A Call to the Goddess: The Return of the Sacred Feminine

A Call to the Goddess Women of the World - the Return of the Sacred Feminine - divine

By Kamala

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Healing Duality

In the history of humankind we have arrived at the juncture where the disharmony and violence within the collective of humanity and destruction against Gaia Sophia – the spirit name of our Mother, Earth – poses an alarming threat to continued Life on this planet. The wounds of this conflict are indeed a reflection of our individual and collective disconnection from the very source of all Life – Divinity – and pro tanto the natural world of Gaia Sophia.

Contemporaneously to the never-ending moment of destruction, we are being called into the era of Conscious Evolution: to consciously and collectively evolve beyond the endless moments of disconnection, discord and disharmony that presently exist on Earth; to actively participate in creating a New Earth, grounded and centred in our awareness of our inherent Divinity and Oneness; the Oneness that we find in Unity or Fifth dimensional consciousness, as creations of the superior force of Life – the Creative Life Force of All That Is.

Integral to our collective healing is our remembrance of the Sacred Feminine essence, energy and principle. The Feminine principle and energy is the source of our connection to Love, to Creation, and is the embodiment of a deeply held connection to Nature, “Mother Earth”. She is the very fabric of our life. She is the force of love and unity that flows within our collective and individual psyche, regardless of our gender. She is the destroyer of illusion and the healer of wounds. She is the ‘Goddess’ and the Spirit of Life. She is the Seer and her voice is one of immense insight, embodying the qualities of wisdom, love, intuition, understanding and compassion. She is our connection with Nature and our natural world. She is the means by which we are connected to Earth and all realms. She is grounded in Nature, deeply connected to the source of Life, and the speaker of the language of wisdom, balance and Love.

Yet the light and force of the feminine has been, by current and historical systems and practices, suppressed into silence, pain and darkness, resulting in a profound disconnection from Creation and cataclysmic harm to all of Life. And so it is now that we are called to consciously remember, re-join, celebrate and rebirth into the present realm of the third dimension, the awareness of our inherent Divinity and reunite with the love of Sophia: the Sacred Feminine essence and energy that is the conduit to the Source of Life.

And it is a real need, as humanity’s future depends on our ability to evolve into awareness of our Oneness and the vibration of the Fifth dimensional consciousness of Unity, Divinity and Love. So, in the path of our Conscious Evolution into a New Earth, any story that does not carry within it the voice, vision and wisdom of the feminine – the Sacred Feminine – is an incomplete story and journey of humankind from this moment forward.

The Philosophy of Conscious Evolution

Humanity will consciously evolve by the dual process of unbundling and untangling ancient man made beliefs and practices, and contemporaneously, re-birthing into the present realm the wisdom and knowledge of our Sacred lineage. In so doing, we remember that we – humanity – are the products and constituents of the source of Life and as such, we are but mere players on Life’s stage, creating our reality daily.

The path of our conscious evolution is found in individual healing and transformation into self-love and re-connection with the source of all Love – our Divinity. And our collective transformation is borne of the remembrance of the inalienable truth that We Are All One; that each of us is an intrinsically unique expression of the One Creative Life Force; that we are all sourced from Source, and that Source — the Creative Force of Life, the Great Spirit — is a force of Love.

A Call to the Goddess Women of the World - The Return of the Sacred Feminine 1

And so, to heal and evolve, we must remember, reunite with and embrace all the parts of self and heal the inner child within: for the path to healing is a path to wholeness. In the words of Marianne Williamson, “you must learn a new way to think, before you can learn a new way to be”. But more than ever before, our challenge is to move beyond thinking and into the felt sense of our hearts as we chart the path to healing and wholeness.

By this process of consciously evolving — through remembering, reintegrating, craving wholeness, healing and loving — we become seekers, attuning our vibration to that of Love Consciousness. At the same time, by the process of deconstruction, we fracture the collective psyche of the stories of old, creating space for the conscious mind and heart to open and expand, within which the voice of Love Consciousness – of Life – can start to be heard. And, by both processes, the amnesia experienced at the time of birthing into this realm and which we have experienced for millennia – the loss of memory as to Source and the wisdom and principles of Life – may finally be recovered and restored.

