Free Online Workshop – Learn How Your Body’s Wisdom Can Help You Transcend Stress & Overwhelm

Are you ready to transform the feelings of overwhelm, stress and trauma that may be hijacking your joy, creativity, and vitality?

Learn how to harness your body’s wisdom to heal trauma and pain, navigate stress, deal with difficult people and situations, and feel clear and centered – even in the craziest of situations – with the FREE online event, Finding Center in an Off-Center World: How to Transcend Stress & Overwhelm Using Your Body Wisdom.

On Saturday, November 17, leading conscious awareness instructor Suzanne Scurlock will show you the keys to experiencing this powerful shift.

Registration is free — just follow this link!

When you join this FREE video event, you’ll discover:

  • Techniques to elegantly navigate challenging times — and difficult people — using your body’s guidance system (just in time for the holidays!)
  • How to stay centered and yet still connected when life pulls you in every direction.
  • Practices that activate your body’s wisdom centers to dissolve stress, pain, and overwhelm — and give you access to the wisdom that’s waiting for you deep down in your bones.
  • Simple ways to release trauma and old belief patterns that have been locked in your body… until now.
  • How to hold healthy boundaries in uncomfortable situations, no matter who’s involve.

If you’ve been looking for a new approach to navigating stress and responding in healthy ways –– especially to challenging people and situations –– please join Suzanne for Finding Center in an Off-Center World: How to Transcend Stress & Overwhelm Using Your Body Wisdom.

Register here for this free online event, designed to help you open yourself up to the full range of body wisdom you need to lead a creative, happy, healthful and abundant life. You’ll discover how to attune to your body’s wisdom areas to dissolve stress, pain and overwhelm — and better navigate (and heal) what appears to be a VERY off-center world.

P.S. A downloadable recording will be provided later to everyone who registers, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.