The Clinton Body Count: Is a Serial Criminal About to Become First Female U.S. President?

The Clinton Body Count Is a Serial Criminal About to Become First Female U.S. President

20th September 2015

By Makia Freeman

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Voting for Hillary in 2016? If you or anyone you know is thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton, you may want to recall the trail of lies, mysterious “suicides”, plane crashes, drug offenses and intelligence leaks surrounding the Clintons ever since they came to power in Arkansas.

With Hillary Clinton running for president, America is faced with the horrendous prospect next year of having to choose between continuing a Clinton Dynasty or a Bush Dynasty. Could it be any more obvious that the U.S. is not a Republic or a Democracy but rather an Oligarchy of the rich and powerful? A bloodline aristocracy may be a better term, since all of the 44 US Presidents have been part of European royal bloodlines, despite having different last names.

Who is Hillary Clinton, Really?

Hillary Clinton is a coldhearted, serial liar, and a high-up member of the Illuminati working to implement the NWO (New World Order). With her long list of crimes and skeletons in the closet, the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign will undoubtedly do everything they can to suppress these skeletons, but certain facts are clear.

Firstly, Hillary is a member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), a wealthy Rockefeller-backed private group dedicated to ushering in a One World Government. The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) grew out of Cecil Rhodes’ ambition for the British Empire to rule the entire world. Funded heavily by the Rockefellers who also later founded the United Nations, the CFR has gained such massive influence over US politicians that one can barely say the US Government is sovereign anymore.

The Council on Foreign Relations dictates U.S. foreign policy – without a doubt. In fact, Hillary has already been caught on camera admitting that she and the U.S. Government take their marching orders from the CFR. At the new CFR outpost in Washington DC on July 15, 2009, Hillary Clinton said: “We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.”

Hillary Clinton Admits The CFR Gives the Orders

However, her list of betrayals, lies and crimes goes far beyond that.

A Brief Recap of the Clintons’ Criminal Past

Both the video embedded below (“The Clinton Murders”) and The Clinton Chronicles: Bill and Hillary Clinton Exposed offer a good recap of the Clinton’s criminal history. The fact that they are still around after being associated with so many deaths and scandals is a tribute to their power and ruthlessness, to the fact they have very rich backers, and to the fact that the American public is under a shocking spell of amnesia.

This brief list of their scandals comes from the video above:

