The Growing Global Refugee Crisis and Humanity’s Collective Karma

The Growing Global Refugee Crisis and Humanity's Collective Karma

10th September 2015

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Who could not have been touched by the harrowing picture of 3 year old Aylan Kurdi, his lifeless body face down in the sand, having drowned trying to reach greater security in Europe from the war-torn Syria. We’d be forgiven for wanting to turn our heads from this inconvenient truth. Yet that would be to do his passing an injustice; for certainly he was an ‘angel’, who came here to deliver us all a vital message about the way we live our lives, humanity’s collective karma, and the motivation for change into a more equitable existence.

So let us work to understand, integrate and grow through such crises, that are now certainly on the increase, for only then will we evolve as people and a race…

Humanity’s Collective Karma

There is a global crisis building of truly biblical proportions: where we are now witnessing thousands of refugees breaking out of war torn Syria, soon it is likely to be millions. And even that will be just the tip of the iceberg as global financial instability, resource wars and accelerating climate changes make living on the 3D surface of our planet ever more challenging for the impoverished majority.

I have seen visions not of thousands of refugees seeking safe shelter and provisions, not of millions, but of literally hundreds of millions of people. The way things are now going, I don’t anticipate it will be long before these visions come to pass.

Why is this happening and how will we deal with it?

In short, it is very much to do with humanity’s collective karma: all realities are co-created through the universal Law of Attraction – our karma creates the experiences we need to relive in order to process out a lower self-realisation. We create exactly the circumstances we need to evolve and grow through.

The Growing Global Refugee Crisis and Humanity's Collective Karma

There is a deeply ironic synchronicity around this tragic turn of events in Syria – it is metaphored in the very name itself. For to me, it reflects the karma of civilisations being torn apart many millions of years ago in the Sirius star system. During Sirius B’s Ascension into a White Dwarf phase, Sirius C was obliterated and with that, ancient populations shattered. Some ascended into higher dimensions, but others carried the traumatic karma to other constellations including our own. Although you many not yet realise it, many reading will have collective karma from these historically shaping events.

It is also deeply ironic, that the growth of the islamic state ISIS may well turn out to be the cause of many more millions of refugees from Syria. The egyptian goddess ISIS was of course associated with the star system Sirius. These things do not happen by chance (I’ve talked about the deeper significance in my book Divinicus).

This challenging and traumatic situation may kick off karma for you – especially if you’re a sensitive. Openhand’s 5GATEWAYS Project (the film of which is free online) is designed to help people understand and process karma.

The karma goes yet deeper still. And I’ve noticed that by understanding the macrocosmic picture, can greatly help us find peace and acceptance within the microcosms of our lives.

Understanding the macrocosm brings peace to the microcosm

In a universe of constant change, change is the only constant. All realities come and go. When Separation Consciousness condenses into form, thus creating some kind of reality, be it a planet, solar system or galaxy, they all have inherent instability woven into their very fabric. It’s because the memory of the original condition of Oneness provides a driving force, forever seeking out higher harmonies of order and at-one-ment. It creates instability within every atom and galaxy alike.

The Growing Global Refugee Crisis and Humanity's Collective Karma 1

The One in us, is yearning for Nirvana – balanced harmony in all places of the universe. But in order to achieve this, any system that maintains a lesser understanding, a lesser realisation and harmony, must be caused to see the reflection of its own shadow – for only then, can the constituent parts of that reality evolve and grow – only then can they reorder into something more harmonic.

I know this may sound deeply esoteric, when, as a human being, the universal dynamic of change results in your life being threatened in this very tragic way. Yet the soul in all of us yearns for the deeper understanding, a deeper connection with the divine, and perhaps even the immortality of a soul that has achieved mastery over identity with the physical.

How do you achieve such immortality?

Attaining immortality by transcending the physical

Immortality as a soul is to be able to know yourself as the One, even in the most challenging of circumstances, even as your very physical existence is threatened, because that’s where the consciousness in you is caused to make a choice: either believe in your separation from the eternal, or surrender through the circumstances with the ultimate belief and alignment with the divine. Such mastery of ultimate immortality can only be achieved by testing your identification with the separation and therefore limitation.

I’m not saying this is easy. In no way am I trying to make light of the situation. Actually to truly transcend any challenging situation, is to be able to be absolutely vulnerable in it, which includes allowing your emotions to express – it would only be an identity resisting such expression. By becoming one with your emotional expression, means you Transcend that Expression as the One.

Why is this doubly important?

A New Phase in our Shift of Consciousness

The Growing Global Refugee Crisis and Humanity's Collective Karma 2

The situation on earth is moving into a new phase. It’s one where we will no longer be able to pull the wool over the inconvenient truth and get on with our comfortable lives as if nothing is going on elsewhere. We are all in the same boat together. And the boat is sinking. Let’s be real about that, because when we’re real about the situation, then it affords us to find real solutions.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a pathfinder, a way-shower or a bridge into the higher densities. Your consciousness has the capacity to remind another of the source in them, when all appears lost. By connecting with the source in you, you may look into the eyes of another, and they have the opportunity, to be reminded of the source in them. I’ve found that even in the most challenging life and death circumstances, looking into the eyes of another whilst coming from the source, has the potential to connect them all the way back to the source too.

So what happens when you see a child suffering?
Or a parent who has lost a child?
What do you do when someone has lost all their possessions?
What if someone is losing their life through some kind of illness?
What do you show them? Your own fear and non acceptance of the situation?
Or can you look within and show them the eternal knowing of the One?

If you can do the latter, then you offer an olive branch. You can connect them up through the dimensions as a bridge — at least into the angelic realms.

When the recent wave of Syrian refugees arrived in the German town of Munich, they were greeted with smiles water, food, cheers and teadybears — a heat-warming display of mankind’s humanity.

Germany Migrants

A ‘Welcome’ sign greets the arrival of hundreds of refugees in central Germany, 5 September, 2015. (AP Photo/Jens Meyer)

In my knowing, in this crucial phase of Earth’s consciousness shift, the angels are forming a ‘net’ around the earth, so that as souls pass on (and there will be many), they will find their way into the angelic realm whereupon rest, reflection, healing and rejuvenation can happen before the next incarnation.

This is what many of us are here for.

Transforming the current reality in a compassionate and more gentle way

We have the karmic experience of past lives in other constellations where realities have very violently broken down. This time, my knowing of the higher benevolent design, is that we’ll be able to transform the current reality into the Higher Paradigm over a longer period of time – to prevent the reality breaking down suddenly and catastrophically as happened in the Sirian karmic history. The ideal is for people to be afforded a much wider window of opportunity.

As I’ve shared in Divinicus, I do believe society will break down. I see that as being inevitable; but that more self sustaining and compassionate communities will come together to support one another as the wider shift into the Higher Paradigm takes place. The wayshowers and pathfinders amongst us will step out of the shadows and be ready to fulfill their divine mission.

There is no time to waste. We must invest ourselves diligently in our own evolution and connection to the source. Because then as the situation calls us, we will be ready to look reality in the eyes with surrendered confidence – the connection right back to the source. So that others will see the truth reflected in your eyes and connect with it inside themselves. This is the greatest gift we’ll ever be able to offer. And one that will become in ever increasing demand.

Are you one of those souls?
I am sure you could be.

(on behalf of Openhand)

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