The Dance of Life

All of Life is created by Life: the universe, the planets, the earth, the stars, humanity, the races, all species, all of nature. It is the Superior Force of Creation. And within the matrix of the energy of Life (not the matrix of man) all of Life’s creations were created as unique and equal expressions of Life. As a statement of our inherent potential, we must learn to exist in the energy of Life attuned to Life and each other as unique and inalienably equal expressions of Life, with the consciousness and awareness of our Oneness. In addition to our Oneness, within the system of energy that is Life are embodied (amongst many) the principles of spiritual lore, equality, comity, harmony and balance, or simply, the laws of Nature. These principles bring to us the awareness that we must all co-create with each other, Nature and with all of Life to create the world that we live in. It is a co-creative dance, and we call this the Dance of Life.

Within the energy field that is Life exists the principle of harmony and balance, commonly expressed as the Yin and Yang of Life: the balance of the masculine and the feminine is the epitome of this balance. To achieve balance, the interplay between the masculine and feminine, needs to be in concert with each other, with all Life and Gaia Sophia our Mother Earth. Within the system that is Life, such a dance cannot be danced alone or in isolation to Life; and as we will see, the failure to balance opposing forces results in the descent into the primal. Further, because we know that the Yin and Yang is the dance of opposites, we know that it is our differences, and the celebration of those differences, in which the beauty and majesty of Life and creation lies. The masculine is not the feminine. The feminine is not the masculine. But within each we carry a thread of the other. The feminine and the masculine represent and exemplify the symbiotic dance of equal, complementary, interconnected and interdependent forces in the Dance of Life.

When we speak of the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine we speak of an archetype, being the archetypal qualities that each embody as an expression of Love and Spirit. Understanding of course that the expression of each comes through each imperfect human being, we do not seek perfection or polarity but rather, the understanding of the inherent value and need for the true, balanced and symbiotic expression of the qualities, principles and values of each.

In the process of our Conscious Evolution, we are called to review and adjust the beliefs and systems of this world that are out of alignment with Life.

The Illusions of Patriarchy


And so we identify a body of thoughts, beliefs and practices that are named patriarchy.

We know and understand by historical and current world conditions, that patriarchy is the force of power and suppression of the Feminine, rooted for millennia in religious doctrine and subsequently shape-shifting throughout history into a variety of different models, beliefs, practices, ideologues and forms. And as we observe the history and the harm of patriarchy, we see complex and layered systems of belief and practice that ask us to believe that the feminine spirit is inferior to the masculine and ergo deserves inferior treatment to man. And we observe the harmful and too often brutal treatment of women, and everyday sexism in cultures the world over, which treat femininity as somehow shameful or second-class. We observe global regimes of commerce, politics, religion, society and culture that embody patriarchy, and we see the consequence that these tangled and usually hypocritical beliefs and practices create for women, all of humanity and Sophia Gaia, herself.

And we continue our observations as far as they need to go until we do not need to observe any further. And then we question, as a matter of Life and creation — What is the truth of patriarchy?

We can only but see that Patriarchy is a doctrine of belief, made by man, for man. It is not a system of Life, nor do any attempts to reduce or diminish another being of Life, reflect or exemplify the greatness and largess of Life. Such action is not attuned to Life or aligned with Love. Life is the creative force that created all of Life and all of its constituent parts within it. It is a force of divine and unremitting Love: and a system within which principles of Spiritual Lore, Oneness, energetic balance and harmony prevail. Anything that does not exist in alignment with Love, and in balance with all of Life, is not a system of integrity nor aligned with Life. The vibratory force of Life – the Creative Force of Life – makes no distinction of value between masculine and feminine: only, by his history, has man done that.

We see patriarchy by its own actions and practices is a man-made system of fear, dominance, power and control, seeking to diminish and suppress the feminine yin and only worship and exult the yang. And sadly, it does so on the basis of nothing more than spurious reasoning, ancient and fanciful story telling, violence, censorship and control to support its stance. Yet any system, or being, that must rely on the use of force and suppression to claim power and control is entrenched in a lie. For truth – which is in fact Love and indeed carries its own vibration – does not exist in nor depend on violence: whether that violence is physical, emotional or spiritual. Consequently patriarchy, being a man-made belief and in some cases law — and therefore not a system of truth — cannot be seen to be of the Lore of Spirit i.e. Spiritual Lore.

