The Simplicity of Detoxification – And What Symptoms to Expect

25th July, 2018

By Hilde Larsen

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Detoxification (or ‘detox’) has become a popular word in the natural health industry. We are offered products that will detoxify the body, bombarded with protocols and potions, but do we really need any of it? Doesn’t the body detoxify naturally?

It absolutely does, and here is the thing: The word detoxification simply means cleansing, and the body is a self-cleansing mechanism. What it isn’t is a chemical processor, fit to handle what we throw at it in the modern world of toxins. Sadly, we are living in a toxic overload and our bodies are hurting from it. BIG time. And not just from processed and altered food, but stress and emotional disconnection. For this reason, a true healing regime or program will include emotional and mental work as well as a physical cleansing regime. The mind-body-soul connection is powerful, and it will be impossible not to include all aspects of the being if we are to successfully detox. Detoxification promotes letting go of everything that is not serving us.

We need to look to nature, get back to the basics, and trust in our own bodies and their ability to heal. We will heal by eating fresh living organic foods as we were meant to. That way, we will allow our body to take care of business. In this lifetime, in this world, the challenges are many for most of us. It seems the non-foods presented to us, alongside the stress, the polluted air, the negative programming and the fear of change, is holding us captive in our polluted houses. In so-called dis-ease.

All you have to do is to let go of everything that is not serving you, be it foods, emotions or actions. There is nothing to figure out or to speculate in, really. The body will do the rest. Simplicity is a challenge for the educated mind, and this very fact is important to acknowledge. Our intellect and our craving for intellectual growth, has contributed to the state that we are in. It is time to hit the shift button and think again. Less is more.

The simplicity of detoxification:

Stop bringing in more garbage:

This means, no more altered chemistry, chemicals or toxins. Not in form of hurtful drugs, or supplements as isolates or pesticides. Do not eat anything that requires a label, as no real food does. Stay away from salt, oils, and stimulants, and keep the standard high on a preferably organic, high fruits diet. Do a few weeks of juices alone. Eliminate anything processed. Stop using harmful chemicals in your home, as anything you eat, breathe and smell, you in fact eat. It is all absorbed into your blood and tissues, creating a toxic overload in your body. Look for ways to make your own lotions and detergents and be inspired by the many tips and recipes found in this book. You’ve got this.

Move the lymph:

Through eating raw living foods only, the lymph will start moving. By also being active, practicing walking, yoga, qigong, swimming and stretching, you will move to heal. Make sure that your kidneys are filtering, or you will have some extra work to do. The kidneys are filtering out lymphatic waste and will naturally release toxins and metabolic waste from your body. Your urine should reflect this through sediments/particles.

Open all eliminating organs:

Clean out the intestines and do some liver flushes. Use a sauna to open up the skin and look to herbs for extra strength and organ support. Sometimes working with a practitioner that is also a detoxification specialist, will help determine your weaknesses and how to address them with herbs and essential oils.

Let the acidic waste and toxins out:

Allow yourself to live through the detoxification process. It can be a long process, all depending on your age, your current state of health, how long you have been out of health, and how your organs and glands are conditioned from birth. Be kind to yourself, rest and relax.

Watch health be restored:

Enjoy the ride back to your inspired state of perfect health and keep your focus on your path. Do not let anyone or anything discourage you or make you lose your focus. This is your time to shine, and you are so worth it!

Your body will tell you when it needs cleansing:

When our perfectly designed healing mechanism struggles, WE will feel it. The signals are many, and I wish I had listened to mine. From living with the more tolerable issues like edema, ulcers, and pain, I kept on disregarding the signs of an acidic and clogged up body until I was bedridden with severe rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease, and anxiety attacks. Like so many of us, I refused to listen and take charge.

When time is of the essence:

Not everyone has time to transition to a healthier lifestyle. Some are barely hanging on, trying to save their lives. For everyone who is in the situation of long standing, chronic, painful and degenerative disease, I say there is no time to lose. Even though the change can be hard and challenging, the decision has to be made. A diet of fruits, berries, and melons are on the menu, and that is that. The top-of-the-mountain, acute healing diet is a grape fast, and nothing will allow the acids to move like the grapes do.

