The Stakes Are High: Astrology Forecast January 13 – 20, 2019

January 13th, 2018

By Lorna Bevan

Guest writer for Wake Up World

High Stakes

A heads up! We are in the slipstream of 2 powerful eclipses — one just behind us and one just up ahead on January 21st, which is already sending ripples back down the time-line. The January 21, 2019 Total Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 0° Leo will be one of the most potent eclipses of 2019 — not just a Lunar eclipse but a Super Blood Full Moon when the Moon is at its closest to the Earth. Not only that but Pluto, Mercury, the South Node of Fate and the Sun are all square the Awakener Uranus just as Mars on the hyper-sensitive world axis in warrior sign Aries squares Saturn, the Lord of Time and Karma — the volatility and unpredictability quotient will be off the scales.

As the shoes just keep on dropping in the fallout from last weekend’s doozy of a solar eclipse, both Awakeners and Disruptors – Uranus and Eris – have turned direct together, hurling lightning bolt after lightning bolt of “aha!” moments, shocks, revelations and sudden insights.

Notice how the Saturn/Pluto Capricorn eclipse shocks are collapsing systems and governments from the inside out as the UK parliament rebels against its own Prime Minister over Brexit and the issue of the Wall has the U.S. at a literal standstill. By the way, the Wall is a real life symbol of the shadow side of Saturn/Pluto — erecting boundaries to keep the Other out.

If you thought last week brought disruption, the stakes get even higher this week — this astrology definitely means business. It’s time to get serious — no one can afford to be passive, avoidant or complacent. Immediately after the Sun squares disruptor Eris on Sunday, the hypersensitive eclipse midpoint degree is triggered and bracketed by Mercury conjunct heavy hitters Saturn then Pluto. It is going to feel like hitting a wall of energy when an immoveable object meets an irresistible force. The spiritual rubber will meet reality road.

Expect power plays, under the radar deals and counter-deals, financial markets in flux with the focus on survival and streamlining.

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The Chandra Symbol for Mercury/Pluto Capricorn 22: A Bare Altar Covered with Black Velvet

“Sometimes a surrender is asked. Previous gains, taken-for-granted knowledge, a certain kind of authoritative stance become a lie. They pose a very great encumbrance and will be the source of much illusion if held to any further.

A greater power is at work behind the scenes here. That power is immense, world-shattering. It requires us to be divested of anything that stands between us and what we are called here to sense. For we are meant to be forged and fashioned into something beyond the grasp of our small personality self. We are being asked to supersede the old patterns and syndromes with something which is already well on its way and just needs our blessing to fulfill its cycle of deep change here.

This is a decisive point, personally and collectively. It can go either way. There are good reasons to hold back, to hold out, to ask for better terms. Yet timing is so very crucial. At the last moment, when everything depends upon it, the idols topple; the power-heavy way of life is suddenly gone. In its place, you stride across worlds, in tune with myriad frequencies, and make way for the unknown, the infinite, the other side of life.”

Aries Weekly Forecast: January 13–21, 2019

As a cardinal sign, you’re right in the heart of 2019’s powerful astrology as this coming week’s events will show. You are hosting warrior Mars plus the two Awakeners in Aries at odds with Mercury, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, and all at the sensitive midpoint between the wild card eclipses of January 5th and January 21st. It looks as if it’s crunch time as far as a career issue is concerned. You may receive news you’ve been half expecting that an ending is imminent or that turns your view of someone upside down. This is the start of a year when hiding your head in the sand is worse than facing reality head on. Take control, decide what’s negotiable and non-negotiable and refuse to be browbeaten.

Change is neutral. It’s how you react to it that counts.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: January 13–21, 2019

In a week that will take no prisoners, as a Taurean you at least have your personal planet Venus as an ally as she approaches gift bringer Jupiter in your 8th House of finances and resources. With the recent eclipse plus Mercury conjunct both Saturn and Pluto this week bringing root and branch change to your hopes, dreams and life direction, if you can afford some time out or right away from your usual routines to get up to date with yourself, take it. Frame it as preparation for awakener Uranus returning to Taurus for the first time in 84 years in early March — shaking you out of your comfort zone and into radically fresh realisations.

Be the change.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: January 13–21, 2019

This might be a week when the scales fall from your eyes as far a one person or situation is concerned. Since both the recent eclipse and your personal planet Mercury are activating reality planets Saturn and Pluto in your 8th House of money and resources, stirred up by unpredictable Uranus, look carefully at the small print of existing contracts, agreements or professional partnerships. When Mercury meets Pluto, the question is always: “What’s happening below the radar, behind the scenes, that I haven’t been aware of?” Avoid any big expenses and make no fresh commitments until after the Super Moon eclipse on January 21st. Far better to be overly cautious than regret it further down the line.

Be your own fiercest backer.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: January 13–21, 2019

Did you have any interesting insights last week in the aftermath of the recent eclipse? If so, what are your gut instincts and your intuition telling you? The messages will continue to arrive thick and fast this week as Mercury meets both reality planets, Saturn and Pluto one after the other in your relationship zone. With awakener Uranus in your 10th House of career and life purpose shaking the foundations, who and what has had its day? Face the questions head on and feel the signal of either a Big YES or a Big NO. That’s your own guidance trying to attract your attention, so don’t go back to sleep.