In the words of a Native American proverb: –

Man’s law changes with his understandings of man.  Only the laws of spirit remain always the same” ~ Crow

Further, when we reflect on history and current world conditions, to determine the efficacy of such a man-made system, we recognise that the present imbalance and discord in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual worlds is the exact measure by which we see patriarchy (and the systems it has created) is not aligned with Life. Rather, by its practices, we see a man-made system unhinged in separation, delusion of superiority, violence and destruction, with consequences that it then blindly and falsely labels as “progress”, “commerce”, “business” and “nationalism”.

A Call to the Goddess Women of the World - The Return of the Sacred Feminine 3

And so we see that the patriarch has separated himself from Life, and is fastidiously labouring under the mistaken belief that he is superior to Life; busily creating the systems of man and all the while ignoring and dismissing the voice and wisdom of the Feminine and the voice of Life. Reflecting a state of cognitive dissonance with Life, and ergo a fundamental abandonment of self, patriarchy is not only a retreat from the Feminine, it is an opposition towards her and Life. Patriarchy is an opposition to the natural counterpoint to the Divine Masculine and the Love Consciousness she embodies. It is the sound of one hand clapping.

Such a disconnection from the Feminine essence, from Life, foretells of an evolutionary descent toward the primal. As ultimately any force of Life existing in a polarized and out-of-balance state will ultimately become a force of destruction. And indeed such destruction and a descent into the primal reflect the “out of balance” and polarized conditions in which we presently live.

And so, we know that the violence towards the feminine and violence towards our natural world are inextricably linked. The patriarch eschews wholeness, reverence and humility. Instead he has cleared the “dance floor of Life”, generously provided to him by Life, and is instead chopping it up for firewood.

But look carefully and you will see that the fight of the patriarch is not a fight with the feminine but in truth, it is a fight with the Self — for anyone who lives deeply in opposition to another is to live in fear of it, and to live in fear is to fail to live in concert, reverence and thankfulness with the majesty of Life. To co-create with Life, one must be attuned to Life, not fear. One must resonate with the heart of Life and not merely the egoic free-will mind of man. And so, the path of our Conscious Evolution is the call of Life — back to Life, back to Her — so that we may dance in concert with her, within the matrix of Life, and co-create with her and not against her.

As we start to resonate with the truth of Life and return humanity to wholeness, our reunion with the principle, wisdom and essence that is the Sacred Feminine is ordained. She is the fabric of Life, and only the healing power of the feminine heart, wisdom and compassion can lead humanity back into wholeness.

As the Native American Proverb, says:

A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul so as to unite him with Source. A man’s greatest calling is to protect woman so that she is free to walk the earth unharmed”.

That is the Dance of the Feminine and Masculine, in the Dance of Life.

The Effect of Patriarchy on the Feminine

To further understand this path of healing and reunion, we must see and understand the consequence of patriarchy on the feminine psyche and spirit.

Throughout history, the Feminine has suffered by the voice, beliefs and practices of the patriarch. She has been stripped of her value and her significance in the balance of Life. She has been censored, ridiculed, denied her voice and the worth of her standing. She has been ridiculed and mocked for her feminine wisdom, intuitive vision and beliefs. Her intelligence, or right to intelligent thought and expression, has been questioned. The expression of her emotional world has been used to dis-credit her. She has been denied the dignity of the rightful, authentic and natural expression of her Womanhood. She has been denied the very integrity and sovereignty of her feminine being. She has been demeaned and belittled and has been left to argue of her value, to plead for her worth and to fight for equal treatment. She has been tortured, raped, abused, objectified, brutalized, sexualized, discarded, diminished and harmed. She has been burnt at the stake and drowned as a witch. And through it all, she has been threatened into the renunciation of her feminine intuition, voice and vision – her wisdom – and terrorized into acquiescence, conformity, silence and submission.

A Call to the Goddess Women of the World - The Return of the Sacred Feminine 5

The consequence of this collective experience, over many lifetimes, lives in the psyche of women around the world. And the Feminine, by the relentless denial of her inherent value and worth, has come to live in deep conflict, confusion and alienation with her own Self; her heart, her voice, her sexuality, her body, her expression, her worth and her confidence within herself. And, living within an imbalanced system of conflict, women have come to live in conflict with each other. And so, the true Sacred Feminine energy and essence — majesty, sovereignty, radiance, mystery and wisdom — has become shrouded and repressed and all but lost in darkness, anger, shame and grief.