No one knows how deep you will have to dig, or how long it will take, but the body will do it’s very best every single day. Know that you hold the power, one step at the time. Get support and a close follow up, to ensure that you are allowing your body to heal safely.

When you are tired of feeling sick:

You might be low in energy and have many different hurts and pains. You might even be on some sort of chemical medication. You are functioning and need to keep going to work. You really want to get healthy, and will do whatever it takes, little by little.

I say to you, do not wait any longer. I waited and waited, until one day I was almost out cold. I had done my best not to listen to my body`s signals for years. If you are where I was, I recommend you start by reading my book “From HELL to Inspired”. My hope is that it will inspire you to wait no more. Be done. Step into the raw right away and include some greens and raw food recipes if you like. Your house is on fire, even though it might not look that way.

When you know what you are doing is not optimal, but:

You are the lucky one, the one that is doing what we should all be doing. Educating yourself, with the intent to change before the symptoms of ill health set in. You are the one that has the opportunity to walk healthy through this lifetime, by simply changing what will create a problem down the road. When you transition to the raw food diet and change the way you live and think. You will feel what feeling good feels like. If you believe you are feeling great right now, wait for the real buzz. Do not wait until later, go get it!

Healthy is the typical norm; it is what we are designed to experience. The smallest indication that we are not healthy is the body’s cry for change.

*The symptoms of cleansing can be many, and scary. Make sure that you are informed, and that you know what to expect. For some, the journey is simply fun from the get-go. For others, it is not. The body might beg to differ, as it is cheering and clapping, saying; Finally, this shit is leaving me! Educate yourself on the topic and find your inner guidance.

The Healing Crisis

Whenever we up our game, raise our vibration, eat better and love more we might feel the body cleanse itself.

Stay safe, and always consult your healthcare facilitator or practitioner before embarking on any dietary changes. As your body will go into a cleansing mode, it can start throwing out some garbage.

And as much as we want that to happen, if your eliminating organs are not up to par, you WILL feel some cleansing symptoms. It is impossible to predicts. You might very well feel amazing this whole week, and you might end up feeling like you have the flu. All good. All perfect for YOU. Learn to know your body and honor the path.

Sexual Energy

Here is a list of common detoxification symptoms:

Mucus coming out everywhere:

A typical symptom that the body is loosening up old mucus and transporting out old waste is the release of mucus. It can be new mucus, made to carry out bacteria or toxins, or it can be older mucus, that the body has been holding on to for years. Any opening can and will be used for excreting toxins from the body. The nose, the throat, our colon, our ears, the kidneys, and the eyes, are all available for the body to use. Next time you need to blow your nose, celebrate! Your body is doing its job, expelling mucus!

Cold and flu-like symptoms:

You might feel like you have gotten what we call the flu. This calls for a celebration as it is a symptom of cleansing and elimination. Toxins are being stirred up in the body, and through the low-grade fever, maybe some vomiting or coughing, the body is trying to eliminate waste.

Watery, runny, and red itchy eyes, are all a part of that same process.

Fevers and chills:

The body will raise the temperature to get rid of bacteria and microbes, so a low-grade fever is a common detoxification symptom. Although the low-grade fever is most common, a high-grade fever can strike also. If it does, that is a sign of some deep cleansing, and some well-hidden bacteria coming to the surface.

Headaches and dizziness:

These are very common cleansing symptoms. The head sits on top of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and will start to drain when you start to clean out your bowels. Ringing in the ears, the red eyes, a blurred vision even, are all symptoms of lymph moving in the head. Anything from hair-dies to cosmetics will also leave a lot of toxins in our head, and for those of us that are missing our tonsils, the draining job has been impaired.

Hair loss and loss of weak cells:

Remember that every weak cell will want to leave. Hair follicle cells are no different. Many experiences to lose some hair, only to regrow new, beautiful, stronger hair.

