Off With The Lampshades! Be Your Own Light

Off With The Lampshades! Be Your Own Light (Image - Dreamer by

By Melissa Joy Jonsson

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

We can ruminate or we can luminate. Just choose. Shine on…

Field 119 supports resonant awareness, flow, and ease of grace in being your own light. Field 119 supports the brilliance of the light that is limitless love to shine, regardless of what seems to be happening (or not happening) in any given moment, and enables us all to no longer dim our light or keep it hidden so someone (or something) may feel brighter.

Choose to radiate the light and joy that you are as an authentically empowered way of being, despite contrast and projections, shadows, distortions, and limited reflections. Continue to shine your light regardless of what external placeholders in awareness may be projecting in the love hologram. Shine on and be the sine wave for love.

Light Radiates

Love is not blind. Love sees clearly the truth of our essence. Love IS transparent and translucent, realized and reflected via shimmering waves of grace.

Being your own light is not selfish. Shining the light of self IS, as love IS expresses compassionate empathy for all who encounter your brilliance. The more you shine your light, the more likely it is that those who navigate in the shadows will begin to recognize themselves as the light that they are too. The more you shine your light, the more darkness itself may be moved to radiate.

We may tend to pretend we are smaller or dimmer than the big light of our brilliant essence. This is a distorted strategy to accommodate individuals, groups, and morphic fields that may feed off disempowered beings. We may make ourselves smaller so that others can feel bigger, necessary, and powerful.

We are beings of light. Our bodies literally emit one hundred thousand biophotons (light) every second. We are light beings and light beams! Be Your Own Light enables us to emit light for ourselves. When we are living in our hearts and being authentic with what is occurring, our light naturally shines. This authentic light enables others to possibly see themselves more clearly too, if they choose.

Appreciation for Contrast

Be Your Own Light also has a field undertone of appreciation for contrast. Contrast is often how light comes into recognition of itself through the perceived absence of its reflection. We often come to know our preferences by virtue of experiencing what we don’t want, or how we do not want to live.

Contrast is not necessarily something that we need to overcome, or fight, or resist. Contrast can offer a vast spectrum of distinctions that enable us to consciously choose what we want to resonate with, and how we want to choose to show up in relation to ourselves, and in relation to others.

Contrast can teach us what is within our hearts. Consider that we may learn unconditional love through the contrast of never experiencing it as a child. We may have had consistent experiences during our formative years where everything related to living in our family unit “seemed” conditional. Perhaps we have encoded in our love holograms that being loved was secondary and contingent to meeting conditions. Perhaps affection, praise, and nurturing were only provided when accomplishing in school or in sports, or after doing chores. Love felt conditional and inexorably linked to doing rather than being. Do for love.

This perceived absence of unconditional love created a yearning for the experience of being loved no matter what, prompting a search for the seemingly elusive placeholder. We may have made many useful decisions during our quest for love over the course of our lifetimes, but nonetheless we may still feel empty, not loved, not good enough, and so on. Then one day, Now while in our hearts, we finally get it. We are unconditional love, and we find a truth revealed: that love we are forever seeking rests within us. Love is within us.

Consider that we may learn the value of True Authentic Friendship and loyalty through the sting of betrayal. Or we may learn courage through fear, or empowerment after feeling disempowered. The contrast based on what we were not congruent with enabled us to make useful distinctions. Those distinctions then may serve as a springboard to a new platform, a new reality matching resonance with what we truly desire, what we truly deserve, and who we truly are as magnificent beings.

Some of my greatest growth experiences have been through “excessive” contrast. I noticed the contrast continued to intensify until it was attended to with awareness, with love, with self-reflection. When we fully recognize the contrast for what it is—a placeholder—then the contrast becomes a choice, option, opportunity, possibility, and gateway to transformation.