Sadly, in her place has come to stand a masculinized feminine form; the woman who strives for masculinity and denies the value of her own inner wisdom and truths. And all the while, in defending her-Self to the Patriarch, distracted by the fight for his approval and to match and mirror his masculine energy, the radiant and true light and voice of the Feminine has become all but silenced.

Yet, despite the gravity of this harm, it is not enough to speak of the wounds suffered by women alone: because the wound is suffered by all of life — by women, men, Mother Earth Gaia Sophia and all creatures of life — as a result of the suppression of the Sacred Feminine expression. The impact of patriarchy and the wound it creates is suffered, universally, by all of Life.

And so to heal we must seek to repair the torn fragments of the Divine and Sacred Feminine consciousness that exists within all women and all Life. We must seek to recover and reclaim that which has been discarded, censored, abused and denied, because that which has been denied is so precious and valuable.

Evolving Beyond Patriarchy and Feminism

To evolve in Oneness, humanity must evolve beyond the duality of the Patriarch and the Feminist for neither is truth and neither is aligned with Love Consciousness. Indeed, the tension of the ongoing conflict only reinforces the alienation and harm: and fails to awaken the true voice of the feminine. It is time now to dance in tune with Life, Masculine and Feminine together, in remembrance of our divine and sacred heritage.

To do so, we must embark on a path of individual and collective healing charting our way to wholeness. We must acknowledge the unspoken and as yet uncrystallised truth that the Feminine is equal in all respects to the Masculine. Woman is equal to man. Man is equal to woman. All are equal to each other. We Are All One. We are all creations of Creation.

It is time we move beyond the duality, to instead embrace our truest and deepest essence, and to begin healing the deeply held wounds of Patriarchy that have eroded the sovereignty of womanhood and the feminine self esteem and expression.  And which has eroded the balance of all Life on Earth.  It is possible to live in a world with less violence, less trauma, less disharmony, less abuse and less suffering. But to do so we must exhume from the vaults of repression and silence the voice of the Sacred Feminine that lives within us.  The voice that lives within all of humanity, and within Sophia Gaia herself — for it is a reverent, beautiful and nurturing voice of hope, light, vision, kindness and life. And so, having fractured the collective psyche, we must raise the esteem of the Feminine and place greater value on her return than anything that has gone before.

A Call to the Goddess Women of the World - the Return of the Sacred Feminine - meme

This choice may well be filled with trepidation, for some. But it is time. Within the very wound inflicted by the Patriarch lies the source of humanities collective power and growth in consciousness. This is the wound that must now be healed. Because our Conscious Evolution, and our capacity to craft a world that exists in wholeness, harmony and balance, relies on the light of the Feminine to guide the way: for the benefit of all spheres of life on Earth. In this moment of Patriarchal darkness, she is the light of truth, the voice of reason and the Seer of the way. She is the only way. And the natural balance of Yin and Yang between all of humanity and our treatment of Gaia Sophia, Mother Earth, must be repaired. Life is calling us back and we must find our way out of this maze.

Returning The Sacred Feminine

So, understanding its immensity and the inner conflict it may create, I make a call to the women of the world to walk the path of healing — to return to the ways of the Sacred Feminine: to look within to find the source of your feminine identity, essence and self.  Look within to heal and find the truth of your voice, wisdom and heart.  Look within to find your courage to embrace your inherent value, intuition, wisdom, and healthy & sacred sexuality and wholly embrace the sovereign state of womanhood. Look within to find your true feminine identity and embody a state of wholeness, radiance, wisdom and awareness that you do not live in opposition to man, even if some may live in opposition to you.  Re-align with that which exists as a matter of Life and truth so that you may embrace your fullest expression of your whole and feminine self. 

And, it is in the same spirit of healing that I make a call to the men of the world, to also walk the path of healing. Embrace the return of the Sacred Feminine and allow her Love to heal the wounds of patriarchal distortion. Embody the Divine Masculine within, who lives in perfect harmony with his Feminine life-giving counterpoint, and to rediscover your most sacred wholeness.

And so knowing the power of your light, it is a call to the Goddess women of the world to sound your voice and egregiously walk the path of your sovereign feminine integrity, wisdom and truth to become a force of self-love and change from your most fundamental essence. Where one is transformed, one then becomes transformative.

