Wake Up World’s ‘Higher Balance’ Prize Giveaway!

Wake Up World Celebrates 3 Million Facebook Likes with a 'Higher Balance' Giveaway!

18th January 2016

By Andy Whiteley

Co-Founder of Wake Up World

Wake Up World just reached 3 million Likes on Facebook! To celebrate, we’re giving away prizes of ‘Higher Balance‘ books and coaching sessions.

Plus… as a special “thank you”, there’s a prize for everyone! Thanks to our friends at Higher Balance, we are offering free exclusive access to the mini-course “Dreams, Reality, and The Nature of Time” to all our readers. For instant access, just click this link and enter your email address.

The Giveaway

To enter: To be part of the main prize draw, simply enter your name and email address in the panel below. For instant access to your free mini-course, click this link and enter your email address.

Deadline: Giveaway closes at 12:00am, Saturday January 23rd, 2016.

Winners: Winners of the books and coaching prizes will be contacted via email after the competition closes.

Conditions: Only one entry per person, please. By entering this competition, you consent to receiving Wake Up World’s free email newsletter. Our newsletter is delivered via email 2-3 times a week with all our latest headlines, and you may cancel at any time.


The Prizes

3 x The Complete Best-Selling Book Series from Higher Balance Institute’s Founder, Eric Pepin

Get physical copies of all 7 of Eric Pepin’s Amazon best-selling book series. Starting with his first book, Handbook of the Navigator, Eric calls to the higher being within you and reveals the path to true spiritual awakening. The series is packed cutting-edge knowledge and practical techniques that you can apply to have experiences today. Step into the pages and explore topics ranging from energy healing to telepathy to manifestation to navigating the dreamworld.

Wake Up World's 3 Million Facebook Likes Giveaway - Higher Balance - Eric Pepin books

10 x One-Hour Personal Coaching Sessions

At Higher Balance, we believe that spiritual evolution is based on personal experience. If over 12 years and thousands of graduates from our programs have taught us anything, it’s that a personalized approach will always be the best shortcut to success. Our track record is as bold as our words — experiences are what we’re known for. It is those experiences that become the markers, the check points along the journey to attaining full inner completion.

We don’t adhere to the idea that everyone should fit into the same cookie-cutter mold. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to your spiritual unfolding.

Each individual has unique talents, gifts and ways of interpreting the world. Working with a coach, we will discover what those gifts are together. We’ll then take specific steps that are easy enough to implement, yet powerful in their effect. By laying out an action plan and checking in regularly, you gain the leverage to build massive momentum. Breakthroughs happen. No matter where you are, whatever level you think you’re currently at, our instructors will work with you to rapidly blow past all barriers and achieve what you may have previously suspected to be — the unattainable.

Coaching is normally only offered through the Higher Balance Collegiate Total Immersion Program (check it out here), but as a part of Wake Up World’s celebration for reaching 3 million ‘likes’ on Facebook, we are giving away one-hour coaching sessions to 10 lucky winners!

Wake Up World's 3 Million Facebook Likes Giveaway - Higher Balance coaching

Your Free Gift! Dreams, Reality, and The Nature of Time.

Don’t miss out on your free gift: Exclusive access to the mini-course “Dreams, Reality, and The Nature of Time.”

Explore the workings of time, the dreamworld and the co-existence of multiple realities. In this never-before-released, 2-part video crash course, Eric Pepin discusses:

  • The predictability of an unwritten future
  • What we can learn from dreams and how dreams can be even more real than our waking world
  • The physical effects of moving through realities
  • What makes time travel possible… And how moving through time changes reality
  • And much more…

For instant access, just click this link and enter your email address!

Thanks a million three million!

Thank you for being a part of Wake Up World’s celebration and giveaway! Be sure to visit higherbalance.com for more information on the prizes available.

Congratulations and thank you to all the readers, writers and other contributors, followers, friends and family members who helped us to build a community of 3 million people on Facebook! Keep questioning everything, be true to your best self, and share the love and knowledge that comes your way.

Please note: These prizes are offered to our readers in good faith, made possible by the generosity of Higher Balance. Wake Up World offers no guarantee or warranty on any of the prizes offered, and accepts no liability for your experience of them.

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