Unlocking the Secrets of Bi-Location: Explore Your Soul’s Multidimensional Nature

What if you could access wisdom, guidance, love, and support anytime needed? Imagine bridging the gap between the seen and unseen worlds, tapping into a sphere of benevolent, caring allies who have transcended the physical form. This is not just a possibility—it’s within your reach.

Connect with Nonphysical Realms and Enhance Your Life

Join renowned shared-death experiencer Scott M. Taylor, EdD, for a transformative, free hour-long event where you will learn how to unlock the doorway to nonphysical realms. This powerful session is designed to give you real wisdom that applies to everyday physical reality.

What You Will Learn

In this enlightening online event, you’ll gain insights into:

    • Bi-location Techniques: Understand how it works and the profound benefits it offers.
    • Real-time Communication: Explore how the nonphysical universe communicates with you continuously.
    • Intuition Skills: Learn how to trust and test your intuition, distinguishing between internal emotions and external influences.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Strengthen your perceptual antenna to pick up all available information, enhancing your connectivity across multiple dimensions.
  • NDE Insights Without the Experience: Discover how to harness near-death experience insights without undergoing an NDE yourself.

Why Attend?

  • Guidance and Support: Learn how to connect with nonphysical guides for comfort and support.
  • Expand Your Awareness: Awaken to possibilities beyond our physical reality, gaining a deeper sense of purpose and understanding.
  • Personal Growth: Use these insights to catalyze personal and collective evolution.

Expert Guidance from Scott M. Taylor, EdD

Scott has devoted decades to researching and teaching about the multidimensional nature of our existence. Drawing from his vast experience and personal journeys, he will guide you through practical exercises to navigate your own consciousness and open up to the nonphysical world.

Intuitive Exercises Include:

  • Identifying specific signals for “yes” and “no” to trust and test your intuition.
  • Demonstrating how you are already communicating with the universe on multiple levels.


  • RSVP for Free: Register now to secure your spot.
  • Recording Availability: If you miss the live event, a recording will be provided to all registered participants.

Join Scott M. Taylor for this free hour-long journey and master perceptual abilities and practical skills for manifesting your intentions in the physical world. Whether you seek to commune with loved ones or pets or explore new dimensions, this event promises to equip you with the necessary tools.

We look forward to seeing you there and helping you explore the exhilarating power of bi-location and multidimensional experiences!

Secure your spot now!

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