TV: Cutting the Cord

TV- Cutting the CordBy Christina Lavers

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

“Television is by nature the dominator drug par excellence. Control of content, uniformity of content, repeatability of content make it inevitably a tool of coercion, brainwashing, and manipulation.” — Terence McKenna

I can remember the first time I became aware of the television. I would have been very young, too young to understand what I was seeing. I recall being struck by the power, by the allure of the sounds and moving colors; its draw was compelling and hypnotic. As I got older and able to appreciate the stories it told, I no longer saw it as a mysterious, awesome force dancing in my living room, instead it became like an easy companion, its authority and influence carefully tucked away between the smiling faces and captivating plots. I could spend hours lost in the comfort of the illusions that emanated from that magical box. Oblivious to the fact that the seemingly benign shows I allowed myself to be engrossed in were actively, and subliminally, shaping my mind and guiding my belief system, I lapped up the free entertainment.

In University I studied the effects of television from a sociological perspective. I came to understand how these devices, the ubiquitous alters in almost every home that people happily handed their focus and attention over to, have the power to influence group consciousness and shape our world view. Some of the best minds in our society are involved in devising content designed to promote the goals, values and agendas of the elite. Wealth, consumerism, and superficiality are flaunted and celebrated. In news segments, the trusted anchorman makes it clear who the good guys and bad guys are. The idea that there are infinite things to fear and a multitude of reasons why we need strong, controlling powers to oversee and protect us is reinforced at every opportunity. Designed to prey on, and magnify our insecurities, TV has the ability to keep us away from the knowledge of our personal power, and lull us into a state of complacency.

Terrible things have always happened in the world, but before modern communication we only knew about the things that directly affected us. In today’s society we are bombarded with every atrocity that occurs around the planet; tragedies and events so far beyond our sphere of influence that they instil a sense of hopelessness. The doom and gloom content inevitably lowers our frequency.

“A handful of us determine what will be on the evening news broadcasts, or, for that matter, in the New York Times or Washington Post or Wall Street Journal…. Indeed it is a handful of us with this awesome power… And those [news stories] available to us already have been culled and re-culled by persons far outside our control.” – Walter Cronkite

Today, with the advancement of technology and the emergence of the internet, television no longer has the complete centralized control it once enjoyed. But the mainstream still manages to capture the masses with it’s easy to chew news stories, ‘reality’ TV shows and celebrity cult circus.

Eliminating television, especially mainstream news and commercials, fast-tracked my awakening. When I stopped watching, I became aware of the extent to which the noise of television distorts our experience of reality by distracting us from ourselves. Without television pouring into my world, I naturally paid more attention to what was coming from within. Focusing on my subtle inner urges helped me strengthen my intuitive abilities and allowed me to connect with, and be guided by, an internal knowing rather than external forces.

Without the easy distraction of television I find I have more time to focus on meaningful aspects of life like connecting with others, personal growth, creativity, and getting out into nature; activities that raise our frequency and help us to reconnect with the wisdom of our hearts.


It has now been nearly 10 years since I had a television in my home. Do I miss it? There was a short period immediately after when I wondered what was happening in the series that I used to enjoy. But once I had a bit of distance I quickly realized that I actually couldn’t care less about the fictional lives I had been occupied by. The absence of the obnoxious ads made my world a much more peaceful environment, and eliminating the daily dose of fear focused news made me a much happier, more relaxed person.

Am I living like an ostrich with my head in the sand? Not at all. Rather than being drip-fed my news, I take an active role in researching what is occurring in my world. I look for awake and aware sources and pursue information that feels important to me. I use discernment, and choose to follow people and websites on social media whom I respect and trust; those that go beyond the surface mainstream perspective. I like to focus on sources that offer ideas for solutions, rather than just mountains of problems; ones that explore alternative perspectives, and dare to challenge the status quo.

Yes, there have been times when I have been at social gatherings and found conversation difficult because it revolved around discussions of reality television or the latest drama series. However, when I leave, rather than thinking ‘maybe I need to watch some TV to fit in,’ I look forward to getting back to the activities that nurture my soul and make my heart sing. Ultimately, the further I get from the shallow, false reality of the mainstream, the less I find myself in these situations. Instead, I find myself increasingly engaging with people who challenge me to think deeper, who celebrate my authenticity, who inspire me, and nurture my joy of living.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.”  — Bob Marley

If there is a part of you that is intrigued by the idea, why not give it a try. Set yourself a period of at least a month to go mainstream media free. Use the time that used to be filled sitting passively in front of a screen to begin creative projects, to explore inner worlds, and to engage in meaningful social activities. Like most addictions the initial period of withdrawal is the most difficult, but hopefully by the end of the month you will notice that your life is richer, your stress levels lower, your vibration higher, and you will have no desire to look back.

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Christina Lavers

Christina Lavers is a writer, an artist, a creative enthusiast, and an inner world explorer. Born in Montreal Quebec Canada, she now lives with her life partner and son in a rainforest pocket in the hills behind Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia. She spends her time playing, creating, growing and sharing.

“My journey has been about personal alchemy… exploring the mysteries of my soul and my environment, and learning to bring all aspects, the light and the dark, together with the transcending ingredient… love. The more I uncover and nurture the wounded aspects of my being, the more whole and grounded I feel and the more my outer world reflects the love, wonder and magic I have discovered inside”.

Christina is devoted to assisting people to find and connect with their own creative magical current that flows deep within. She is now offering a comprehensive e-course designed to help people light up their world with passion and creativity. You can access Section One here for free!

Christina has recently published her first full length book, a memoir about her wild awakening journey entitled Jump Into the Blue, and she is currently working on the next one.

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