Seeding The New: Astrology Forecast February 3–10, 2019

February 3rd, 2018

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

In many ways, this will be a week of paradox as the airy intronaut Aquarius New Moon seeds visions of the future in the dark while warrior Mars wants action and wants it now. Expect the urge to do something — anything! The key to synthesising these seemingly opposite impulses is to collaborate with the Mars frequency by using skilful Will instead of powerful Will. Be like an Aikido master, flexible, ready to respond but not driven to make the first move.

Tuesday’s New Moon is on the exact midpoint of Aquarius conjunct plutonic point Black Moon Lilith sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius. Imagine an alchemist at work mixing elements in search of the elusive gold, envisioning transformation, bringing it through into manifestation. Key into your sensory acuity — your 6 senses and beyond — to pick up the Jupiterian deep space downloads of wisdom, grace and possibility. With Venus in Capricorn fresh from the Galactic Centre square Chiron on the Aries event horizon, Black Moon Lilith on the New Moon and Sedna now direct, the surge of female power will be obvious. It’s coming through relentlessly into all our systems in society and is meeting a wall of resistance from invested male interests. Mars conjunct disruptor Eris — the female awakener — square eliminator Pluto and the Node of Fate symbolises the struggle — the battle to the death — playing out everywhere we look. Expect obvious power plays on the world stage exemplified by Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the Nuclear Treaty.

In your own life, your priority is working in and on your operating system and in and on your life structures to generate new probabilities and new earth based tangible creations and service. Waking up by waking down into practical expression is key. Live from your infinite creative potential, not from the history of your past creations. Discover your unique rhythm of Create /Manifest/Withdraw /Incubate + trust it.

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The Chandra Symbol Aquarius 16: Ground up gemstones to be used as medicine

“Keyed to transmutation and alchemical forging of a way to be in the world. Purposively focusing intensively upon the ingredients and their combinations. Gifted with a certain vision to see you through an astounding maze. We must discover a path in human nature that can match a path in outer nature, both of which will become progressive and evolutionary.       

If we are going to restore wholeness, we must fathom the code of fragmentation and not be broken apart, so there is a discipline involved, a mastery, an initiation. We must stand in the face of what would seem to be a complete mess and still persevere in going out after fresh solutions, new ways of working with the substance at hand.

This entire dynamic forges strength that endures. We ourselves become the good medicine. Our awareness of emergent facets offers hope, consolation, and even excellent fundamental basis for a different world to dawn. We are cracking through ground that was heavily blocked.”

Aries Weekly Forecast: February 3–10, 2019

As an Aries you are being hit by a double whammy of Mars energy. Not only is the Warrior your personal planet but it’s currently activating your sign. Not only that but it’s aligned with change agent Pluto, the Node of Fate and disruptor Eris. Something’s definitely afoot — either in your outer life and circumstances or coming up to a fast simmer inside. Instead of letting your hot buttons be pressed, calm down the electricity, ground yourself and channel all the extra energy into creating a new updated blueprint. The inventive Aquarius New Moon with Jupiter is lighting up your zone of what matters most, your priorities, your heartfelt desires and your creative contribution.

Let the sparks be sparks of insight and revelation.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: February 3–10, 2019

Tuesday’s New Moon in visionary Aquarius lights up the pinnacle of your chart with Sun, Moon Mercury aligned with expansionist Jupiter. Your career, your purpose and your life direction are changing as new information, possibilities and ideas arise. As the Moon is dark, this is the time to do an audit of what makes you get up in the morning. Are you completely on track, engaged in something that reflects who you really are or have you had your ladder up against the wrong wall? With change agents Saturn and Pluto nudging you relentlessly to spread your wings, broaden your horizons and match what you value with how you live, take any opportunity to invest in yourself, whether through travel or study. It will pay dividends in the next 18 months.