Itching and rashes:

This can be a tough one for many. The skin is the third kidney, and we know by now that most of us have some weaknesses in our kidneys. Once the cleansing starts, the skin will expel what the kidneys cannot. Rashes in all forms, from itchy, bumpy skin, to hives and boils. There might also be itching with no rash, as the acids are coming to the surface.

Gas and bloating:

These are very typical symptoms with very obvious causes. First of all – parasites will excrete toxins when dying, known as die-off symptoms. This will create gas and bloat in itself.

Fungus and mold are leaving the intestinal tract feeling like a war zone when leaving. On top of that, we are pulling on the lymphatic system to release acids through the intestinal wall, and that will also feel like an acid bomb. Sulfur is released, and we know what that smells like.

Constipation and diarrhea:

Constipation often fluctuates between complete stagnation, and what we call diarrhea. It is the same thing, it’s just the body`s attempt to get rid of what has been obstructing and intoxicating the system. When it detoxifies, it is different. The constipation is a reaction to too many toxins building up, and too much waste trying to leave at once. We are impacted with mucus and old fecal matter, and we are allowing it to be released. It might not feel comfortable, but it is very necessary.

Swelling and inflammation:

There might be swelling around old injuries or traumas, as well as edema and inflammation during this time. The body is holding on to water-weight to dilute the acids being released. Inflammation is also used as an aid in healing, together with edema. It will dilute harmful substances and bring in large quantities of oxygen and nutrients.

General pain:

Old injuries might show themselves to heal, and old hurts will re-surface. Acids are being released into the tissue and might create a temporary stiffness and pain all over the body.

Fatigue and weakness:

The body will use its energy where it is most needed. If you have a weak adrenal gland, you might also feel extra week in periods while it is rebalancing. Cleansing takes a lot of energy, and it is being used wisely.

Brain fog and lack of focus:

Anything from bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, old vaccine residue and more is being let go of. This means that the toxins that will be floating around can cause some temporary discomfort. As many of them are neurotoxins, your brain will be affected.

Heavy metals from your mouth, and again, together with so many of us not having our tonsils, we are prone to experiencing some cleansing symptoms in form of being less than clear-minded.

Anxiety and depression:

Cells hold memory, and once you release old and damaged cells, the emotions that they hold will come forth. Expect to revisit some old hurts and emotional upsets. Know that it’s all good. Also, as the endocrine glands are healing, anxiety and depression-like symptoms might arise. The adrenals are the glands that mimic what we call anxious symptoms, and the thyroid is the seat of depression. None of this is the real you. Our organs represent different emotions.

Always Remember…

The kidneys are the seat of fear, and the liver is the seat of anger. Keep this in mind as you let the body work its way through healing and regeneration. For some, the emotional symptoms of cleansing are often the most challenging ones to live through. The more you know about what is happening in your body, the easier it will be. Fear is a great dominator and will exacerbate any symptom.

The body will get to work on any weak or damaged part of the body. Even an old scar will fade over time. Only healthy cells will be left, and any weak cell will have to go. The whole point is to let the body get rid of everything that is weakened and damaged, and it will. It is so eager to do so, that it jumps to the task the minute it gets a chance.

There are as many detoxification symptoms as there are humans. This is a short list to give you a general idea, but it is by no means a complete one. By letting the body detoxify itself we are not doing anything to it, adding anything or forcing any action at all. On the contrary, we are stepping back and letting it do exactly what it wants to do. The amazing thing is that every single body seems to want to do the exact same thing. It seems we are not that different at all. To me, that is what the truth looks like.

The body will detoxify all our bodies at the same time; The physical, the mental and the emotional body. That means that once we start to eat what the body is designed to eat, it will also let us know which emotional waste we have been holding on to. By giving it a break from having to digest and eliminate more waste, it now has the ability to use the energy to clear everything from old emotions to mucus in our intestines.

Detoxification is not a thing, it is an ongoing process. Your HEALTH is an ongoing process, not triggered by a product or done in a week or two, but as a continuous blessing if you allow it. If you are anything like me, you might have to let the body dig deep and change your entire outlook on life and explore what this blessing can do for YOU. By stepping into the world of detoxification, as a means of complete healing and regeneration.

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