Re-Connect With Ancient Indian Holistic Wisdom to Treat the Root Cause of Pain


By Vera Kaur

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The human body is a latticework of energies vibrating at different frequencies, which encompass the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. It has been perfectly created to function optimally providing we observe the laws of nature. When we divert from these laws through breathing polluted air, eating food far from its natural state, drinking chemical-laden water, ingesting toxic medications, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, using inorganic body care and household products, being exposed to electro-magnetic pollution, and even thinking negative thoughts, imbalances result within our energies, leading to dis-ease.

Traditional Indian medicine believes that the root cause of all pain lies within the adrenal glands, which govern blood flow and oxygenation. The improper blood flow results in energy imbalances leading to inflammation, the accumulation of impurities and excess moisture within the tissues, which is felt as stiffness and pain.

The energy healers of India had a wealth of knowledge on how to diagnose and treat the root cause of dis-ease by natural, holistic methods, and through the generations many of these have been kept alive. To empower the adrenal glands, thereby treat the root cause of pain, follow these ancient practices:

Wholefood Diet

A wholefood diet consists of whole, unrefined, unprocessed plant-based food. What we eat directly affects our physical, emotional and mental state. Nature’s food absorbs an abundance of life-giving solar energy from the sun, which makes it positively and negatively balanced, to nourish every cell within our body. Adopting a diet of wholefood encourages healthy digestion and assimilation as our body recognises food in its natural state, to reduce the accumulation of toxins that can directly affect the healthy flow of our energies. Traditionally, a wholefood diet was well known to nourish and balance the adrenal glands and promote a healthy mind and body.

Include the following empowering Indian foods;

  • Gooseberries contain the highest source of vitamin C, rejuvenate the bodily systems, and work as a natural immune-booster to relieve pain.
  • Turmeric root is an anti-inflammatory and cleanses the blood to remove the accumulation of impurities within the tissues, to relieve pain.
  • Ginger root is an anti-aging tonic, reduces inflammation, encourages healthy oxygenation to strengthen the adrenal glands.
  • Licorice root is nourishing and restorative to balance the adrenal glands and release the accumulation of stress.
  • Pineapple juice that is freshly pressed, taken on an empty stomach, naturally detoxifies the tissues to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.
  • Sprouted nuts, seeds and legumes are a powerhouse of nutrition, highly alkaline and detoxifying to assist in balancing the adrenal glands.
  • Ghee is clarified butter, rich in anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties, which is used extensively in India to nourish the body and detoxify the mind.


The ancient Indian holistic practice of diagnosing and treating the root cause of dis-ease by applying intermittent pressure on specific areas of the hands and feet, that correspond to specific parts of the body, to regulate the vital energy and encourage good physical and mental health. Traditional Indian medicine widely recognises that the physical root cause of all dis-ease lies within our endocrine and exocrine glands. These glands have a profound effect on our entire being as they regulate the functions of our systems and organs by secreting the numerous vital hormones essential for our well-being.

The traditional healers of India believed that the body’s life energy was discharged from the right hand, from the age of thirty five, which initiated the aging process, resulting in physical and mental health ailments.  The youth maintenance acupressure point, located midway between the wrist and elbow, on the inner right arm, was believed to preserve life energy and actually reverse the aging process to a degree. Intermittently press this point for two minutes, three times a day to empower the entire endocrine system and relieve pain.

To reduce the effects of stress, nervous tension and anxiety within the body, which can contribute to pain, firmly massage the middle toes for two minutes, two times a day. The stress acupressure points are located at the base of the middle toes. The degree of pain on any acupressure point directly relates to the severity of the imbalance. Continue until any pain has been alleviated.

The application of holistic therapies to empower the body to self-heal may temporarily appear to worsen the symptoms of pain. This is a positive sign as the body attempts to release the impurities, to correct the imbalances.

