Monopoly Medicine: How Big Pharma Stops Its Competitors and Monopolizes the Health Industry

Monopoly Medicine - How Big Pharma Stops Competitors Monopolizes Health Industry 1

By Paul A. Philips

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Why does Big Pharma give ‘alternative health’ a bad press, as in the case of vitamins, when they’re always trying to make synthetic versions of alternative medicines? The answer lies in patents and profits…

When it comes to treating illness and disease, there is a pattern that runs throughout academia, research and development, marketing, diagnoses, orthodox treatment, press and politics. This pattern reflects how Big Pharma is able to stop its alternative health competitors from getting any significant share of the market, and thus, monopolize the health industry. This in effect suppresses alternative health treatments from being widely sold, regardless of cost and efficacy.

How the suppression works

Let me spell it out. I’ll put it to you like this: Let’s use our imagination for a moment, be hypothetical, and say that you’ve come up with a miracle cure for a previously incurable disease, and it exists in the form of a few cheap, non-toxic herbal tablets with a dietary regime to accompany it.

Your breakthrough treatment is an unorthodox alternative medicine. It has many advantages:

1. Treatment is natural; therefore, it is relatively cheap.

2. It is non-toxic with no ill side effects.

3. No need to treat possible side effects.

4. Patients are cured! No more suffering or death!

5. Because patients are cured, they no longer have to keep returning for treatment like they would if it were left to the medical / pharmaceutical approach who only treat the symptoms (most patients have to keep returning for the rest of their lives) and are only given temporary relief.

6. Think of how the money saved from this cheap alternative cure could be put to good use. What about including this treatment for individuals with low income, those in developing countries, educational programs and publicity campaigns to spread the word?

Although your innovations are far more effective than anything currently on the market, you will be in for a hard time with the big boys of the medical / pharmaceutical establishment when the word gets out about your miracle cure. You may well be genuine, caring, brilliant and with much conviction, but it is highly unlikely that you’ll ever get your miracle cure going with any impact at all, despite all the above advantages.

You have to remember, the medical / pharmaceutical establishment is only ultimately interested in oiling the wheels of commerce with big profits. Anyone seen to be a financial threat to them must be brought down, no matter what it takes. However, the public at large, for most part, have no idea of how low the corrupt establishment are prepared to go when it comes to getting what they want: to keep control of the markets and monopoly.

“It’s strange that men should take up crime when there are so many legal ways to be dishonest.” – Al Capone

To avoid a competitor (like you) breaking into the market, while keeping prescription drugs at ridiculously high prices and the pharmaceutical industry flooded with cash, the government have agreed with Big Pharma to a list of mandatory protocols; that is, new products have to go through a series of tests and approvals before they are finally accepted. This could take something like 10 years, and by this time, this Big Pharma competitor may have spent around 250 million dollars.

Fortunately, this does not also have to include you. Your cure is natural medicine. It does not have to be patented. However, right from the beginning you could be shut down and have your equipment seized for illegal medical treatment, and then face the possibility of a prison sentence. All this could happen regardless of your cure’s high efficacy! This is just one of many examples where laws have been made, not because of fairness, or public health, but because they favor the rich and powerful.

“There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” – Montesquieu 1669 – 1755

Here you have an array of crooks who have all the necessary allies to successfully bring off their unjust operations. They don’t give a damn about people. Profits rule OK!!

So, if attempts from the authorities fail to close your practice down, you will face an onslaught of criticism, even if none of it is based on fact. You could be called a madman or a quack… or just plain wrong. In the end you will even find it difficult to give away your treatment for nothing.

Where in the so-called free world is the free market economy here? The only competition that exists in the health industry is among the major drug companies who, together with the government, steer the public toward pharmaceutical interventions – and control the prices.

In light of the above, discernment is absolutely essential. For your own health, and your family’s, educate yourself on what’s best for you, if and when you need treatment. Learn to recognize when prescription-happy doctors and other medical staff are trying to push unnecessary, toxic and invasive treatments on you for Big Pharma’s profit machine, when you’d be better off choosing an alternative medicine.

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