  • The Whitewater scandal: Bill Clinton used the power of the Office of Governor of Arkansas to build public roads to the Clintons’ private land. They made money with real estate contracts for Whitewater property that included harsh clauses. This resulted in elderly buyers defaulting on land payments and repossessions.
  • Hillary’s magical trade: Hillary invested $1000 and turned it into $100,000 through insider trading, entering and exiting the markets at the exact right time. According to economists at Auburn and Nth Florida University, 1995, who concluded in their study in the Journal of Economics and Statistics, the probability of Hillary’s trade being genuine and not an insider trade was 1 in 250,000,000! The broker involved was given a 3 year suspension.
  • White House drug testing: The Clintons appointed Patsy Thomasson as director of the White House office of administration, who eliminated random drug testing at the White House after Clinton was elected president. She failed to provide proper security clearance for over one hundred White House staff members, many of whom, coincidentally, were alleged to be drug users. (More on that later…)
  • The death of Vincent Foster: Vincent Foster, who knew Rose Law Firm (Hillary’s old law firm) and the Clintons’ financial secrets very well, died under highly mysterious circumstances. The day before, on 7/14/93, Bill Clinton fired FBI Chief William Sessions out of the blue. Bill called a second time and commanded that Sessions leave the building immediately. The next day Foster was found dead. Normally this would have fallen under FBI jurisdiction, but the local Park Service took control of the investigation, and were inadequate for the job. A suicide note was mysteriously found 4 days later, allegedly written by Foster, but experts say it is a fake. The official autopsy left out a wound on the neck. The entire scene where the body was found looked fake and set up; Foster had no fingerprints on the gun, no soil on his shoes, and his hands were neatly by his side. Patsy Thomasson broke into Foster’s safe before the body was widely known to have been found. Bill pretended on live TV at 9pm he didn’t know about Foster’s death, despite having clearly been told earlier. Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell on July 20th, 1993, concludes: “Don’t believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn’t have been…”
  • The death of Jerry Parks: Jerry Parks collected a dossier of photos on Bill Clinton, as ordered by Vince Foster. Foster was ordering Parks to conduct surveillance on Bill, allegedly for Hillary, to see how vulnerable her husband would be if he ran for President. Foster gave files to Hillary. 2 days later Foster was dead. Later Parks is shot and the files allegedly taken from his home.
  • The death of Edward E. Willey: Kathleen Willey’s second husband, Edward E. Willey Jr., committed suicide on November 29, 1993 — the day she claimed Clinton’s sexual misconduct against her took place.
  • The death of Mary Caitrin Mahoney: Former White House intern Mary Caitrin Mahoney was found shot dead in a Starbucks cafe along with 2 of her colleagues, just days after Matt Drudge leaked Michael Isikoff’s report on alleged Clinton sexual dalliances, which eventually led to the Lewinsky scandal. Although three people were shot, the Starbucks store was not robbed. Carl D. Cooper eventually confessed to the crime — after a 54 hour interrogation. Cooper’s attorney Steven Kirsch told US District Court Judge Joyce Hens Green: “No matter how many times Mr. Cooper denied his involvement, they kept pressuring him. They kept pressuring him until they got what they wanted.”
  • The death of Johnny Franklin Lawhon: Lawhon found a cashier’s check to Clinton in a car — worth $27,000 — and later died mysteriously.
  • The deaths of Ron Brown and Nico Josic: Department of Commerce worker Ron Brown dies in a plane crash, after voicing displeasure at the fact that the Clinton administration perverted point of energy swaps. Nico Josic was the ground investigator, and was shot to death. It was ruled a suicide before he could be questioned.
  • FileGate: Bill Clinton misused more than 1000 FBI files with sensitive information of average American citizens to make a “Compilations of Enemies” list. Congressman Bob Barr comments: “Clearly what the Clinton Administration is trying to do is an orchestrated systematic effort to thwart justice, to thwart the rule of law, to thwart legitimate investigations by the Congress, whether it is impeachment proceedings or regular oversight… to derail investigations (and) derail prosecutions.”
  • The China connection: Clinton (and Gore) took money from rich Chinese donors who were known to be running prostitution rings.
  • Human Rights Abuses: The Clintons are connected to human rights abuses in Colombia.
  • Prison population explosion: The total prison population increased by 673,000 people under Clinton’s tenure, or by 235,000 more than it did under President Ronald Reagan, according to a study by the Justice Policy Institute. The prison privatization boom began in the 1980s under the Ronald Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations, but reached its height in 1990 under Bill Clinton’s administration, providing the U.S. with a highly lucrative millions-strong workforce that cannot strike, take time off or complain about being paid next to nothing.

Bush Center

  • One more for the record: In 1974 Hillary Rodham, then staff attorney for the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate Investigation, which implicated President Richard Nixon’s administration in the 1972 break-in (and coverup) at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters in Washington DC, was fired by her superior Jerry Zeifman. When Zeifman was asked why Rodham was fired, he explained: “Because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee, and the rules of confidentiality”.

It seems some things never change.

Dodgy Dealings in Office

‘Missing’ emails and leaked intelligence

In the early stages of her election campaign, Hillary Clinton was found to have used private email accounts hosted on a private server for her official work as Secretary of State, enabling her to conceal from governmental audits countless email conversations relating to her work. The New York Times noted: “Mrs. Clinton has said that she gave the State Department about 50,000 pages of emails that she deemed to be related to her work as Secretary of State and deleted roughly the same number… relating to topics like yoga, family vacations and her mother’s funeral.”

However, the State Department revealed in July that at least 15 work-related emails were missing from the records that Clinton turned over, including important correspondence with confidant and adviser Sidney Blumenthal relating to the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya. This omission was only discovered after a House Committee subpoenaed Blumenthal in their proceedings.

The chairman of the House committee, Trey Gowdy, Republican of South Carolina, said that many of the emails that Mrs. Clinton had not handed over showed that “she was soliciting and regularly corresponding with Sidney Blumenthal, who was passing unvetted intelligence information about Libya from a source with a financial interest in the country. It just so happens these emails directly contradict her public statement that the messages from Blumenthal were unsolicited”, he said.