A New Earth calls on the evolved woman to see beyond the false prophet of patriarchy and to not become entangled. She is the ‘Goddess’ who by the creation of her own inner world creates outer worlds beyond the worlds that we currently see. She consciously charts the path to balance and harmony between the Divine Masculine and the Sacred Feminine, and cultivates the space for the full expression of each to co-exist in alignment with the force of Life, our relationship with Nature, Gaia Sophia, and in the cultivation of a New Earth. And she does so, bravely, in a world that for now will continue to resist her. And she does this now, eschewing all pain and darkness that has gone before her because she knows that without change, there will be no change.

So it is a prayer that all women should crave the experience of your sovereign feminine self, voice and expression without apology and regardless of the fear of retribution, ridicule and condescension. And know that healing, embracing and returning to the wholeness of your sacred femininity may well be a voyage of discovery. And where ever possible let the path of healing be one of joy. Know that you should walk the path to healing carefully and seek whatever assistance you may need along the way. And know that it is time; for only with your Love, found in your truth, will the distortions of Patriarchy truly heal.  For what we seek is a new culture of love, vision, wisdom and softness: a culture borne of feminine values, wisdom, creativity and vision that may guide and overcome the present imbalances in Life.

A Call to the Goddess Women of the World - The Return of the Sacred Feminine 2

And so, with these words, I call the Goddess to soften: to breathe deeply into your most feminine self and to allow yourself to embrace all of your being, your voice and wholeness as a woman.  Let the wounds come into the light, discover all of your feminine truths, principles and values that lie within your own essence, and allow those wounds to be healed and transformed into a state of wholeness.  And in so doing may you find your voice and confidence to speak truthfully from your own wisdom, intuition, values and heart consciousness in all realms of your social, political, commercial, business, cultural and economic lives.  May you create your world based on your feminine values and principles: understanding the power and importance of these.  Let the culture of feminine wisdom, insight, intelligence and intuition be heard. It is not an inferior voice. It never was.  And it needs to be heard, so that we might all individually and collectively resurrect, reclaim and restore the healing Goddess energy, light and guidance on this earth and create the fabric of a New Earth to move forward.

Consciously Evolving Into a New Earth

In the Dance of Life, the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine must strive be fully expressed and to exist each in balance, in the dance of union and opposition together. They are equal and opposing forces, and indeed, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. And so the restoration of the feminine essence calls for respect to her counterpart of the Divine Masculine flame. And where ever the masculine appears in his integrity – in his greatness and wholeness, or his best attempts (we are all human) – honour him and give thanks for him, because there is none greater, more brilliant or more intoxicating than a man standing in the integrity of his Divine Masculine flame.  And above all else, he is needed.  If balance is to be restored, he must not be suppressed either, as he must fulfil his mission as the counterpoint to the Feminine: each to the other.  This is indeed a journey to restoration, balance and wholeness for all.

As a final note, as a question of Life there is no inequality. In Life, all beings are equal; we are all Divine and we all carry the source of the Divine deep within our own being. Equality is no longer a social, political, religious, economic or cultural question. In truth, it never was. Such questions are questions of man, not questions of Life. We Are All One.

Indeed the principles of Spiritual Lore and equality, our understanding of our inherent Divinity, the resurrection, reclamation and expression of the Sacred Feminine essence and energy, the balance of the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine and our conscious evolution into a New Earth – into the fifth dimensional consciousness of Love – and our falling into alignment with Life and Gaia Sophia, have now evolved far beyond the status of questions; and are now inarguably the principles that hold the answer to humanity’s survival.

This is the Wisdom of Bear.

Namaste, love & blessings


About the author:


Kamala (birth name: Alison Kingston) is a western woman bridging the divide between worlds: a lawyer, actress, shaman and initiate priestess who is called back to her origins and moving into her Priestess calling at this time. She currently has a number of works in development including a number of creative projects, and “The Book of Everything: Love Consciousness for a New Earth”.

Walking the path of the Warrior Princess Rising™ herself, she understands how confusing, isolating and difficult this path can be. However, the good news is that we are no longer alone and it is time now for the joining of women and the sisterhood into the courageous journey back to (He)Art based connection, powers of co-creation and Feminine expression once more — in the journey of the Warrior Princess Rising™.

You are invited to join me on my Facebook or my Instagram page where we will journey into the practice of the Divine Warrior Princess Rising™ and the healing and Return of the Sovereign and Sacred Feminine, through weekly updates to nurture and guide the Warrior Princesses and Bears of the Rising and you are so welcome to join me there.

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