Facing Forwards: Astrology Forecast December 2–9, 2018

December 2nd, 2018

By Lorna Bevan

Guest writer for Wake Up World

On the wings of Mercury turning direct on Friday, Saturday’s New Moon at 15° Sagittarius is conjunct both expansive Jupiter and the Great Attractor — whose strapline is “on the wavelength of the creator’s voice.”

The Great Attractor is a huge mysterious gravitational force slowly drinking in a liquid flow of galaxies, drawing them into its huge gravitational grip at an astonishing 600 km/sec. The most potent source of electromagnetic radiation in the known universe, the Great Attractor bends both space and time, giving a simultaneous view of the past, present and future.  It appears to be receding from us and approaching us at the same time, heading in both directions at an almost impossibly fast pace. In 5D evolutionary astrology the Great Attractor represents the key to the mystery of the universe. It’s a very intense point that has mystical and metaphysical properties. There is a deep awareness of SELF, on all levels from personality based to esoteric that embraces a level of Truthfulness that defies separation to create unity consciousness. When these degrees are activated dilemmas of fate and free will occur.

Shaman Chiron turning direct on Sunday at the very last degrees of the last sign signals that a long weary era is nearing its end. We are about to witness a turning point, complete with revelation upon revelation of what has been – deliberately -concealed. As I wrote in my last 5D Report: “The Key Takeaway for the end of November onwards is: Stop watching the old realities burn and start creating the new.”

With only a month before the Solar eclipse of January 6th and 2019’s epochal astrology, it’s important to understand that this is not action for the sake of it but for mastering the art of just doing the next right thing as you follow Source guidance.

The Chandra Symbol for Sagittarius 15: A Tidal Wave Approaching

“The momentum of collective events runs toward floodtide when there is a major transition from one whole cycle to another. The personal life stream runs in similar patterns. When you’re getting ready to take off in a whole different direction, there is first a transition that is both immensely exciting and fantastically disturbing. You feel just about swept away by the oncoming changes and just before they really get going, the tension, the pressure, and the strain can tear you apart. You want to go with it, yet you yearn for sanctuary. This keen ambivalence gets loaded with desire, anticipation, memory pictures, and utopian visions. The mix is volatile. Learning how to ride this wave is such a great endeavour that it, in itself, becomes what it is all about. The consummate opportunity to open wide, but stay substantively firm and concentrated. Mastery or bust. The infinite future or wipe-out. A spine-tingler all the way.”

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Aries Weekly Forecast: December 2-9, 2018

Make the most of the first three weeks of December’s astrology which could bring some welcome surprises in the form of an uptick in your finances and also your social life. Jupiter in compatible Fire sign Sagittarius is opening up a much bigger stage for you and your comfort zone will start to seem unbearably restrictive. Do something to shake up your routines and habits, take a trip somewhere new and come back with a different perspective. You need some fresh air in your life. Once Mercury turns direct again on Thursday ,get ready to roll as Friday’s New Moon will press the start button on a big new adventure.

Follow your passions.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: December 2-9, 2018

Your personal planet Venus lights up your relationship zone for a whole month from Sunday December 2nd, gifting you with a double dip of festive spirit. If there are bridges to be rebuilt or fences to mend, wait until after Messenger Mercury turns direct again on Thursday then take the initiative — chances are good that it will be well received. Finances are also well starred at Friday’s New Moon in your zone of resources, but with Mercury changing direction and illusionist Neptune in the frame, don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched and check the bottom line on any contract or negotiation.

Time to smell the roses.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: December 2-9, 2018

It may be difficult to decode the signals at the moment. Your ruler Mercury kicks up a trickster storm all week, turning direct on Thursday hours before the annual New Moon in your opposite sign aligns with illusionist Neptune in your career zone. This could go two ways: either you channel Neptune’s dreamtime to create a more expansive blueprint for your future or you let yourself be lost in a fog of doubt and confusion. Just remember that there’s no rush to do anything, except take time to catch up with yourself and become your best supporter and sponsor.

Redrawing your inner maps.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: December 2-9, 2018

Frame the first three weeks of December as a time to finish up old business and tie up loose ends. Your New Year starts on December 22nd at the only Full Moon in your sign in the last twelve months. With Mercury kicking up a Trickster storm all week and a New Moon in your zone of work, service and routine, put your wellbeing, especially your physical health, right at the top of your agenda and make time to chill out, de-stress and relax. After the year you’ve just been through, burnout is the last thing you need.