Mr. Blumenthal identified the source of his information as Tyler Drumheller, a former high-ranking C.I.A. official, according to a person with knowledge of his testimony to the Benghazi panel. Mr. Drumheller was part of a group that sought to do business in Libya.

Washington Post’s reporter Anne Gearan wrote:

“It was not clear why Clinton, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, created the private account… and did not routinely preserve and turn over those emails for government records collection… But the practice appears to bolster long-standing criticism that Clinton and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, have not been transparent.”

Although Clinton publicly denied it at the time, government inspectors later revealed that Clinton did in fact send classified information through her private server, which created additional security risks and vulnerability to hacking.

The Clinton Body Count - Is a Serial Criminal About to Become First Female U.S. President

In total, the deleted emails represent a gap of 5 months of correspondence in her role as Secretary of State.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said the gaps in Clinton’s email correspondence indicate she lied under oath, and emphasized that none of the Clinton emails were voluntarily turned over but were disclosed only as the result of litigation. He also likened the 5-month gap in Clinton’s emails to the infamous 18-minute gap in the audio tapes turned over to Watergate investigators by President Nixon.

In February, a State Department document entitled “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Email Appraisal Report” concluded:

“As the person holding the highest level job in the Department, any email message maintained by or for the immediate use of the secretary of state is ‘appropriate for preservation.’ This record series cannot be considered personal papers based on the definition of a record in 44 U.S.C. 3301 or Department policy found in 5 FAM 443.”

Furthermore, Larry Klayman, a former prosecuting attorney for the Department of Justice who now works as an independent government watchdog, says then-Secretary of State Clinton was also responsible for leaking classified information about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s military plans to New York Times reporter David Sanger. Explains the Examiner:

According to documents obtained by the non-profit group Freedom Watch, which is headed by Larry Klayman… Secretary Clinton and her closest staff members were the likely sources of the leaks to New York Times reporter David Sanger. Klayman also said Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents revealed that the Clinton leaks to the media were perpetrated with the knowledge of Obama White House’s national security team, including Susan “Benghazi” Rice and Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett…

In contrast to Clinton’s treatment, on Jan. 25, 2013, a former CIA official, John Kiriakou, was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison after he admitted emailing information on a past covert operation to a freelance reporter, who did not even publish it.

So why is Hillary Clinton currently campaigning for presidency instead of serving time in a federal prison? 

Explains Klayman:

“It seems that President Obama and would-be president Hillary Clinton have done much to try to put a chink in the side of both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel so they could reach an under-the-table nuclear deal with Iran… Both the President and former Secretary of State Clinton should be forced to legally come clean about his serious breach of national security. While whistleblowers like Edward Snowden are held out to dry and prosecuted, higher ups are left alone to release classified national security information when it suits their political purposes.”

Of course, the extent of Clinton’s corrupt dealings in Office don’t stop there…

The Clinton Body Count - Is a Serial Criminal About to Become First Female U.S. President - The Clinton Foundation

Foreign government “donations” to the Clinton Foundation

According to a 2015 report from the Washington Post, the Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars of “donations” from seven foreign governments during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.

Foundation officials acknowledged they should have sought approval in 2010 from the State Department ethics office, as required by [law]… before accepting a $500,000 donation from the Algerian government… At the time, Algeria, which has sought a closer relationship with Washington, was spending heavily to lobby the State Department on human rights issues…

Besides Algeria, a number of the other countries that donated to the foundation during Clinton’s time at the State Department also lobbied the U.S. government during that time… Other nations that donated included Australia, Norway and the Dominican Republic…

Rarely, if ever, has a potential commander in chief been so closely associated with an organization that has solicited financial support from foreign governments… Foreign governments and individuals are prohibited from giving money to U.S. political candidates, to prevent outside influence over national leaders. But the foundation has given donors a way to potentially gain favor with the Clintons outside the traditional political limits…

Then-Senator Richard G. Lugar, who was the highest ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, described the Clinton Foundation as:

“… a temptation for any foreign entity or government that believes it could curry favor through a donation… It also sets up potential perception problems with any action taken by the secretary of state in relation to foreign givers or their countries.”

