A Massive Wake-Up Call for Humanity

A Massive Wake-Up Call for Humanity 2

By Diana Rose Kottle

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Currently the planet is going through an epic energetic shift in global consciousness and frequency upgrades, unlike anything we have seen before, and it is happening rapidly. People are quickly awakening and gaining access to their own light, their own power, their own information, their own truth.

With this level of change, comes great challenges (opportunities for learning and growth) and disruptions that may rock you to your core, as you release the old and make room for the new emerging energies to come into form. The old structures must fall; the limitations must be released; the castles of corruption must crumble to the ground. Essentially, we must empty out the garbage first, removing the layers of trash from our lives that are clogging the pipes and stopping the flow, before we can be filled with and hold, the high frequency light that is available to all of us, now more than ever before.

We are entering a new era of human understanding, a time where many of us are cracking open out of our old hardened shells, shedding limiting belief systems and toxic thought patterns, dismantling the false structures of control, unhooking from the planetary programming grids and busting through the illusions of fear and separation, that are designed to intentionally keep us small and stuck and complacent, dependent and enslaved; and we are instead gaining new levels of awareness and embracing the true essence of who we are at the core soul level of our being.

We must stop dimming our light and hiding in the shadows of fear!

Now is the time to fully step up into our creative manifestation power as a collective consciousness — as a unified sea of our unique individual voices, whose authentic expression, whose particular specific sparkle, when united in our bright shining light and connected empowerment, creates a tidal wave of healing alchemy, a shimmering ocean of infinite possibilities, weaving together a tapestry of high frequency crystalline light packets of information and sacred geometries, creating the golden grid of the new paradigm.

Why do we dim our light?

Simple. We are programmed and conditioned to from birth. It is bred into us from day one, woven into the very fabric of our society. We see this manifested as agreed upon social norms, via our corrupt political system, through standardized government funded public schooling (which among other things, inserts its own agenda of controlling what, and how, we learn) and in belief system constructs that are constantly hammered into us, designed to limit, constrict and abolish free expansive thought and expression; all under the guise of freedom of course. We are taught to stay in the box and follow the rules, color in the lines, dot your i’s and cross your t’s like a “good little boy or girl”, to be rewarded, to graduate up to the next level, which simply means moving up to the next little box with a new tight little lid, that is promptly set and sealed firmly in place.

We are controlled and manipulated through our food and water supply, not being told what we are really consuming, yet being told it is good for us when it is brimming with chemicals and hidden toxins that our bodies can’t possibly process, which results in dis-ease and a litany of illnesses on all levels (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, energetic). We are forced to vaccinate our children who become sick from the poisons and toxic substances they contain. We are told lies of fear through the news and media, as if they are truth; we are really only shown what fits the specific agenda of those with the power, the puppeteers who are installing, and then pulling our strings.

We are groomed to be muppets (aka: mindless puppets) and become hypnotized sheep, who follow blindly, sleepwalking our way through the world, after being led through enticing magical fields filled with beautiful scarlet poppies whose intoxicating aroma of manipulation and unconsciousness makes us check-out, and serves to lull us into eternal sleep. My god, we are even taught to count sheep as children to help us fall asleep at night.

We are constantly being fed fear and propaganda as truth, which conditions us to doubt our natural instincts; so we choose to stay in our separated boxes of imagined safety because we are so afraid of what we are told is “out there”, beyond the iron clad walls that are built around our hearts, to “keep out” and protect us from the boogeymen, and other things that go bump in the night.

Is it any wonder we are too petrified to even turn on the light switch to see if there is really a scary monster in our bedroom lurking in the shadows or hiding under our bed?

We are so traumatized we hide under the covers, paralyzed and trembling with fear, anchoring our feelings of powerlessness even deeper into our incredibly impressionable psyches.

We are pumped full of fear based, hyped-up, trumped-up scenarios (diversions and red herrings), designed specifically to distract us and keep us focused away from the real solutions, and even the real issues, whose discovery of does not serve the status quo, nor the hidden agenda, of keeping us numbed-out, dumbed-down and completely disconnected from the actual real conspiracies (not theories) that are going on, often being hidden right under our noses, in plain sight.


We are told to only believe what we can see, what is “proven” by mainstream Newtonian Physics, which does not address or even acknowledge the effect of consciousness on outcomes (The Observer Effect is a basic premise of Quantum Physics, which simply put says: the mere act of observing something, influences it, and changes it on a quantum level) which affects and changes everything, in a major way.

So we are taught to buy into an old outmoded system of Science that does not accurately reflect the forward movement, the upgraded consciousness (or even the role consciousness plays on matter for that matter) and ignores the new model of the world we are actually living in and experiencing today. It reflects instead a closed system that is now exploding from the pressure of the heightened creative consciousness bursts of the planet expressing itself as higher light frequency, in an entirely new expansive way.