Learning through Contrast

Contrast is an expression of duality but is still inherently connected to unity. Contrast teaches us so much about preference. We can focus on all that we do not want and be rewarded with more of the same. Alternatively, we can also notice contrast simply as focal points in awareness.

Rather than something we must acquiesce to, or resist, contrast is something we can move in resonance with (or not) through our awareness. In this recognition, we may find ourselves choosing to be right where we are, or we may notice another place we want to be.

Appreciate contrast, as it provides us with perfect trajectories for movement in awareness, bringing forth recognition of choice as a launching pad for personal and collective evolution. In this appreciation, we may find our true preference is the volition of joy. Choose joy.

Our individual and collective destiny is aligned, defined, and refined by our choices. Choice is how we Play. Play attention with intention and choose. Just choose. Field 119 will support the ability to appreciate contrast coupled with the power of choice.

Be Your Own Light and do not judge the perceived shadows, for they create distinctions in our paths of awareness. Choose your resonance. As long as we are attached to the need for others to change, they will not change. It is physics. We can change how we show up in relation to them, and that creates a ripple effect that can change everything.

Embody love and project that. All reflections of love are clear, coherent laser beams of light. Yes, it can be that simple, and love does not need time and energy to travel. Love’s torsional signal is communicated instantly from anywhere, to anywhere, at any time.

No Power Shortage

If we turn off our light, we give away our power. Consider this: you are a bright light, and there’s another bright light that does not know it’s a bright light, for it is wearing a lampshade. Under the mask of the lampshade, there are all sorts of manipulative patterns being run to siphon your light, use your signal, or reflect off your shine.

This may be challenging for you. Instead of dealing directly with the manipulative, demeaning behavior that enables the manipulative patterns to run off your signal generator, you might dim your light or wear a darker lampshade so the other light feels brighter. This may feel easier and less threatening than dealing with the challenge.

Off With The Lampshades! Be Your Own Light

How often do we find ourselves dimming our light so someone else (or a structure) can wear his or her silly lampshades and feel more comfortable or artificially brighter? It is not up to us to make them feel comfortable. It is up to us to be comfortable in our brilliant truth and then to ripple that light out so others can see themselves more clearly. Off with the lampshades!

Others are not comfortable manipulating, but they just don’t know any better. They think the lampshades are who they are. We get to teach them, just by being who we are. Be your own bare light amid the lampshades. Be your own light amid contrast.

Gratitude for the Antagonists

I am thankful for various antagonists that have shown up in my life, for they have helped to shape me into an empowered being.

I express gratitude for those who have chastised, criticized, condescended, and ridiculed me. I am appreciative of those who were spiteful, cruel, and vindictive, perhaps to feel better about themselves. I thank them for their manipulation, disdain, anger, jealousy, resentment, and sense of entitlement. For through these experiences, I have learned so much how not to be.

I appreciate being able to see beyond the antagonists’ misery and confusion to the crystal-clear recognition of truth as love. I am grateful that these experiences did not harden me to myself or to others but rather softened me to an awareness of a potential within us all to transcend the sense of lack and limitation we may perpetuate in relation to . . . everything. I am grateful that I still see that inherent potential for everyone, including the antagonists.

I am most appreciative to have learned the power of choice with discernment. True choice. In this recognition, I have learned to say I love you AND no thank you. I love you AND … yes. I have learned to choose to recognize joy as an integral part of my being, despite repeated attempts by antagonists to thwart this birthright. Most important, I have learned that they cannot truly antagonize me unless I choose to allow it.

I have found clarity amid antagonists’ distorted projections—their own limited perceptions. Each time they have cast a blurred lens upon me, I have been invited to see through it, to focalize and amplify my own light.

Each time the antagonists have been hungry to feed off my life force, I have gained more awareness around my state of being and what True Authentic Power really is. I have found grace.

Thank you to the antagonists; although you scramble incessantly in not knowing who it is you truly are, you cannot prevent me from recognizing myself. In the contrast of your confusion, manipulation, and fear, I have found clarity, freedom, and love for my True Authentic Self. Thank you for helping me to see that your antagonism says nothing about me . . . and most everything about you.

