Could Official Accounts of History Be Little More Than ‘Mind Mush’ for Mass Consumption?

bosnian pyramid

23rd May 2016

By Sylvie Iwanova

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Who shaped most of what we call civilisation? “The Romans” is the most popular answer, but is this hypothesis based on any artefacts or historic chronicles? Not really.

In the older layers of the “Roman” edifices we see that same megalithic base-style is identical to that of the uniform huge “mystery” megaliths all around the globe (Peru, Turkey, Egypt, Cambodia, etc). As the layers get more recent, clear degradation of building techniques is observed, nothing to suggest that the Roman invented anything at all – just the opposite – and much like everybody else, they were the degrading descendants of advanced ancestors. Moreover, Roman aqueducts along with plenty of Roman artefacts are found in America, and it is strange that the Romans did not build their best masterpieces of architecture in their own “capital”, Rome in Italy.

Do we need to unlearn and ‘start over’ with what we think we know about our historical past?

It is a common misconception to accept that we know a lot about antiquity because of the rich heritage of “ancient” Roman and Greek authors. What they forgot to tell you in school, is that all the “ancient” books survived only as copies of original works, and after the copies were made, the originals burned in various fires. These ‘smart fires’ ALWAYS devoured originals and never the copies!

The medieval monks assigned the the task of penning the copies, openly admitted that they are not making ‘just copies’ but were also correcting them to fit the NEW and most recent version of history.

To distract our attention from the fact that the official “history” is pretty much a bedtime fantasy story, we are told that even small details are very well known, like for example the name of the plays that were performed in the Roman amphitheatres, and the History Channel clogs our minds with “ancient” spicy Roman love intrigues. While distracting us with fantasy, small talk, and largely irrelevant gossip, mind blowing megaliths and artefacts lay in neglect, or they simply disappear without trace. And when it gets impossible to hide or destroy them they are labelled as “mystery”so they can be safely excluded from the ‘official history’ without the need of destroying/hiding them.

No more lies — its time for truth!

We have had enough lies, the time has come to unveil the real history, and claim our rightful heritage, because we are descendants of ‘gods’ and magicians and have the right to live on a beautiful clean, green planet, using our now deactivated magical powers. Yes, these abilities are innate within all of us — we’ve just forgotten!

Petra, Jordan

Although highly distorted and simplified, the legends (and in some cases even the old traditional children’s fairy tales) have much more historical truth in them than the so-called “scientific history” fed to us by mainstream quackademia. After all, the legends tell us about times when other races such as giants and powerful advanced beings built amazing mansions, and that is what we find in reality!  The skeletal bones of giants and other races along with artefacts and megaliths that we and our so-called technically ‘advanced culture’ can’t even replicate today. Not to forget the accurate medieval maps showing continents mapped with digital accuracy the way they looked millenniums ago (in some cases according to “official” dating even millions of years ago!), for example with entire continents that are now sunken or the mountains of Antarctic as they appear below the ice.

So who actually shaped most of what we call civilisation?

Although multitude of various races influenced our culture and civilisation, the touch of the spirit of those who survived the destruction of Atlantis stands out. As they educated the primitive men on all continents they were given different names, the Muzungu gods of Africa, the white bearded gods of both Americas, the fair skinned Rishis (Sages) of India, the Hyperboreans of Greek legends and countless others. Their mummies and writing are found on all continents and even in the pyramidal complex 80 meters below ocean level near Cuba. Their last descendants (who kept the true history alive as long as they could) were slaughtered just a couples of hundred years ago. To see how this saga unfolds, see my video series When the Atlantis and Hyperborea Survivors Wake Up to understand why your history teacher forgot to even mention the biggest empire in the not so distant past.

How you can get involved

There are many ancient sites still to be discovered and many others we have little or no information about, and this is where you can help. Here you can find the locations near you that we know about, but need more information on, along with some ideas of what to look for (in the description of the site) that you can video, photograph and take notes on for sharing with others. Here is an interactive map of all sites featured on

If you know of other sites, please document what you have found, and after completing your research please submit your information to: [email protected].

Thank you, Sylvie

About the author:

Sylvie Iwanova has devoted her life to exploring the nature of consciousness and the levels of reality. Spending almost 2 years in the Peruvian jungle with Ayahuasca and a near-death experience have been the most profound transformational periods of learning in her life. She believes that her attempts to recover the lost history of the human races are not simply about correcting the records of the bygone eras, but also about rediscovering who “we” are — the humans.

Besides making documentaries on our lost history, Sylvie is an artist, and has just recently launched her new website, a platform for uniting both professionals and lay-persons in research for discovering the genuine history of Earth and the various races of its inhabitants. You can also check out Sylvie’s YouTube channel here.


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