Beyond the Law of Attraction: The 9 Principles of Wish Manifestation

Beyond the Law of Attraction - The 9 Principles of Wish Manifestation

15th July 2016

By Life Script Doctor

Guest writer for Wake Up World

You can find variety of wish manifestation and law-of-attraction courses online. In most cases they teach you a certain set of manifestation techniques or, as some may call them, wish spells. They help you concentrate and direct your energy towards manifesting your desires.

However, there is a great need for certain rules or principles to be addressed and explained before you start practicing the law of attraction, or any other manifestation techniques. The following rules are quite simple and following them could help you get the results you want and bring your wishes into reality…

1. Being in the Now

One of the essential rules to follow when conducting any manifestation technique (here is an example of one very powerful technique called Glass of Water) or making a wish, is to be in the point of here and now. When you are able to stop your inner dialog and concentrate your thoughts on the present moment you gain a much better control of your energy flow. When you are being in the now you can direct your energy towards creating a hologram of your wish through creative visualization. In order for your wish to come true you need to see yourself in the reality where that wish had already came true. The “wish hologram” that you have created through your visualization and placed on the energy field will now be the guide for your mind and body to follow.

2. Silence is Golden

There is a good reason why people say that silence is golden. There is no need to brag about your wish to others. By just talking about your wishes and desires you are wasting your energy on talking instead of doing something to make a wish happen. However, do keep in mind that discussing an action plan with others is totally different from gapping about your wish. When you talk about your wish without doing anything about it, you confuse the Universe. Would you prefer the Universe to just observe you talking about your wishes or actually give you energy towards achieving the goals that you have set?

3. Avoid the Middleman

When you are making your wish, concentrate on the wish itself and not on something that will help you bring that wish into reality. If you want a new car, a new house, a new job or a dream vacation then make it your wish. When you are wishing for money to make those things happen, you create a middleman. Divine does work in mysterious ways and there is really no way of telling how exactly the Universe will manifest your dreams. Just make sure that you avoid creating the middleman during your wish manifestation journey.

4. Ecology of Your Wish

It is very important for your wish to be in harmony with Nature. Wishing to harm someone or destroy something with time will have its negative consequences. Your intention is very important, so when you wish something bad to happen to another person, you are bringing it on yourself (or even your kin). You have probably heard about the law of karma. It is also important to realize that in today’s world of informational paradigm your wishes and your thoughts are just as important as your deeds. It is no longer enough to just do good things in order to attract good karma. Your thoughts and worldview have to be ecological as well in order for your wishes to come true.

5. Save Yourself

One saint once said: “Save yourself and thousands around you will be saved”. In other words, your wishes should be directed towards yourself. When your wish is directed towards somebody else and you wish them to do something or become someone they are not, you are just wasting your wish manifestation energy. If you truly want to help someone else, then become an example and stop forcing your own truth upon others. Even if eventually you succeed in making someone else do what you want, you just made that person a parasite who will feed on your truth.

Everyone has their freedom of choice and it is important for each one of us to apply it in life without interference with the freedom of others. In certain cases your kids until they turn 21 can be an exception. However, the most effective way is still being the example on how to live a happy life and sharing the knowledge of how you did it instead of wishing something for them or telling them what they should do.

6. Time is Energy

Some law of attraction experts will tell you that you should set a concrete deadline for your wish to manifest, others will argue that you should make your wish and release it into the energy field. You can just treat time as energy of a certain frequency. Understanding the concept of time is very important to wish manifestation. Intricate wishes may need certain amount of time to come true while other simple wishes may become a reality in a matter of weeks, days or even hours.

Gregg B

7. Follow the Signs

Many people forget to follow the signs after they make a wish or conduct one of the manifestation techniques based on the law of attraction. You have to be consciously aware of what is happening in your life after you have expressed your wish to the Universe. It is very important to allow and be ready to receive abundance in your life. You need to see and follow the signs that Universe will produce on the road towards your wish manifestation.

8. Wish Elevator

Here is a big secret – there is no elevator to wish manifestation, you have to take the stairs! However, you can learn about ways and powerful techniques to help you effectively manage your wish manifestation energy and realize your full potential. There are people who win big by winning a lottery. However, after a certain period of time almost all of them report that it was actually more of a curse than a blessing. In order to flawlessly manifest your wish, you have to be realistic. If you wish to achieve long lasting positive results you have to take it step by step.

9. Your True Self

Your mission or purpose in this life has to be taken into account when making a wish. Of course, we live in a quantum reality and everything is possible. However, not all the things will bring you closer to being happy. Your true self, Higher-self or your Spirit holds the information on what will make you happy. In order to experience manifestation of your dreams in this life, they have to be within the limits of the mission your Higher-self has in store for you. When you are being true to yourself and genuinely passionate about your wish, it will manifest without resistance. You might still encounter certain challenges in your wish manifestation game but in the end they will all turn into a joyful adventure.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know these 9 principles to wish manifestation, you can get much better results from practicing the law of attraction and other wish manifestation techniques. Please also keep in mind that Nature always pays in advance. Thus, when your wish is manifested, make sure to enjoy it as much as you can. The positive emotions that you receive from winning the wish manifestation game will serve as the energy foundation to reaching the next frequency in your journey of spiritual self-discovery.

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