Intermittently press the following areas for one minute, three times a day to relieve the temporary symptoms of pain:

  • The tips of the fingers and toes to release excess moisture, cold and impurities from the tissues.
  • The webs between the fingers and toes, where the acupressure points for the nerves are located.
  • The back of the hands and feet, where the acupressure points for the nervous system are located.
  • The sides of the spine, starting at the neck and ending at the lumbar to cleanse the lymphatic system.

Additional natural pain relieving practices include:

Prepare a pain-relief balm by gently melting 100grams of organic ghee. Add one tablespoon of organic cayenne pepper. Pour the mixture into a sterile jar and allow to cool. Do not refrigerate. Apply liberally to affected areas to increase the circulation and assist in the removal of impurities, cold, and excess moisture within the tissues. Do not apply to broken skin. Avoid contact with the eyes.

To alleviate severe pain, apply a thick paste, made from turmeric root powder and water. Cover with a soft bandage and leave for twenty four hours. Remove, wash the area, and re-apply if required.

To improve the circulation throughout the body, briskly rub the soles of the feet with a firm bristled hand brush, for five minutes, three times a day.

Barefoot Walking

The ancient Indian holistic practice of walking on the natural earth, barefoot. Within the earth there lies a powerful and unique energy source which we can draw upon. The earth is composed of minerals and the body is mineral in essence, therefore our body’s energies resonate perfectly with the energy of the earth. The earth’s energy is greater than that of the body, and this enables it to be absorbed naturally through the soles of our feet. Traditionally, humans were aware of the benefits of connecting their body with the earth’s surface; sleeping and sitting on natural animal skins and walking barefoot.

Practice walking barefoot on the bare earth, grass or sand for fifteen minutes in the morning as the sun rises and fifteen minutes in the evening as the sun sets. This traditional practice enables the body to discharge the accumulation of harmful free radicals and electromagnetic pollution, absorb a concentrated source of anti-oxidants and balance natural energy rhythms to alleviate pain.


The ancient Indian holistic practice of joining different combinations of the fingers and thumbs, to balance the vital energy flowing throughout the body and mind, to regain equilibrium. It is believed that the human structure is a miniature form of the universe, composed of the five elements, each of which corresponds to a specific finger or thumb. Holding specific fingers and thumbs together for a short period of time allow the elements to regain equilibrium, which creates a positive effect throughout the entire being, to encourage the body’s natural healing response. Traditionally, mudras were practiced in conjunction with yogic breathing exercises, to channel the vital flow of energy to an area of the body that required healing.

Mudras can be practiced whilst sitting, walking, or lying down during meditation.

The Rudra Mudra increases the earth element to strengthen the adrenal glands, to relieve pain.

  • Place the tip of your thumb, index finger, and ring finger together.
  • Relax and extend your middle and little finger.
  • Practice four times a day for forty minutes in total.


The Prithvi Mudra energizes the root chakra to strengthen the entire endocrine system, to relieve pain.


  • Place the tip of your thumb and the tip of your ring finger together.
  • Relax and extend your index, middle and little finger.
  • Practice two times a day for twenty minutes in total.



The ancient Indian holistic practice of controlling the breath by a number of different techniques to increase the vital energy within the body. Our breath is the life force that flows through each and every cell within our body, and by expanding our life force, we can harmonize with the life force of the universe to receive cosmic healing. The regular practice of breath exercises can influence our physical, mental, and emotional state, in the most positive of ways, to initiate the body’s natural healing capacity. Traditionally, pranayama was practiced to release negative emotions, re-balance the body’s energies and prepare the mind for meditation.

The Breath Retention Exercise strengthens the adrenal glands and improves oxygenation, to relieve pain.

Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed.

  • Inhale for a mental count of four.
  • Retain your breath for a mental count of four.
  • Exhale for a mental count of four.
  • Pause for a mental count of four.
  • During the retention and pause of the breath, do not inhale or exhale.
  • Repeat eleven times.
  • Practice two times a day.

As the lungs strengthen with practice, gradually increase the mental count to twelve.


