Wake Up World’s Facebook Page Has Been Hacked – Again! (PLEASE SHARE!)


Update 11th December 2015: We’re back! Please come visit us at Facebook.com/joinwakeupworld

Dear readers,

Wake Up World’s Facebook page has been hacked — again!

Our page is still online and image posts we had already scheduled appear to be posting as normal. So far no offensive material has been posted on our page but whomever has control of our profile has used it to post links on a number of other Facebook pages to a fake Wake Up World website: www.wakeupworld.ml 

We encourage you not to click links to that website.

We’re confident we’ll have control of our page back soon. In the meantime our website is still running like normal, and you can still share our articles using the social share buttons on our site — so please come back and visit.

If you’d like to keep in touch with Wake Up World directly, not via a fallible third party like Facebook, we encourage you to sign up our free email newsletter, which comes out 3 times a week with all our latest headlines (and some of the best articles from our archives.)

We’ll see you back on Facebook as soon as we can!

Peace and love,

Andy Whiteley