The Answer To Your Body, Image, and Weight Issues

The Answer To Your Body, Image, and Weight Issues

By Monica Rodriguez

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

How many of us are always fighting against our own bodies?

Whether is it our physical health, our body shape, our weight, our wrinkles, love handles, sagging skin… Many of us are looking for some quick fix that will help us get us rid of all those annoying and unwanted “imperfections” and make us feel emotionally better.

Fighting needless battles

When our actions come out of a place of feeling unwhole and lacking, we are fighting against a battle that can never be won and can only take us further down into a life-deteriorating path based upon something unreal. This is the reason for which today, I am going to explain an alternative that can turn your worldview, your life and the fight against your body into a life-generating path based upon something that is real.

Take note of how we’ve been conditioned

First of all, we need to notice that way that we have been socially conditioned to perceive ourselves as defective and unworthy. Start paying attention to the countless forces that are constantly bombarding you with fake pictures that portray the image of beauty, flawlessness, fitness and perfection. Then, start noticing that way in which we are always offered a solution (usually in the form of something we must buy or consume) in order to fight against that which they made us believe we are lacking.

You are being played!

It gets really interesting when you start realizing that the economic agendas behind those big, commercial beauty industries are always playing with our self-acceptance, and our self-esteem, in order to trap us in a never ending cycle of consumerism that will always benefit their profits, while keeping us feeling unsatisfied until they launch their next product.

The same example can be seen in within the food industry, where all manner of chemically processed and toxic foods are manufactured, marketed and sold for tremendous profits. Then, as if that were not madness enough, we are always obsessing about out weight without being aware of where this food comes from, and the havoc it plays on our health and physical appearance. Can you see this never ending cycle repeating here too?

Three key factors

Food, money and image have become agents of corporate greed. We must understand the paradigm of suffering that we’ve all inherited. The fuel of greed, vanity and power that most (not all) commercial products and socially rooted ideologies are based on, can lever lead us to our highest good.

Socially-conditioned fake standards

When you can no longer stand living a life in which your worth is based upon the way you look and on all the socially-conditioned fake standards of beauty, you can choose to wake up. Taking personal responsibility for what you eat, what you buy, what you think, feel and how you live is much less scary than continuing a path of self-destruction. The choice is always yours and it always starts with a life-generating path of love.

Self-realization is the first step

From self-realization we can then feel genuine self-love as a result. Stop fighting against yourself, stop buying into the fake images of beauty, stop trying to be more perfect. Embrace the dissatisfaction that you may have against yourself, your body, your weight or whatever it is that is bothering you. Embrace first, accept first, let go of the resistance first. And then, love all that you dislike about yourself.

Love is the answer

Understand this: Love is the only force on the universe that can transcend the cut-dry laws of the body. So if you are looking for rejuvenation, love your wrinkles. If you are looking to lose weight, love your excess weight. If you are looking to get rid of a disease, love your disease.

No need for quick-fixes

Love will lead you to the most life-generating actions that will get you the results that you are looking for. The results won’t come from an expensive face mask, supplement, superfood or a quick-fix diet, that you think will give you the feeling of fullness and beauty. The results come from within, and they will later, at perfect timing be reflected on your outer being.

Are you ready to fully embrace, love and accept yourself, exactly as you are in this very moment? Are you ready to stop fighting against the flow of life and choose a path that flows WITH life instead?

Love is the answer beloved ones!

Radical Self-Acceptance: An Experiment/Performance

On August 29th at a busy public market in Boise, Idaho, Amy Pence-Brown stripped down to her underwear in an experiment to show support for anyone who has body image or self esteem issues. Watch to see what transpired, it’s inspirational.

“In a society that profits from your self-doubt liking yourself is a rebellious act.”

Video: Radical Self-Acceptance: An Experiment/Performance by Amy Pence-Brown 

About the author:

MonicaMonica Rodriguez is a nutrition and evolutionary coach that uses a holistic approach to help people turn their food, self-image and body struggles into an opportunity for self-realization, inner-power and freedom. After dealing with an eating disorder for over 15 years, she was called to dedicate her life to the spiritual path of full liberation and self-discovery. She is a Certified Nutritionist and holds a MS in Nutrition Education and a second MS in Holistic Health and Nutrition. She is also a Belvaspata and Inner Mastery Tool practitioner.

You can learn more about Monica’s work at


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