The ancient Indian holistic practice of repeating a mantra, for a short period of time to detach from the external world, bring our awareness to the present moment and return to the essence of our being. A mantra is the rhythmic speaking or singing of a word or sound. It is believed to calm the restless mind and rid it of negative thought processes to create tranquillity and mental purity. Chanting starts loudly, gradually becomes quieter and ends almost silently. This resonates with the energies of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our body to restore inner peace and awaken our latent healing energies. Traditionally, chanting was practiced with great devotion to reconnect with the divine light and love within us to experience the unity of life.

The Traditional Om Chanting Exercise assists in balancing the nervous and endocrine system to restore equilibrium and release pain.

  • Sit comfortably with your legs crossed.
  • Close your eyes and inhale deeply through your nose.
  • Retain your breath for a few seconds.
  • As you exhale through your mouth, chant the sound ‘Om’ (one chant during a continuous exhalation can take up to thirty seconds, depending on your lung capacity).
  • Start the sound loudly as an ‘aahh’ at your solar plexus.
  • Continue the sound as an ‘earths natural stones auhh’ at your chest, allowing it to become quieter.
  • Round your mouth and end the sound as an ‘mmmm’ allowing it to become gentle and quiet, as you close your lips.
  • Repeat eleven times.
  • Observe the stillness within your body and the tranquillity within your mind.
  • Practice two times a day.


The ancient Indian holistic practice of applying specific colours to parts of the body, by various methods to heal energy imbalances. The sun is comprised of seven colours, each of which possess its own unique energy vibration and carries its own healing property. Each of the seven colours is associated with our seven main energy centres known as the chakras. Colour can be absorbed by our body through our chakras by sunlight, artificial light, the earth’s natural stones, water or visualization, to restore harmony by correcting physical, mental, and emotional energy imbalances. Traditionally, the sun was worshipped for its ability to provide the necessary healing energy required by the body, to treat and prevent dis-ease, due to its abundant and unlimited source of solar energy.

Early Trauma

Red is the colour associated with pain relief.

The ancient Indian method of absorbing red light to relieve pain is to place a red glass in the sunlight in such a way that the sun’s rays are absorbed by the glass and fall on to the area of pain. The area should be unclothed and free of sunscreen. Ensure the rest of the body is kept warm. Absorb the concentrated red rays for ten minutes in the morning sun and ten minutes in the evening sun.


The holistic practice of placing the earth’s natural stones within the body’s magnetic field, to restore the flow of healthy positive energy within and around the body, by removing the toxic negative energy. The earth is crystalline as it is composed of minerals, and our bodies are crystalline in essence; therefore our energies resonate harmoniously with the vibration of crystals. Each crystal possesses a unique chemical make-up, which determines its healing property and appearance. Placing a crystal in our energy field or on a chakra, allows our body to raise its vibration to that of the crystal. Traditionally, the earth’s stones were well known for their capacity to encourage self-healing and were used to treat the systems of the body, mind and spirit.

  • The following crystals can be placed within the body’s energy field or taped on to the skin to assist in relieving pain;
  • Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz remove negative energy and balance the emotions to release tension.
  • Amethyst and Chrysocolla alleviate long-standing  arthritic, rheumatic, joint, gout and muscular pain.
  • Aventurine and Blue Lace Agate are cooling and calming to relieve chronic inflammation and cold pain.
  • Moonstone and Garnet are grounding and nourishing to alleviate pre-menstrual, lower abdominal and lower back pain.

Yoga Asanas

The ancient Indian holistic practice of physical postures known as asanas, each of which has specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits to unite the body, mind, and soul. Regular practice of the asanas instils a calming and balancing effect on our endocrine and nervous system, to relieve stress and anxiety. It is believed that as our physical body becomes relaxed, flexible and open, this promotes a similar effect on our mental and emotional body. Traditionally, yoga asanas were practiced to detoxify and balance the body and quieten the mind.

The following postures assist in empowering the adrenal glands to treat the root cause of pain:

The Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) tones and balances the adrenal glands.