Prior to Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, Saudi Arabia had also given the Clinton Foundation between $10 million and $25 million.

The First Lady of Cocaine

What of Hillary’s personal association with renowned cocaine smuggler Jorge Cabrera, pictured left with then-First Lady Hillary Clinton at a campaign fundraiser at the White House? And what about Hillary’s involvement in the drug smuggling (and cocaine snorting) that went on at Mena, Arkansas?

Then-First Lady Hillary Clinton and Drug Smuggler Jorge Cabrera at a White House Campaign Fundraiser

In 1986 in Nicaragua, a cargo plane destined for the Nicaraguan Contras crashed — with weapons and CIA employees on board. This was the beginning of the Iran-Contra affair which resurfaced in 1994 when evidence arose that documented Clinton’s link to Iran-Contra. From there, people began coming forward and alleging under sworn statements that Clinton had profited from the weapons smuggling operation by laundering money through the newly created Arkansas Development Finance Authority. During 1995, mounting documented evidence continued to support these allegations, suggesting that Bill Clinton allowed the CIA to use factories in Mena, Arkansas to make untraceable weapons and to train Contra pilots for the war in Nicaragua on rural airstrips, effectively evading a Congressional ban on providing military aid to the Contras.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg…

As investigations continued, a larger number of people testified under oath that the airplanes returning from Central America were loaded with cocaine, which was then dropped over Arkansas for distribution to larger U.S. cities. Mena was used as a training ground for the contras and a pipeline for illegal drug smuggling. Said former DEA Agent Celerino Castillo in 1992:

“The connections piled up quickly. Contra planes flew north to the U.S., loaded with cocaine, then returned laden with cash. All under the protective umbrella of the United States Government. My informants were perfectly placed: one worked with the Contra pilots at their base, while another moved easily among the Salvadoran military officials who protected the resupply operation. They fed me the names of Contra pilots. Again and again, those names showed up in the DEA database as documented drug traffickers.”

This view was echoed by former DEA Agent Michael Levine in a 1996 interview for CNBC-TV:

“I have put thousands of Americans away for tens of thousands of years for less evidence for conspiracy with less evidence than is available against Ollie North and CIA people… I personally was involved in a deep-cover case that went to the top of the drug world in three countries.”

A Senate Committee Report on Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy “found that the Contra drug links included… Payments to drug traffickers by the US State Department of funds authorized by the Congress for humanitarian assistance to the Contras, in some cases after the traffickers had been indicted by federal law enforcement agencies on drug charges, in others while traffickers were under active investigation by these same agencies.”

So why were Clinton and his agents not brought to justice? Explains DEA Agent Celerino Castillo:

“When I pursued the case, my superiors quietly and firmly advised me to move on to other investigations.”

However Terry Reed, a former CIA “asset” who helped the CIA set up its secret black operations refused to turn a blind eye to the Agency’s drug trafficking and blew the whistle. Forces within the Justice Department (under then-President George HW Bush) and the CIA tried to neutralize Reed by setting him up on false criminal charges, forcing him and his family into hiding; however Reed was ultimately acquitted. His story is explored in detail in his 1994 book Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA

But the Clintons’ ties to the drug trade doesn’t end there. Sharlene Wilson, a drug dealer turned undercover informant for a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) task-force, testified to her involvement with the Clintons between 1979 and 1981 to a grand jury in 1990:

“I lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, O.K.? And I worked at a club called Le Bistro’s, and I met Roger Clinton there, Governor Bill Clinton, a couple of his state troopers that went with him wherever he went. Roger Clinton had come up to me and he had asked me could I give him some coke, you know, and asked for my one-hitter, which… is a very small silver device, O.K., that you stick up into your nose and you just squeeze it and a snort of cocaine will go up in there. And I watched Roger hand what I had given him to Governor Clinton, and he just kind of turned around and walked off.”

The Clinton Body Count - Is a Serial Criminal About to Become First Female U.S. President - Bill Clinton Off His Face

Drug prosecutor Jean Duffey stated that she has no doubt that Wilson was telling the truth, however there were ultimately no criminal implications for Bill Clinton because the statute of limitations had passed.