Time to let the past go and turn forwards.

Leo Weekly Forecast: January 13–21, 2019

As a fiery intuitive Leo, ruled by the Sun, the combination of harsh reality planets Saturn and Pluto in your 6th House of work, routine and service — not to mention the recent eclipse — is definitely uncomfortable. You may feel as if the brakes have been slammed on, putting you under pressure and upping your stress quotient. If so, this week’s Mercury/Saturn/Pluto encounter has important information for you. The clear and unambiguous message is: take back control and be at cause not at effect. In a week’s time, the last of the wild card Leo/Aquarius eclipses will activate your sign, ending an 18 month period of non-stop personal growth which has pushed you right out of your comfort zone.

Drop all responsibilities that do not belong to you and lighten your load.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: January 13–21, 2019

In the dust of the recent eclipse, you may be feeling as if you have an invisible opponent blocking or thwarting creative ideas and projects that are close to your heart. If so, this week’s Mercury/Saturn/Pluto encounter has important information for you. The clear and unambiguous message is: look again at the basis for your blue print and make sure it has strong and realistic foundations. This week, this month, this year, cutting corners will boomerang straight back and superficiality will not cut it. So use the next 7 days to the Super Moon eclipse to update your inner operating system and to check that old goals are still desirable.

Is your ladder up against the wrong wall?

Libra Weekly Forecast: January 13–21, 2019

Just like Aries and Cancer, as a cardinal sign, you’re right in the heart of 2019’s powerful astrology as this coming week’s events will show. This week, Mercury encounters both reality planets Saturn and Pluto one after another triggering unpredictable Uranus in your relationship zone. Press the pause button and look closely at your family dynamics, at your home and how it feels to live there. With your personal planet Venus joining expansive Jupiter to ease all your connections and communications, use your wonderful rapport skills to look under the surface and identify the elephant under the carpet.

Creating win/win solutions.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: January 13–21, 2019

Rather like your opposite sign Taurus, you are lucky to have the beneficial support of Venus and Jupiter behind you to smooth the edges of some harsh astrology. Lighting up your 2nd House of money and attraction in a beautiful alignment with Mars, they can deliver some well-deserved rewards if you choose your moment carefully, especially where work and income is concerned. And timing is everything this week with Mercury encountering first Saturn then Pluto in your personal angle of communication. Tread warily, use all your skills of win/win and rapport building and double or triple check your emails, texts, posts etc before you press send. Sometimes it’s all a matter of tone-how you come across-not the message itself.

People remember how you made them feel, not what you said.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: January 13–21, 2019

By now, as a Sagittarian, you have probably worked out that your finances are in the sights of both 2019’s eclipses and change agents Saturn and Pluto. On their own, both change and money are neutral energy — it’s how you react to it that makes the difference between things happening to you and you happening to events. The message from this week’s Mercury/Saturn/Pluto collision and collusion is simple: look squarely at the bottom line and do a full reality check. If you’re running on fumes, with no reserves, make a financial audit and plugging leaks your top priority. Next week when Venus and Jupiter meet in your own sign, the taps will turn on again.

Your life needs a solid foundation of personal security.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: January 13–21, 2019

With no fewer than 6 planets and points activating your own sign, change is not an option. Notice any insights or breakthroughs you’ve had since last week’s eclipse and pay attention because this week Mercury is meeting first Saturn then Pluto-planets of reality-in Capricorn. More messages, signs and clues will be accessible, all of them electrified by unpredictable Uranus. Where are you stuck? What are you resisting? Prepare for a hole to be blown through any plans that are outdated, unimaginative and based solely on left brain thinking. Your greatest gift and greatest learning this week, this month, this year is that life is not linear — you’re just along for the ride.

Let the chips fall where they may.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: January 13–21, 2019

Take heart if it’s heavy going at the moment-the Sun will return to Aquarius on Sunday January 20th to celebrate your personal New year. All the activity in your deep 12th House -the engine room of your chart — is unnerving since you can’t tell exactly what’s changing, only that big shifts are right on the horizon. It’s also wearying, tiring and draining. As Mercury meets reality planets Saturn and Pluto behind the scenes, just opt out of any attempt to understand what’s going on. Instead, focus on self-care, on your wellbeing — physical, mental and emotional — so you’re ready to make the very most of the Sun’s welcome return.

Better times just up ahead.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: January 13–21, 2019

Although your intuitive, changeable, sensitive Piscean nature is ill at ease with 6 planets in ultra realist earthy Capricorn, there are some welcome developments. Venus is about to meet expansive gift bringer Jupiter at the pinnacle of your chart bringing rewards and opportunities in your career, while Mars is actively seeking new income streams on your behalf. Knowing this, take any messages this week’s Mercury/Saturn/Pluto line up sends your way as a challenge, not a defeat. Pay attention to sudden insights, breakthroughs or new information that could entirely turn your perspective of one person or situation on its head. Then reshape your plans accordingly.

Information is neutral — it’s how you react to it that makes the difference.

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