Postpone all big decisions until late December.

Leo Weekly Forecast: December 2-9, 2018

Much as you’d like nothing better than to go all out on a project that is close to your heart, the signals are mixed. On Thursday 6th, messenger Mercury slows to turn direct at the lowest point of your chart kicking up a Trickster storm of mixed messages, particularly around your home, family and tribe. Let the dust settle before jumping to any conclusions about what it might mean. On the 7th a New Moon in compatible Fire sign Sagittarius aligned with limitless Neptune helps you dream large. Just watch for over inflation, especially where your finances and resources are concerned — don’t invest your time or money in something shiny just for the buzz it gives you.

Living in Now, not Next.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: December 2-9, 2018

If you envision this week as a conjuring trick of smoke and mirrors, you’ll be able to keep your bearings where others are wandering in a fog of confusion. Planet of connection Mercury is slowing to turn direct on Thursday bringing crossed wires and crossed purposes. Add to that illusionist Neptune aligning with Friday’s New Moon at the roots of your chart making you extra sensitive to perceived criticism from your family or tribe. Collaborate with the higher manifestation of this energy flux by pressing the pause button on doing and spending some time just being. When the waters still, clarity returns.

Beneath the surface, peace and calm are available to you.

Libra Weekly Forecast: December 2-9, 2018

Finally your ruler Venus has moved out of your sign after 3 clashes with unpredictable Uranus which has left you reeling. Important aspects of your life such as work, routine and service have been subject to upheavals and glitches beyond your control, so much so you probably thought you were losing your touch. Take heart! After Mercury turns direct on Thursday others will be much more amenable to commitment and contracts can be agreed and loose ends tied up. Friday’s New Moon lights up all your connections, so get back in the game and let people know you are open for business.

From December 21st things will move fast so get ready to clear the decks.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: December 2-9, 2018

Two events this week have the potential to lift your spirits. On Monday ,Venus planet of magnetics enters Scorpio for a month’s stay while on Thursday Mercury (the planet of business and communication) turns direct again in your own sign. Add to that Friday’s New Moon starting a new cycle of money and resources and life starts to feel better. Tie up loose ends and wipe the slate clean of old judgments, resentments and score settling to allow the green shoots of new energy, life and purpose to grow.

Saying Yes to gifts and opportunities that come your way.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: December 2-9, 2018

December could turn out to be one of your happiest months for a very long time, courtesy of all the planetary gifts and support available to you. On Thursday, Mercury moves direct again unblocking channels of communication and on Friday the annual New Moon lights up your own sign right on the Great Attractor. This marks your personal New Year regardless of the calendar. Notice how your intuition and sensory acuity is expanding and becoming one of your greatest assets. Just take care that family members don’t get left behind in your quest for a bigger life.

Your festive season starts now.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: December 2-9, 2018

With the Sun hidden in the deepest part of your chart at odds with slippery Neptune, your inner and outer landscape is shrouded in thick fog, making it a challenge to orient yourself. This is temporary and doesn’t mean you’ve lost touch with reality. Instead it’s your time to turn inwards, to go with the flow for a while and make your wellbeing your priority. Life is going to speed up for you from December 21st and accelerate through the whole of January, so it’s important to recharge now to fire on all cylinders in 3 weeks’ time.

Pay attention to your dreams.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: December 2-9, 2018

Nothing is going to be clear cut this week. If you make this your mantra, you won’t be frustrated by delays, glitches or disappointments. With Mercury kicking up a Trickster storm of miscommunication and slippery Neptune creating a hall of mirrors, there are no definite answers. The higher manifestation of this energy is through channelling your dreams, insights and intuitions, catching them as they float by, as fuel for your journey. This is about trusting your innate GPS to guide you, not about overriding it with logical plans and linear timelines.

An emotional and empathetic awakening.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: December 2-9, 2018

Of all the signs, as a solar Piscean you’re best attuned to navigating this week’s landscape of smoke and mirrors. With Mars and your ruler Neptune in your own sign aligned with the annual New Moon at the pinnacle of your chart, the sky’s the limit. This is the time to dream large by not just thinking out of the box, but stamping on the box. Create a blueprint or a desire map of how you want to feel across all areas of your life then start bringing it through into reality by just doing the next right thing, step by step.

A leap of faith.

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