New Horizons: Astrology Forecast October 28 – November 4, 2018

October 28th, 2018

By Lorna Bevan

Guest writer for Wake Up World

As Mercury in Sagittarius conjuncts Jupiter, Venus Retrograde in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries and squares the Node of Fate.

New Horizons

As October ends and November begins, the first inklings of possibility and hope arrive. But it is not quite as straightforward as it seems/ There are cycles within cycles, wheels within wheels — and intense weeks of collective and personal change up ahead. Keep in mind that everything — and I mean everything — is playing out against the landscape of Pluto’s once-in-250-years deep dive below the ecliptic. The God of the Underworld is returning to the underworld; the karmic levers of power are shifting.

The week opens with Mercury merging with Jupiter at the end of Pluto’s sign of Scorpio when the Messenger enters his upcoming retrograde shadow (retrograde between November 16 – December 7). This is potent expansive energy when change feels not only possible but absolutely essential yet the shadow side can be over optimism, drama and fanaticism on behalf of a cause or set of beliefs.

The Chandra Symbol from Inside Degrees: Scorpio 27

Three blue robin eggs.

“Holding inside you a complete future vision. Preserving and guarding a limitless awareness of what can be and of what shall be. You feel so pervasively the impact of what you carry inside that each piece of it now becomes supercharged with meaning and archetypal power, beyond how it might seem to anybody else. Being in the preliminary stages of something so vast and staggering that even those stages feel momentous beyond conception. Just about bowled over by future destiny. The personal self of now is cast into shadow, seeming trivial, a throwaway. But so transported by prenatal resolves to go all the way this time that any sacrifice or difficulty is chalked up to necessary stages of rough process. And the inner mind holds its lodestar in view, and simply cooks inside till it’s time to boil over.”

The chart shows a stunning harmonious Grand Trine between Mercury/Jupiter, Chiron and the Node of Fate offering opportunities for healing and growth. But balanced against this is the ongoing Fixed Grand Cross between the Nodes of Fate, Uranus and Venus Retrograde, symbolising a push for real change against huge resistance by the status quo. With Uranus as a focal point, anticipate twists, turns, shocks and out of the blue events.

November 2018 marks a complete break with the past, when choices made now will set your direction for the whole of 2019 to the epochal Saturn/Pluto Conjunction on 12 January 2020. Sign up to my November 5D Report for your Guide to leaving the past behind, turning your face towards the future and resourcing yourself for a yearlong walk between two great lines of force — the Razor Edge Path of Grace and Grit.

Aries Weekly Forecast: October 28-November 4, 2018

Thinking way outside the box.

If you expect the unexpected this week, you’ll be ready rather than reactive and able to manoeuvre like an Aikido master. Your axis of finances, assets and shared resources is being shaken and stirred by a combination of awakener Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter. This suggests the potential for twists and turns, for drama and for new possibilities that could lead to expansion. You need to find the sweet spot between opportunity and security so you can make the most of any opportunity that comes your way. Start by throwing a spanner in the well oiled machinery of your limited expectations.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: October 28-November 4, 2018

Expecting better.

With so much of the planetary action focused in your opposite sign, relationships of all kinds are forefront and centre stage. Sun conjunct Venus plus Mercury conjunct Jupiter are alignments of opportunity and potential, nudging you to raise your eyes beyond the day to day and dream large. Ask yourself: “Who in my life drains me and who energises me?” then do a people audit, starting with yourself. What’s your relationship to you? Is it nurturing, supportive and sponsoring or critical, harsh and never satisfied? As your ruler Venus travels backwards until November 16th, look at all your relationships — personal and professional — as transactions, and discard any that are not win/win.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: October 28-November 4, 2018

Hope and faith return.

If your world has felt muted or grey recently, prepare for a welcome splash of colour as your ruler Mercury meets expansive Jupiter on Monday 29th. With so much planetary activity in your solar 6th House, you’ve been busy doing due diligence and fulfilling responsibilities. Now your thoughts turn to expanding your hopes and dreams way beyond your old cautious limiting beliefs about what is possible for you. As Jupiter enters your opposite sign in early November to stay for a year, raise your eyes from your next task to the endless horizons unfolding right in front of you. Open your heart and your mind to the new and unexplored.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: October 28-November 4, 2018

A breath of fresh air.

Your axis of creativity and contribution is being brought back to life this week by Mercury and Jupiter and the Sun and Venus mixed with a dash of awakener Uranus. You’re ready to reclaim some long held hopes and dreams and to step out and be seen. This could be a time of personal limelight that kickstarts a renaissance — a rebirth of sorts — but you have to grab it in both hands and make it happen. Invest in it and yourself with love, enthusiasm, time, commitment and faith. Keep the big picture in mind while taking one step after another on the track of where you want to be. Start by mixing up your daily routines to break the dead chain of habits.