Wilson elaborated on her experience in an interview with Ambrose Evans-Pritchard the London Telegraph in 1995:

“I watched Bill Clinton lean up against a brick wall… He was so messed up that night, he slid down the wall into a garbage can and just sat there like a complete idiot.”

In a 1998 article, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard revealed that the DEA task force “was closed down when an informant, Sharlene Wilson, testified before a federal grand jury that she had witnessed Governor Bill Clinton and other key figures taking cocaine. Soon afterwards Wilson was charged with minor drug dealing and sent to prison, although the US Supreme Court has now ruled that her conviction was a clear case of entrapment. The prosecutor in charge of the task force, Jeanne Duffey, was forced into hiding, and eventually moved to Texas…”

Wrote Evans-Pritchard in his book, “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton”:

“If there was anybody who knew the business inside out — where the aircraft made their drops at night, who picked up the deliveries, who laundered the money, who ordered the hits — it was Sharlene Wilson. She was a dangerous woman. What’s more, she had gone spiritual. She was trying to rectify her life, hoping to regain custody of her lost son. She posed a threat to the whole organization.”

In a clear corruption of the legal system, Wilson was arrested by the state prosecuting attorney — her former lover and Clinton ally, Dan Harmon — and sentenced to an unprecedented 31 years in prison for selling half an ounce of marijuana and $100 worth of methamphetamines.

Adding further weight to Wilson’s claims, Dr. Sam Houston, a Little Rock physician, says that Bill Clinton was brought to a Little Rock hospital for emergency treatment for an apparent cocaine overdose following his 1980 loss for re-election as governor. According to Houston, Clinton arrived at the hospital with the aid of a state trooper and Hillary Clinton had been notified by phone. When Mrs. Clinton arrived, she reportedly told the physicians on duty that night that they would never practice medicine in the United States again if word leaked out about Clinton’s drug problem, pinning one of the doctors against the wall as she delivered her warning. As reported by the Washington Times in 1996, American Spectator editor-in-chief R. Emmett Tyrrell later asked emergency room workers at the University of Arkansas Medical Center if they could confirm the incident. And the response? “I can’t talk about that.”

In 1983, Arkansas State Police narcotics agents also caught Roger Clinton, Bill Clinton’s half-brother, on videotape stating “Got to get some for my brother, he’s got a nose like a vacuum cleaner”. This tape was later leaked by freelance journalist Scott Wheeler.

The Clinton Chronicles: Bill and Hillary Clinton Exposed

The Clinton ‘Body Count’

Together with her husband Bill, the Clintons have been associated with a staggering number of suspicious deaths, including the murder of political opponents and journalists who exposed their crimes. The list is quite a long one, full of suicides, car accidents, plane crashes or explosions, people dying of gun shot wounds and people dying from falling out of high apartment buildings. Since the overwhelming majority were officially ruled as suicide, the Clintons enjoy plausible denialability — which the elite regularly use as a legal shield behind which to hide their horrendous crimes.

Here is a partial list of those who knew or were close to the Clintons:

