Choose Your Own Adventure! – 7 Steps to Creating the Life You Dream Of

By Hilde Larsen

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

By simply realizing that you are in charge of, and responsible for, your own life and health, you activate your inner power. That power has always been there, it never left you, it is who you are. The life that we live is colored by every single choice that we make. Even a thought is a choice, and choice and responsibility go together. Owning everything, every choice that you make and every thought you have is empowering — and scary for many of us.

Often we have a “but” coming, as if there is a reason for the above statements not to be true for us in particular. You might say: “Yes, this is all well and good, but, you see — for me it is not that easy. You see, I have this and this going on and I cannot do this for this and that reason.” As long as we keep looking, there will be a reason not to honor our inner power. There are as many reasons as there are but’s.

So, what is this all about? If you feel a but coming on, know that it is only your own fear speaking. Your mind is trying to reason your way out of losing its hold on you. Taking full responsibility and making your whole life your own business is a very scary thing. The mind finds it’s control well worth fighting for – hence it’s need for this interference. The inner reasoning is only trying to keep you from realizing that your life is your own business, and that there really is no reason why it is not.

7 steps to start choosing your life!

1. Choose how to respond to every single situation that arises.

A response is not the same as a reaction. When we respond, we are giving back a balanced analysis or answer to a given activity or outside event. A reaction is an emotionally based response that we see as coming from a place of hurt and lack. The same exact situation can arise in front of two different people, and their perception of it might be completely different. How you respond and react is entirely up to you. You can love or hate, and you can accept or deny. As long as we keep working on ourselves, the detachment from having to live our lives through a reaction pattern will slowly fade.

2. Let go of what is not serving you.

Be it a non-serving relationship or a job that you are not happy with, it is your choice to let it go or let it be. You can change your job, or you can love it as it is – that is how powerful you are. Nothing outside of you can ever demand how you feel or act. Only you can trigger that motion. Letting go simply means not letting it obstruct your inner calm and feelings. You can hold on to anything you want, as long as you realize that you are the one who has to live with it.

3. Choose what you eat.

This is such a transformational topic. So simple, yet so hard. Every single thing you put in your mouth is by choice. This in turn means that your health on every level is yours to decide. I know, it might feel like a tough statement to make, but it is the truth. Detoxification is the key to health and healing, and through changing our diet to a supporting and cleansing one, we are changing our whole lives. The physical body is connected to our emotional body, and once that train towards Joy City, on the corner of Health and Happiness, leaves the station, there is no going back, not unless one really wants to. So, choose wisely what you feed your body and know that the power of choice is yours!

4. Your unlimited choice to change and grow.

Change is perceived as hard, and therefore it will often bring on a high level of resistance. Not only resistance for the obvious reason, being that hard is less desirable, no, this is a much deeper kind of resistance. Letting go of what is, can be scarier than anything, and holding on to what is will keep life in your comfort-zone, even if it is an uncomfortable one. Yes, even then, the obvious choice can seem out of reach.

5. Allow yourself to take action.

When it comes to choosing a path that makes you happy, no-one or no-thing is holding you back. The free will to take action is always there. Through the motion you put forth and the steps that you take, you are honoring your freedom of choice.

6. Use your freedom to love your life!

Loving life exactly as it is, is a conscious choice. From the vibration of love comes more to love, so you see – this choice is a truly powerful one. Find everything that you love about your life and focus on that every single day.

7. Inspire yourself!

By realizing that you are the one you have been waiting for, you can act like the BOSS that you are. Only you are responsible for your own enthusiasm and passion.

Your life is your responsibility and your business. Power up and act like it!

Your power is so much stronger than your mind; your inner light and ability to heal and restore is grander than you can ever imagine. No person, no event or circumstance can stand in the way of your ability to choose your own life. The inner strength that we all hold is released when we allow it to be.

Of course, action is always involved in any part of creation. Everything is constantly moving, changing and vibrating. Nothing is ever still. Every thought that you think is a form of action that puts into motion a whole set of events. These events are what is becoming your life, the story that you are writing. You hold the pen and you write every word. You can turn the page and start again on any given day. You can change your story, even the meaning of your past. The events that have happened are there, but how you perceive them is entirely up to you. What you make of them, how you color them and give them meaning, is in your control.

Your life is your dance and your expression. Health and healing is always there for you. This is your time to shine, and you are so worth it.

Go get it!

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About the author:

Hilde Larsen, known as ‘the one who Inspires’, is the CEO and founder of She is a certified Health and Mindset Coach, an Author, a Keynote Speaker, Detox Specialist, Raw food Teacher and Life-Enthusiast. Her glowing enthusiasm for health and vitality has the leading role in her work. Her interest in healing and spiritual growth also led her to become a Reiki Healer. She is highly intuitive and has a strong connection to Mother Earth and the spiritual world.

Hilde Larsen writes articles, and has her own blog and YouTube channel. She is the author of three published books: ‘From HELL to Inspired’, ‘Know the Truth and Get Healthy’, and ‘No More Bullshit’. She creates online video programs and has her own membership site, The Inspired Members.

Born and raised in Stavanger, Norway, she and her husband of 29 years have a second home in Florida, USA. She is a proud mother and grandmother, and a tree-hugger at heart. Called by nature and spirit, she is inspiring many to take back their power, and to live a healthy successful life doing what they love. Hilde now spends her time traveling between Norway and Florida, speaking, and appearing on different media as the Inspired health and thought leader. She is an authority in her field who has walked her talk. She also values the time with her clients, and her time in nature with her closest family and friends.

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