We are taught this because mainstream acknowledgment and acceptance of the Quantum world, is a threat to the current dysfunctional systems run by the select few governing elite, in positions of high power, who financially benefit from the old models staying intact; they profit by keeping us sick and afraid. New thought and change frightens and threatens the old regimes, the corrupt elite groups, the old outmoded structures, that are now beginning to crack and crumble from the pressure, as we enter these new energetic times, where the rules and the rulers are changing.

When we live in a matrix of fear, we are anchored into the lower denser frequencies. The vibration at this level is thick and dense and heavy and dark. This is designed specifically to keep you hooked into the program of control, tethered to the hamster wheel at the bottom of the dark ocean, running endlessly through mazes of circular loops, going nowhere, while eternally drowning and gasping for air.

You really think anyone is thinking about enlightenment or spiritual evolution in that scenario?

Consider Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (pictured below). At the bottom of the pyramid, you have safety and survival. At the top, you find self-actualization and transcendence. To access these enlightened states of being in frequency, you must move up in vibration. And as long as you are strapped to the lower energies and denser frequencies scrambling to get your most basic needs met (and not die), you are trapped, hooked into the control matrix of fear, pain, unconsciousness, unworthiness.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (click image to enlarge.)

In essence, you are suppressed, hypnotized by the very convincing illusion that says “you are unable (not powerful enough) to ever set yourself free”.

The programming and fear is so thick at this level, it is insidious, infused in everything and found everywhere; so we believe that it is normal and that it is “just the way things are”. We become a valley of complacent cows and submissive sheep waiting to be slaughtered by the very hand that fed us the lies to begin with that keep us enslaved and unaware, all the while oblivious that we are even enchained.

Yet we are the chained elephants conditioned to believe we are stuck and rendered powerless, by the tiny little stake in the ground tied to only one of our enormously powerful feet.

The distortions and corruption is layered and hidden (running very deep indeed). It is woven into the very fabric of what we are taught to trust. It is sprinkled into our “health” food, added to our “clean” water supply and laced into the “natural” supplements we are told will keep us healthy. All this is done with a big fake smile dripping with enticing false promises, that find and push on our pain points, inflicting scarcity and fear and lack consciousness, to convince us of an illusion designed specifically to keep us in struggle; to keep us separate; to keep us subdued; to keep us from questioning; to keep us from remembering how powerful we truly are.

Well this is not normal and it is not the only available option. Not by a long shot.

It’s time now for you all, especially the Light Workers and Way Showers, the Truth Seekers, the Earth Angels on this planet, the Empaths and Energy Healers, and everyone else who has a deep soul calling to help others awaken to their own light, to start shining your own light more brightly than you ever have before — on these illusions, on these distortions, on the garbage that the masses keep consuming as if it is caviar, guzzling down like it’s the finest bottle of Dom Pérignon, remaining drunk, wandering around in a constant dazed collective stupor, from the countless hypnotic bubbles of toxic corruption that are consistently coursing through their bodies on an automatic drip system.

It is time for a massive wake-up call to all of humanity — to remember and ignite your own inner light; to come together in the frequency of love, truth, and collective empowerment; to know that we are so much more powerful than we were ever taught to believe.

How do we share this message with those who are hypnotized and asleep?

We do this by being the light; by speaking our authentic truth; by releasing our own dark shadows that want to drag us into debate and separation and superiority, triggering our need to be right or better than others (or however this ‘right’ vs. ‘wrong’, ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’, ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ separation power struggle out-pictures specifically in your life); we lead by example, sharing our messages of empowerment, worthiness, connection and love with the world, through our own unique authentic voices of truth.

By doing this we will reach a critical mass, a tipping point of awakening, where a new morphic field is created and becomes its own powerful force of light, whose unique signature stands tall, like a glowing lighthouse in the thick dark fog, shining brightly, guiding the way home to those vessels who are lost at sea, being tossed about in the crashing storm of monstrous waves. This is how we create the new paradigm; this is how the new way, the new energies on the planet, come into form; this is how a new world is born.

This is a call to all of you who came here to help awaken the planet.

Please get your own house (your own internal world) in order pronto, so that you can do and be what you came here for. Because the world is waiting for you: to stand tall; to shine brightly; to stop apologizing for who you are and be your true authentic self; and to play your specific role in the awakening of the planet and human consciousness to the absolute fullest now. It is time for what I call, The Alchemy of Awakening. And so it is. Aho. Amen.

About the author:

Diana Rose Kottle

Diana Rose Kottle, MA, MFT is a Writer, Soul Alignment Coach™ & Psychotherapist — Inspiring Humanity to Awaken to who we truly are as Energetic Spiritual Beings through Being Authentic, Speaking Our Truth, Connecting to Our Inner Wisdom, and Attuning to Love.

Her professional training includes a BA in Psychology, an MA in Counseling Psychology, and a license in Marriage Family Therapy. She is the Founder of Mind Body Soulful™ and Soul Alignment Coaching™.

Diana Rose is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post and the author of ‘Drop Into Your Heart: Unlock A World Of Infinite Possibilities’.

You can connect with Diana Rose Kottle on Facebook and at www.dianarosekottle.com


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