying emotional driver. So as children,  we find ourselves longing to explore our world and express our emotions honestly, but as we grow we learn we  have  fewer and fewer “appropriate” outlets to do it.

What about teaching our children to understand,  honor and  express their emotional being? What about  helping  children to explore  their own unique presence without first imposing boundaries?

If we’re taught that outward  emotion is something to be managed – to be guilty, ashamed or embarrassed about – then we find ourselves resisting our own healthy emotional expression. From there, we begin to feel guilty, ashamed and embarrassed for feeling our emotions privately. But, we can transcend and  heal  these learned tendencies, and  reconnect to the  vastness of experience –  which doesn’t assign roles and labels of limitation. We can  face the reality of the life and relationships we’ve created and accept the karmic lesson available to us at all times.  We can learn to forgive, let go, and create a brand new blueprint.

This doesn’t mean we’re not going to have ups and downs in life, rather we can get the difficult times much easier knowing that we will get to the other side as a more complete and happy person – as part of the karmic journey.

The New Currency

There’s a tool in our toolbox that we all came “here” with and we all have access to. There’s a ladder lying around somewhere inside the labyrinth of boxes, squares, patterns, emotional addictions and the insanity of doing the same thing over and over even though it doesn’t work. Once we find the ladder, it takes a process of patience, persistence and,  most importantly, a Heartfelt intention to make the climb.

Heartfelt intention is the “new black” and an important enough concept that it should be considered by some as spiritual “currency”  (with  co-creation being the spiritual “economy”).

As we climb our personal ladder, rising above the labyrinth of our patterns,  we can overcome any obstacle with our free will and Heartfelt intention, keeping in mind that wishing harm on another is never coming from the Heart. We can still become awake and aware without losing ourselves in adverse or destructive emotion.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t feel imbalanced (seemingly “negative”)  emotions; they are a vital lesson in  the human experience. But intention is ALL about emotion. We cannot climb our ladder of transcendence without it. Without intention, our consciousness readily drifts into the karmic current  of  our dramas (past) and fears (future)  and allows them  to  shape  the future we create. But if everything is energy (and it is), we don’t have to spend lifetime upon lifetime playing out the human drama through an unaware  individual and collective mind. We can change that energy with our intention.

This is prayer, the law of attraction, and emotional imagination playing to positive change and the best possible outcome; the orgasm of Life at its most fulfilling, enlightening, and loving.  We are all participating in this “dream” – this  conscious reality – and we all have a karmic responsibility to each other to begin to dream a new, better one – based on unity rather than separation.

There are common threads throughout time, religion and ancient culture that suggest that  a shift that must occur at some point in our human history and spiritual evolution. Such a shift will  see humanity  reaching a point of no return and a collective realization; that although we may feel the constraint of our illusory reality, with our heads pressed uncomfortably against the metaphorical ceiling, as spiritual beings, there  is no ceiling. The only limit is the extent  of our combined consciousness, imagination and will.

When we find the ability to observe the experiences that the universe brings to us and understand  their role in our karmic  healing, we appreciate  that the wheel keeps on turning, regardless of whether or not we’re actively participating.  What we resist in our  karmic life ultimately persists in such a way that we can no longer deny what the universe is trying to bring to our attention. It’s not an easy process, but we can either do it the hard way, or the really hard way!

The medicine can be a little bitter going down, but its healing power is undeniable. It’s up to us what kind of energy we use to confront the opportunity. We can decide to  see the medicine wheel as a harsh and gruelling  experience or as a beautifully expressive renaissance of the heart and spirit. When we have the mindset and courage to  face our individual and collective karmic responsibility, we also begin to see its  gifts.

Jacob’s Ladder

The karmic wheel takes us down into the deep – into our “underworld” – so that we can heal our wounds, shed our skin and begin to let the light of love shine through our being.  Ultimately, when we use this experience  to  create rather than destroy we find our greater purpose for being here. We can’t be or do great things if we’re still dancing around in the “underworld”, expecting our lives to get better but all the while carrying unresolved  emotional energy  which leads to more unfulfilling, problematic  experiences.

Letting go of unnecessary  emotional attachment is the gift of enlightenment. It doesn’t mean that we won’t have down times or feel uncomfortable, unfamiliar  emotions. It doesn’t mean we get to escape the pain or the grieving process either, but it does mean that we get through it with a different understanding of life and our place in it.  We understand that when times get tough, it’s contrary to universal nature  for them to stay tough, and that we are here to experience each  moment – joyful or painful – without attaching to those moments.

It’s in the raw, honest emotional truth that we get to the root cause of our pain and trauma. Letting go is hard to describe in words as it’s an emotional unpacking of energy that isn’t in alignment with our higher self and purpose. But the only way out is through; we must feel that energy one last time, in order to let it go.  We must  embrace  the opportunity to heal, in order to reach that  state of grace,  wisdom and compassion in the now moment.

Our new reality  starts from within and radiates outwards through an energetic expansion, so by  making a conscious choice to heal the Self, we also heal others.  We are all on our own path and came here to have different experiences. We can never walk in the shoes of another or expect to have the same reaction to the same circumstances as we do.

Our diversity and uniqueness is our gift – but we must  transcend our  energetic  imprints  of separation, lack, judgment, hate, abandonment, betrayal, resentment, jealousy, fear and apathy. Although these emotions are common to the fractured human experience, they  are ill equipped companions to have on the road to Shambhala.* These emotions open the door to the “underworld” from where our inner demons are birthed and take root. And we simply can’t take them where we’re going.

When we release attachment to redundant, unhealthy  emotions with Heartfelt intention,  we also release our shadow side enabling us to embody more light, Love, happiness, peace, balance and abundance. And as we climb the ladder out of the labyrinth of our own personal underworld, we find golden tickets of opportunity lighting our path to a newer, better way. It’s  our “time”, our moral responsibility and of the utmost importance, to engage in the gift of Life!

*In Hindu scripture, Shambhala is  the birthplace of final  incarnation of Vishnu who will usher in a Satya Yuga, a new Golden Age.

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