Twists and Turns: Astrology Forecast, October 21–28, 2018

October 21st, 2018

By Lorna Bevan

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The Full Moon in Taurus; the Sun in Scorpio conjunct Venus and oppose Uranus in Taurus.

Twists and Turns

Very quietly, under the radar, a huge collective and personal karmic shift begins at the Taurus Full Moon whose impact will be inescapable over the next 7 years. Pluto – the Great Eliminator of everything and everyone who has had their day – sinks below the ecliptic plane for the first time in 250 years: the God of the Underworld is returning to the Underworld. The last time this happened was in 1770 at the time of the Boston Massacre. The outlying storm ripples are already reaching us now. On the collective level, the karmic levers of power are shifting gear. In its shadow form, Pluto is associated with underworld figures, networks, criminal cartels, transnational bankers and foreign power brokers.

Globally, nationally and personally, we are now totally engaged in the search for the sacred medicine – the antidote to the poison. It is a quest for soul retrieval – for the soul of a nation and for the healing of your deepest wounding. The fact that this time Pluto’s descent is happening during the Evolutionary Burn and with Earth transiting within the massive Photon Band of super high transformational Light, means that this Ecliptic crossing by Pluto will not resemble any previous ones.

Up close and personal in your own life, Pluto will shine an unblinking light on weaknesses and blind sides so that whatever isn’t working – health, toxic habits, limiting beliefs, relationships – can be burned away, offered up and released to the Solar winds. What’s left, what does work will stand clearly and be enhanced with a pure energy. Pluto is all about truth, congruence, stripping back to essentials, loss, healing, and regeneration.

On Tuesday October 23rd, the Sun enters Pluto’s sign of Scorpio and immediately opposes unpredictable Uranus. On Wednesday, the annual Taurus Full Moon conjuncts Uranus opposing Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio both square the Nodes of Fate. This is a Fixed Grand Cross in early degrees and the image that comes to mind is powerful energy that has had the lid kept on too long and is now about to explode.

Scorpio tends to operate behind the scenes covertly and secretly as exemplified by the Russian state poisoning of a UK citizen or the murder of a journalist inside the Saudi embassy. Venus is at the midpoint of her retrograde descent, in the shadowy underworld.

The Full Moon seismic window lasts from October 20–27th so expect to feel either extra sensitive and hyped up or to be flatlining.

Chandra Symbol for Moon/Uranus: Wilting flowers that form a graceful pattern in a vase.

“This is a way station chosen strictly for the purposes of being allowed to be spared any fire of needing to get it together, in order to heal on the inside slowly and in ways which are outside the loop of destiny or any forward movement. This can be just the right place to be, but even then, it is laced with regrets and a deep down feeling of so much being lost and fading away. Nonetheless, if we do choose to take up this pattern, we have our reasons. It may be true that we don’t always need to be happening in some powerful sense. Just to be at rest and to embrace the stillness with equanimity is a rare virtue.”

Aries Weekly Forecast: 21–28 October 2018

Make financial security your top priority.

In a week when the seismic window is active, you can expect other people to be extra-sensitive, edgy or thin skinned. And this week on October 24th there’s a potent Full Moon right across the financial axis of your chart on top of unpredictable Uranus. Yes, money is in the frame-more specifically your earned income. A client you relied on may walk away, an agreement or contract may end or a promotion or bonus fail to materialise. Whatever happens, don’t rely on others to help you, but find some creative ways to resolve recurring money issues once and for all. Prepare for the leaner times just up ahead in 2019 and become as financially independent as you can.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: 21–28 October 2018

This too will pass.

Think back to May this year when unpredictable Uranus entered Taurus. What changed? What ended? What began? This Thursday’s Full Moon in your sign is conjunct surprise agent Uranus and at odds with the Sun and Venus in your relationship zone, so a new partnership — either personal or professional — that began back then might be going from strength to strength or fizzling out like a damp firework. Even if you feel like issuing an ultimatum or walking away and never looking back, take a few days to let the dust settle before you make any hard and fast decisions. When your ruler Venus is retrograde it’s never a good time to cut the ties that bind no matter how strained they might be.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: 21–28 October 2018

Ask yourself:” What am I settling for, putting up with or tolerating? ” — that’s your escape plan right there.

Wednesday’s Taurus Full Moon is deep in your 12th House, the engine room of your chart. Change is brewing but behind the scenes and you can’t quite put your finger on your sudden attack of restlessness. That’s down to unpredictable Uranus shaking up your emotions and waking you up out of your comfort zone. Your usual routines feel deadening and you have a strong sense that you’re meant to be doing something else with your life. What Venus retrograde is revealing is just how restricted you feel in your current situation. By all means make plans to liberate yourself but don’t launch them until November 16th when Venus turns forward again.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: 21–28 October 2018

Walking your talk.

This week’s astrology is making it crystal clear that you need some new goals, priorities and ambitions. Wednesday’s Full Moon conjunct awakener Uranus will bring people or situations into your life who challenge or even violate your deepest values, revealing what you believe in in stark black and white. Instead of blaming them, take a step back and look at the gap between what you say and what you do. If you’re not living your day to day life around what you value the most, then you’re not being congruent. Think about it.