  • Lie down on your abdomen with your legs hip width apart.
  • Bend your knees and bring your heels towards your buttocks.
  • Grasp your outer ankles with your hands.
  • Lift your thighs, head and chest, off the floor.
  • Bring your awareness to your breathing.
  • Relax in the posture for up to five minutes.
  • Practice three times a day before meals.

The Viparita Karani Asana (Upside Down Seal Pose) allows the adrenal glands to rest and recharge.

  • Lie on your back with your right hip close to the wall.
  • Raise both legs vertically against the wall.
  • Loosen your shoulders and place your arms overhead.
  • Bring your awareness to your breathing.
  • Relax in the posture for up to ten minutes.
  • Practice two times a day.


Chromotherapy Healing Visualizations

The ancient Indian holistic practice of using colour to create positive images of healing within the mental body, which allows the emotional body to respond, by becoming receptive to healing, which subsequently initiates the healing process in the physical body. Each colour has its individual vibration and carries its own healing properties. Our body and mind are intricately connected, which allows our thoughts to have a direct influence on our physical health. By using the power of our mind, to envision our healing in process, we are disciplining our nervous system to react in a positive way, resulting in the desired outcome. The regular practice of healing visualizations, allows us to detach from our past limited beliefs to release our fears, bring our awareness to the present moment, to enable us to create a healthy future. Traditionally, there was an innate awareness of the mind, body, soul connection and healing visualizations were practiced through daily prayer.

The following visualization can be memorized, recorded or recited by a partner.

Practice morning and evening.

The colour associated with pain is red.

  • Lie down comfortably, close your eyes, and visualize the colour red.
  • See the colour red as a red stream of healing energy, gently flowing towards your body.
  • Allow the red stream of healing energy to surround your entire being.
  • Bring your awareness to the area of your body that requires pain relief.
  • Visualize the affected area gently absorbing the red stream of healing energy.
  • The affected area feels warm, relaxed and soothed by the red stream of healing energy.
  • Allow any discomfort, congestion and pain to be dissolved, by the red stream of healing energy.
  • Feel the red stream of healing energy instilling comfort, relief and relaxation to the affected area.
  • Your entire body feels light and free of stress and tension.
  • Visualize the red healing energy improving the blood flow and oxygenation throughout your body.
  • Feel yourself becoming balanced and empowered.
  • Bring your awareness to your breathing.
  • Allow any emotional pain or trauma to be released with each exhalation.
  • Open you eyes gently and repeat aloud,
  • ‘I proceed with a new understanding and forgiveness to free my body and mind’.

In today’s fast-paced world, as we strive to create balance within our bodies, tranquillity within our minds and harmony within our lives, to experience inner peace and contentment, we can benefit enormously from the ancient Indian holistic wisdom of self-healing practices, to cleanse, calm and empower our energies, ensuring they flow smoothly and synchronically, instilling physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

‘Diagnose, Treat, and Cure All Dis-ease with Traditional Indian Holistic Therapies’

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Traditional Indian holistic therapies recognize that the symptoms of our dis-eases are merely the body’s innate method of correcting the imbalances within, to allow us to return to our natural state of wholeness. These imbalances originate in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies; therefore, treating only the symptoms of our dis-eases does not address the root cause.

Applying traditional Indian holistic therapies enables us to cleanse, balance, and empower our energies — and in her book, ‘Diagnose, Treat, and Cure All Dis-ease with Traditional Indian Holistic Therapies’, Vera Kaur will share these therapies with you, allowing you to create a smooth, harmonious flow of energy in your body, and instill physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

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About the author:

vera-kaurVera Kaur is from Sikh Indian origin. She grew up with holistic therapies and in her twenties she lived in the ashrams of India, where she observed the remarkable results of the self-healing practices used by the traditional energy healers. Vera would like us all to be empowered with this ancient Indian wisdom, to take responsibility for our own well-being. Through her dreams and meditations, she was guided to write her book, ‘Diagnose, Treat, and Cure All Dis-ease with Traditional Indian Holistic Therapies’.

Vera can be contacted via her website:


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