A Burden of Guilt – Learning About Vaccine Dangers the Hard Way

A Burden of Guilt - Learning About Vaccine Dangers the Hard Way 1

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I carry a burden of guilt with me. I will carry this guilt until the day I die. I was stupid, arrogant, and naïve, and my decision may have caused permanent damage to the children I love with all of my heart.

I thought vaccines were more dangerous than most people realized, but I still thought, overall, they were worth the risk. I was too lazy to do the research. Like an idiot, I blindly trusted my doctor. This belief system was what led me to vaccinate three out of four of my children. My twins are now seven years old. They have not completely recovered from their last round of vaccines.

Both my mom and my brother, Michael, had tried to convince me to refuse vaccines. When that didn’t work, they both advocated spacing out vaccines. I did decide not to adhere to the recommended CDC schedule. We spaced out their shots, but I allowed my children to be fully vaccinated because I was thinking, as so many do, that it’s a bigger risk not to vaccinate.

On their last visit to the pediatrician, my wife wanted to allow the doctor to give them two vaccines just to get them caught up. I agreed. Immediately afterward, they both showed signs of neurological damage. My son began stuttering and my daughter started mumbling. Even today, years later, after feeding them the best food and the best supplementation, they are still not 100%.

Amazingly, even after this experience, I clung to the belief that my children’s sensitivities were the exception and not the rule. I even tried to convince myself that their symptoms were just happenstance and didn’t have anything to do with the vaccines. My brother and my mom knew better. A part of me knew better, too.

I first started working for my brother at Organic Lifestyle Magazine about a year ago. At the time, I, like the majority of Americans, still believed that vaccines were, for the most part, safe and effective. My first articles were about less contentious issues, but eventually, Michael assigned me to a vaccine article.

Michael is completely anti-vaccine. So naturally, I was pretty nervous when he made the assignment. He did his best to assure me that as long as I did real research with an open mind, he would support my work. I didn’t believe him. He even said that if my research proved that some vaccines were safe and effective, he would publish the article.  “Just keep writing like you’ve been writing, and do the research with an open mind like you have been. If you do that, I’ll publish it.” Regardless of what he said, I was still sure Michael would decide my article wasn’t a good fit for the magazine. I half-joked about having a job until I turned in the article. I was sure our brand new working relationship would end badly. I was wrong.

I was, and I still am, pro-science. My brother knew this. He knew that if I were to really, truly dig for the facts, I would see the truth for what it is.

I must admit, I didn’t approach my research with an open mind. I was sure that my pre-conceived notions were accurate, but it didn’t matter. In the end, the only conclusion I could come to was the same conclusion everyone comes to once they actually do the real research – vaccines are a crime against humanity.

Vaccines are the primary reason our nation’s children are so sick. Vaccines are associated with autism, autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergies, chronic inflammation, all the diseases they are said to protect against, and more.

Every single ingredient is toxic. Every single one! I had spent years trying to avoid GMOs and other toxins in my food, and I allowed them to be injected into my children’s bodies! Unless one of my children gets bitten by a rabid animal, I will refuse any and all vaccines. In my mind, the rabies vaccine is acceptable because it is used after exposure to a potentially fatal pathogen.

Don’t fall for the hype. Do your own research. Do real research. It will be easier if you can approach it with an open mind, but if you do real research you’ll see the truth for what it is. The truth is, at the very least, these companies that produce vaccines are greedy, corrupt, unethical, and dangerous. Every ingredient is in fact toxic to the body. Every one. We are foolish to trust these corrupt companies.

It’s been years since my children’s last round of vaccines. Thanks to my brother’s help, my children are much better. A healthy lifestyle and diet combined with proper supplementation has proven to me to be highly effective in detoxifying them. I believe that in time, especially after we are growing all of our own food in the best soil, they will get back to 100%.

I brought these children into the world. It was my job to protect them. My brother tried to share his knowledge about vaccines as soon as he learned I would become a father. He told me to do my own research. I failed miserably at protecting my children simply because I trusted our doctor more than my brother. My mind constantly goes back to “if only I knew then what I know now” about vaccines.

I don’t want anyone else to carry this burden of guilt. This is why we are working so hard to educate the public about vaccines. No child should have to suffer neurological damage simply because their parents didn’t know any better. Information is just a click away. Our children are getting damaged and we see it all around us while we call it the new normal. Think about it. Don’t count on your doctor for this one. Your doctor is very busy, and even if he or she does do real research on vaccines, there is a huge financial incentive for them to keep their mouths shut, which most of them do.

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Joel Edwards is a staff writer at Organic Lifestyle Magazine. He is a senior at Kennesaw State University, an anthropology major, with a broad interest in the humanities and living an organic lifestyle.

You can connect with Joel at Facebook.com/JoelEdwardsJME or visit www.organiclifestylemagazine.com


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