Leo Weekly Forecast: 21–28 October 2018

All change.

The annual Taurus Full Moon at the pinnacle of your chart always bring change-this year expect it in spades as unpredictable Uranus conjuncts the Full Moon. Extreme restlessness, itchy feet and the desire to drop everything and go travelling are all signs that you’ve outgrown your current situation-probably a job role — and are more than ready for new horizons. This sense of time running out is partly caused by the Node of Fate exiting Leo for the next 18 years, reactivating the wild card eclipses that have shaken you inside out since 2017. Don’t just grab the first offer that comes along but be on the look out for openings where none existed before.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: 21–28 October 2018

Shaking things up.

This is a week to start investigating new places and untried possibilities -dipping your toes in the water to see how it feels. Wednesday’s Full Moon in compatible Earth sign Taurus is electrified by unpredictable Uranus in your 9th House of far horizons, nudging you out of outworn situations. Travel of some sort is on the agenda — whether literal or through study which expands your inner scenery. Find new and more creative ways to break up your habitual routines and upgrade your technology, appearance and surroundings. You’ll be surprised at how small changes can have far reaching effects.

Libra Weekly Forecast: 21–28 October 2018

Strengthening your personal foundations.

It’s past time to upgrade your hopes, plans and ambitions ready for exciting opportunities just up ahead. Remind yourself that your thoughts are a projector, not a camera and that as soon as you change your thinking, you instantly change your world. Wednesday’s Taurus Full Moon activates your 8th House of resources and finances. Not only that, the Moon is electrified by unpredictable Uranus while the Sun is conjunct your ruler, retrograde Venus. Take a long, close look at all your financial agreements and commitments and weed out any that are not to your advantage. Reduce your expenditure and balance the books. This will prove to be crucial preparation for 2019’s leaner climate.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: 21–28 October 2018

Intriguing possibilities.

This could turn out to be a time of opportunity for you as a solar Scorpio, but to grab it before it disappears, you need to think like an Aikido master. Events are conspiring to set you on a new path. On Tuesday the Sun returns to your sign conjunct retrograde Venus, raising your energy levels. Then Wednesday’s Full Moon in your opposite sign is conjunct the awakener planet, Uranus. What this suggests is either a breakthrough or a rupture in an important relationship. Whatever happens, trust your heart over your head and if you decide to cut your losses, do it cleanly and permanently. Make the very most of expansive Jupiter in your sign until November 16th by believing in yourself and acting in your own best interests.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: 21–28 October 2018

Take heart — Jupiter returns to your sign on November 16th and a brand new 12 year cycle of opportunity begins.

This is the time of year when your energy levels are low and your batteries are flat. On Tuesday the Sun — our Light-disappears into the deepest most inaccessible part of your chart for the next month. Not only that the annual Taurus Full Moon is on your axis of retreat where Venus is retrograde. It’s the perfect time to upgrade your body, mind and spirit by changing your habitual routines. Rest up and look after your health and wellbeing. It’s definitely about being rather than doing; about allowing events to happen at their own pace and to stop micromanaging people or situations.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: 21–28 October 2018

2019 is set to be your year.

Ever since Pluto turned forward in your sign at the beginning of October, you’ve been steadily making practical progress towards a long-held goal. On Wednesday, the annual Taurus Full Moon in a compatible Earth sign shows you just how far you have come — a progress report of sorts. With unpredictable Uranus in the frame plus Venus retrograde, someone might put a stumbling block in your way or an unexpected twist and turn threaten to derail your grand scheme. Give the dust time to settle then adjust your timetable and re-work your blueprint. There’s no need to let yourself be blown off course.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: 21–28 October 2018

Calling time.

The urge for liberation from a restrictive situation will be very strong this week. On Wednesday the annual Full Moon in Taurus is electrified by your ruler Uranus opposite retrograde Venus. Someone or something is not working out as you hoped and is dampening your spirits. Instead of keeping on keeping on, draw a line in the sand and walk away. This will free you up to accept a much better offer or to follow your heart and launch your own business. Keep reminding yourself that you are a free spirit and refuse to accept the unacceptable.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: 21–28 October 2018

Openings and opportunities.

This week keep repeating the saying: “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” How is this relevant to you? All the effort and due diligence you’ve put in since late last year is about to pay off. Wednesday’s Full Moon in your zone of communications is electrified by unpredictable Uranus, so anticipate calls and messages from people you’ve worked with and impressed in the past. An offer of working abroad or at a distance is possible which could bear fruit in 2019 as the financial sector shrinks. Take all the time you need to make a hard and fast decision and wait until gift bearer Jupiter returns to your opposite sign of contracts and alliances on November 16th.

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I’m a qualified Psychological Astrologer, Jungian Psychotherapist and Master NLP Coach, and I’m currently taking a Master’s Degree in Analytical Astrology. I’ve had a varied career as a Modern Languages Teacher, a Management Development Consultant, a Counselling Clinician at Personal Performance Consulting Worldwide, a Personal and Career Coach and Psychotherapist, and former Consultant Astrologer for The Sunday Times Magazine.

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