  • July 1978: Susan Coleman is shot in the back of the head after allegedly becoming pregnant to Bill Clinton. Verdict: “suicide”.
  • August 1991: Danny Cassolaro is found dead in bathtub after investigating corruption including the Clintons. Verdict: “suicide”.
  • July 1992: C. National Finance Co-Chairman of Clinton for President, Victor Raiser II (and his son Montgomery) died in a plane crash/explosion. Herschel Friday, Arkansas lawyer and benefactor of President Bill Clinton, also died in a separate plane crash/explosion. Both were deemed “accidents”.
  • September 1992: Paul Tulley, strategist and political director of the Democratic National Committee, was found dead at age 48 in a hotel room in Little Rock, Arkansas. Tulley had recently moved to Little Rock to aid in Governor Bill Clinton’s campaign for the White House. Cause of death was said to be “natural causes”.
  • December 1992: Paula Gober, speechwriter for Clinton, dies in a car accident.
  • December 1992: Jim Wilhite, CEO of gas corporation Entex Inc. and vice chairman of its parent company Arkla Inc., died in a skiing accident less than a week after Thomas F. McLarty resigned as Arkla’s chairman and chief executive to become chief of staff to President-elect Bill Clinton.
  • January 1993: Ed Cauley, former Clinton Arkansas campaign manager, mysteriously dies.
  • May 1993: John Wilson, former DC city councilman with inside knowledge of Whitewater, is found hanged in his room. Verdict: “suicide”.
  • July 1993: Paul Wilcher, an attorney, wrote a 105 page letter to then attorney general Janet Reno, describing his knowledge of the Mena, Arkansas gun-running and drug-dealing activity. He is found dead in his apartment. The coroner did not rule on the cause of death.
  • August 1993: Jon Walker, a senior investigator for the Resolution Trust Corporation, looking for source of a suspicious $50 million transfer related to $40 million embezzlement scheme involving Whitewater and the Clintons, falls to his death from a high apartment building. Verdict: “suicide”.
  • September 1993: Dr. Stanley Heard and Attorney Steve Dickson, family doctor for the Clintons, are killed in 2 plane crashes.
  • March 1994: Dr. Donald Rogers, family dentist of the Clintons, is killed in plane crash, ruled an “accident”.
  • May 1994: Gandy Baugh, attorney, commits “suicide” by jumping out of an apartment building. Baugh was the attorney for Clinton’s friend Dan Lassater, who was a convicted drug distributor.
  • June 1994: Stanley Huggins, a partner in Memphis law firm investigating the Madison loan, is found dead of viral pneumonia.
  • July 1994: Calvin Walraven dies of a gun wound to head. Walraven had testified the week prior in the trial of the son of Clinton-appointed Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who was charged with multiple cocaine offenses. Walraven testified that he agreed to “help set (Elders) up” for Little Rock police because he saw needle marks on Elders’ arm from drug use. Verdict: “suicide”.
  • October 1994: Florence Martin, who had the PIN to bank account of $1.46 million set up for Barry Seal, is found dead of gun shot wounds to the head.
  • November 1996: Barbara Wise, worker at the Department of Commerce, was found dead and bruised from head to waist in a locked Commerce Department Office. That morning, President Clinton inexplicably left Camp David where he was vacationing and flew to the White House on Marine One, the presidential helicopter. When asked why, Clinton’s aid Mike McCurry told ABC News: “to stop by the Oval Office this morning to pick up some poetry.” Wise is believed to have discover what was behind the illegal contact between Bill Clinton, Ron Brown, and operatives of the Chinese government, John Huang and Wang Jun.
  • August 2010: MI6 spy Gareth Williams’ body was found stuffed into a duffel bag and left in the bathtub of his London flat. In 2015 it was revealed that, just prior to his murder, Williams had illegally hacked into secret data on former U.S. president Bill Clinton.  There were no signs of forced entry to the flat, and part of the forensic equipment placed in the flat after the body was found was moved – despite the fact the building was under armed police guard – supporting his family’s suspicions he was murdered by ‘agents specialising in the dark arts of the secret services’. ting his family’s suspicions he was murdered by ‘agents specialising in the dark arts of the secret services’. Voicemail messages from Mr. Williams were also mysteriously deleted in the days after his death.

Finally, here is a quote from Aldrich who worked in the White House as a FBI agent:

“My name would be mud, my FBI career would be over, and I might even be in danger, if the stories coming from Little Rock were true – about how so many enemies of the Clintons ended up having fatal accidents.” ~ Gary Aldrich, special FBI agent assigned to the White House.

“The Clinton Murders”

Still Thinking About Voting for Hillary in 2016?

Still thinking about voting for Hillary in 2016? Hopefully not, but many will, despite the availability of information out there which shows us that the Clintons are power-hungry psychopaths ready to eliminate anything in their way. Even if you are not familiar with all of the above details in this article, just the recent Benghazi and emails scandals alone are enough to show us that Clinton was involved in gun-running to terrorists in Libya, and flagrant in her disregard of the law by hiding emails, using her personal email and wiping them all clean when she came under scrutiny.

Wake up America! Time to say no to the Clinton Dynasty.

Hillary Clinton Implicated in Electoral Campaign Fraud

Additional research and commentary by Andy Whiteley for Wake Up World.

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