Leo Weekly Forecast: October 28-November 4, 2018

Whispers of possibility.

With so many planets activating the pinnacle and the depths of your chart together and Venus at odds with firecracker Uranus, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Start changing the dynamics at home and at work by bringing those closest to you onside. Share your ideas and plans and ask for feedback, then listen carefully. You might be surprised by the fresh insights and out of the box thinking you receive. By restoring harmony and removing sources of stress, your wellbeing and sense of balance and stability will increase. The trick to changing your outer world is by changing your inner world first. First you believe it, then you see it.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: October 28-November 4, 2018

Giving yourself some feedback.

The beautiful and unusual magic of having Mercury and Jupiter plus Sun and Venus in your zone of connection needs grounding to bring down into everyday reality. And as an earthy Virgo, you have the rare ability to merge potential with practicality. You may be experiencing the desire to express much more of your personal truth than usual which could feel slightly uncomfortable at first. The key is to take it gently, to frame it as an experiment, to be led by your curiosity rather than a desire to be assertive. Look at all the ways you communicate — verbally and non verbally — via virtual reality and real time, with those closest and with those you work with or contract with. Are you using your skills of rapport to create win/win scenarios or believing that you have to be the lone ranger, depending on no one but yourself?

Libra Weekly Forecast: October 28-November 4, 2018

Change from the inside out.

For you, this week’s unusual astrology is all about defining worth. With Mercury conjunct expansive Jupiter and your ruler Venus conjunct the Sun in your zone of resources, finances and income stream, there is tremendous opportunity to attract more money by developing or launching some new creative projects. With planet of the unexpected Uranus in the mix, you have to believe that you’re worth supporting before you can ask for funding or sponsoring. Ask yourself: “Am I my greatest champion or my worst detractor?” followed by: “Would I invest in myself?” What would you have to believe to take the first step towards your biggest goal?

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: October 28-November 4, 2018

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Your sign is being activated, shaken and stirred by Mercury conjunct Jupiter and also Venus conjunct the Sun opposite unpredictable Uranus and aligned with the Node of Fate. Translated, this means that unusual opportunities for expansion, growth and re-positioning yourself are available as long as you tread carefully through the minefield that is personal relationships. You might be so caught up in your plans that you ignore the warning lights in a close relationship. Mercury combined with expansive Jupiter means drama so a conversation could suddenly turn into a soap opera. If so, refuse to be triggered into saying something you might regret and take a deep breath.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: October 28-November 4, 2018

Lights on!

Believe it — that really is a light at the end of the tunnel and not an approaching train! The glow is from Mercury conjunct your ruler Jupiter on Monday, preparing to return to your own sign for the first time since 2006.Better times are ahead but don’t just sit back and wait for the universe to provide, be proactive by taking the first step to setting some of your long held dreams in motion. With quirky and unpredictable Uranus in the mix, you may surprise yourself with sudden insights into new ways of doing things or else be surprised by events out of your control. However it plays out, keep the big picture in mind and when there’s a decision to be made, ask yourself: “Will this take me nearer or further away from my goal?”

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: October 28-November 4, 2018

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got.

As a Saturn ruled Capricorn, having goals in mind comes as your factory setting. After all, your esoteric mantra is: “I see the goal, I reach the goal and then I see another”. None of which is a problem but sometimes you’re so focused on where you want to get to, that you lose sight of more creative alternatives right in front of you. This week’s astrology is full of potential for doing things differently. With Mercury, Jupiter, the Sun and Venus lighting up your axis of purpose, values and alliances, the gold is in bringing other people onside, asking for their opinions and the paying attention. Insights that could change your direction are available if you stay in the Now.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: October 28-November 4, 2018

Leaving your baggage by the side of the road.

That ongoing dissatisfaction with how things are is about to be dispelled. The restlessness, anxiety and extra sensitivity you’ve been feeling since the eclipses this year is not a permanent state of being. In fact, it’s a signal that change is not only possible but available if you’re ready to reclaim your hope, optimism and enthusiasm. Mercury and expansive Jupiter along with Sun and Venus at the pinnacle of your chart are a flashing neon light warning you to stop being held back by outdated, irrelevant inner rules and look at life with fresh eyes and through a beginner’s mind. Drop hard and fast expectations and ideas about how things should be and follow the thread of possibility right in front of you.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: October 28-November 4, 2018

Trusting your gifts.

This is a season when your innate gifts of sensing, feeling and somehow just “knowing” will be invaluable. With four planets in compatible sensitive Water sign Scorpio, leave planning and linear goal setting for another day and put complete trust your sensory acuity and inner guidance system. And you may well need it with unpredictable Uranus at odds with Venus, shaking up and stirring up your emotions in something of a rollercoaster ride. It could go either way: sparks might fly or water poured over the dying embers of one special relationship. If you reach a choice point, ask yourself: ”Am I getting a big YES or a big NO” then follow your own instincts.

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