If there is any wish I have for the antagonists, it is that they begin to see themselves clearly, worthy of creating a different experience, with a willingness to choose otherwise. May they be gifted with clarity, presence, and knowingness of their true essence as love in peace. I will continue to leave the light on for them as a beacon so they may find their way home. Yet, in my house of consciousness, there is no vacancy for anything other than love.

Love’s Presence

Love is never absent. Unconditional love is our essence. Conditions that may bear little resemblance to that which is love may blind us from noticing love. Love never goes anywhere, as it is omnipresent. It is our awareness of love that moves away from this recognition.

The perceived absence of love is a movement of awareness along a continuum. Sometimes such an experience starts by the absence of a reference. Confusion. Fear. But absence of reference does not mean absence of love. That continuum of love is an unbroken connection that binds everything. Love is never absent.

Sometimes love is hidden, cloaked, or contorted into something perceivably different, like manipulation. We are all surrounded by manipulative energies at one time or another, or always. Love does not manipulate, and one can stand one’s ground fluidly as love, free from manipulation. Field 119 will support us in being our own light free from the effects of manipulation.

Practical Play

Drop into your heart and center in your Love Sphere. Signal intent to connect to Field 119, Be Your Own Light. Allow for the supraluminal torsion waves of this Field to ripple into the light of your own being.

If you were to notice Field 119 interacting with you, how might you become more aware of being your own light? What thoughts, inspirations, emotions, or sensations occur to you as you connect to this Field? Allow yourself to shine in light of those reflections.

Consider a current situation where you knowingly (or unknowingly dim your light so another may feel brighter. This may be a situation with another person or in relation to a structure in society.

Allow Field 119 to support you in easily removing your lamp- shade now. What do you notice when the lampshade comes off as you relate to this pattern? How does it feel to shine brightly regardless of what may be happening around you? It is safe to be seen. It is safe to shine. Remember this feeling. Remember to be your own light and shine.

Field 119 will travel wherever you are instantly and is always available to respond to your signal for support. Be Your Own Light, and Field 119 will always leave the light on for you too.

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Melissa Joy Jonsson (M-Joy) is best known for her ability to engage people from all over the world to embrace their True Authentic Power by playing in the field of the heart. She has a unique perspective on how we are able to experience living joyfully and loving completely.

Melissa has been teaching popular life-transformational Matrix Energetics® seminars around the globe since 2008. She is the founder and instructor of the “M-Joy” seminar series, a unifying movement in consciousness dedicated to exploring and expanding heart-centered awareness and practical personal empowerment for everyone. Prior to creating a career she loves, she spent almost fifteen years as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry.

Melissa is the author of the books “Little Book of Big Potentials: 24 Fields of Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Joy in Everyday Life”(July 2015) and “M-Joy Practically Speaking; Matrix Energetics and Living Your Infinite Potential”(March 2014). She co-authored “Into the Matrix: Guides, Grace, and The Field of the Heart” and “The Physics of Miracles: Tapping in to the Field of Consciousness Potential” with Dr. Richard Bartlett. She is also the author of Practical Play the Heart-Centered Way: A Complementary Play Guide to Little Book of Big Potentials (January 2016).

Melissa has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She attended graduate studies at Pepperdine University’s Graziado School of Business and Management.

She is sought after as a respected published author and as a frequent guest speaker on global radio broadcasts, webinars, and tele-summits. Melissa is well known for her eloquent articulation and personal accessibility on both nationally and internationally recognized social media platforms.

Melissa Joy is passionate about inspiring every other person to realize his or her True Authentic Self (TAS) with practical, creative, and powerful wisdom that she embodies every day. She enjoys long runs near the ocean in San Diego, reading, hanging out with friends, and sharing with people the joyful journey of living their infinite potential

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