Celebrating the Life of Indra Love

Indra Love

29th June 2016

By Andy Whiteley

Co-Founder of Wake Up World

It’s my sad duty today to let our readers know of the passing of Indra Love, a long-time Wake Up World contributor and a dear friend of the extended WUW community.

Indra left this world yesterday, leaving behind a great legacy of love, lightness and wisdom.

Based on the island of Hawaii, Indra’s life was one of beauty, simplicity and bliss. Born Mona Battacharia, she lived a natural, highly connected existence with nature, finding love, meaning, gratitude and true bliss in everything she touched — and in her work, helping others do the same.

Indra Love 3

Grounded in fundamental understandings of the biological workings of the human body, Indra’s work was to help others learn how to “follow their bliss instinct” — that is, to recognize and tune into the innate knowing of their bodies at a biological level, and to let the unique “bliss instinct” that is wired within each of help to guide our lives to happiness and fulfillment.

In addition to her writing for Wake Up World, Indra’s legacy includes the work she has done with countless clients, providing teachings and courses through the not-for-profit organizations she created, Bliss Instinct and The LumenOctave.


For me, Indra’s work was so simple yet so revelatory. She understood firstly that heaven is not somewhere we go to elsewhere, but something we’re here on Earth to create, right here and now. Our potential — everything we need to create heaven on Earth, in our own lives and as a human collective — is all within us, and we’ve been given the perfect tool through which to create it — the human body. Her work explored the functions of the body (including the roles of DNA, hormones and chakras/energy centers) in their most sacred sense, helping others to experience the full spectrum of life, love, health, relationships and sexuality from a place of inner-discovery and personal bliss, as a fully integrated fully realized human being.

Indra Love 1And Indra didn’t just talk the talk, Indra walked the walk, boldly, bravely, and beautifully. A true Love Warrior, she incorporated rituals of blissful love into everything she did.

If you’d like to know what Indra knew, I encourage you to explore her body of writing on Wake Up World HERE. You’ll find valuable information spanning her professional evolution from her first article for Wake Up World in January 2012 until her most recent insights. We also have more writings from Indra already in the pipeline, which we’ll share with our readers when timing is appropriate.

Indra 5Thank you Indra, for your friendship, passion, insight, joy, love and honesty. Thank you for inspiring, enlightening and empowering so many people. Thank you for sharing your special light with us, and for being part of the Wake Up World community since the beginning. Thank you for letting us into your world, and being a unique and loving part of ours.

Love and respect to Indra’s family and friends.

We will miss you Indra. Shine on, beautiful girl!


With love,
Andy Whiteley — on behalf of Wake Up World

Indra Love - Sunset