How you spend your time is how you spend your life.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: February 3–10, 2019

Life is speeding up. With Mars in your angle of people, alliances and goals making links to so many planets and points plus your personal planet Mercury crossing the pinnacle of your chart next Sunday, expect to be engaged in negotiations all week. There will be offers and counter offers, opportunities, dead ends and bluff and counter bluff. Keep your eyes on the prize and refuse to compromise on what’s important to you. Make it absolutely clear what is negotiable or non-negotiable and stick to it.

Going for gold.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: February 3–10, 2019

Tuesday’s bright New Moon in Aquarius is ending and beginning a new cycle of money, resources and personal security. At the same time, Mars in your 10th House of career sparking off so many planets and points is stirring the waters, making you feel uncharacteristically restless, angry or put upon. Either you or a work colleague is bent on disrupting the status quo out of sheer frustration. Instead of reacting in an uncontrolled, over emotional knee-jerk manner to what arises, take some quiet time on Monday and Tuesday in the dark of the Moon to find the root of your discontent. Only then can you do something to change it.

Be at cause, not at effect.

Leo Weekly Forecast: February 3–10, 2019

After January’s eclipse across Leo and Aquarius, here comes the annual New Moon in the sign of the futurist. Lighting up your opposite sign, it marks the end of one relationship cycle and the start of another. Now’s the time to press the pause button and ask yourself if one particular partnership can go the distance. Listen to your heart, not your head and trust the answer. This is all the more important as trigger happy Mars is creating disruption and it would be all too easy to say or do something in the heat of the moment that you’ll regret later. Burning bridges behind you only take a moment but the fallout can last a lifetime.

Whatever you decide, wait until next week to take action.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: February 3–10, 2019

You’re approaching the end of a 7 year period of soul searching and deep healing which has been both an inner voyage of discovery and exhausting in equal measure. On 19th February, shaman Chiron will exit your opposite sign of Pisces, not to return for another 50 years, gifting you with profound insights into what you want and need in a long term partner. So, instead of keeping on keeping on, take some quiet time now under the Aquarian New Moon to revisit your heart’s desires. Ask yourself: “What am I doing to create a harmonious relationship with myself? How can I become my own best supporter, sponsor and mentor?”

“It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over.” — Paulo Coelho

Libra Weekly Forecast: February 3–10, 2019

As a Libran, you have been experiencing unpredictable change agent Uranus in your relationship zone since 2011, turning your world upside down and inside out without rhyme or reason. The welcome news is that the Awakener is poised to finally move on in 4 weeks’ time — but before you breathe a sigh of relief, Mars in cahoots with Pluto, Eris and Uranus is bringing some sort of make-or-break crunch point in at least one important relationship. This could be personal or professional but, however it plays out, remind yourself that the ball’s in the opposite court. Deal with it head on, know what’s acceptable or non-acceptable and clear the air.

Compromise for the sake of peace would be counter-productive.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: February 3–10, 2019

Tuesday’s bright new Aquarian Moon at the base of your chart marks a turning point where your home, family and roots are concerned. For most of last year, your career was forefront and centre stage as you had to react to the wild card eclipses at the pinnacle of your chart. Now it’s time to look at your life/work balance. Before first Mars then unpredictable Uranus light a fuse under your relationships, see if there are fences to be mended or bridges to be rebuilt. Have you been keeping those who matter in the loop or just doing your own thing regardless? Find a project to bring everyone closer and build some solid foundations.

No more lone ranger.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: February 3–10, 2019

As a Sagittarian, Tuesday’s New Moon in Aquarius is a sign that your personal Spring season is arriving- time to wake up and smell the coffee. That restless feeling is down to the flood of insights, new information and ideas, stirring you out of a long winter slumber and luring you into new territory. Farsighted futurist Aquarius rules your angle of connection and communication so expect trips, invitations and meeting with new people to be on offer. With your personal planet Jupiter expanding your horizons and knowledge base, it’s all about creating new frames of reference for what’s possible for you.

You are designed to live from your infinite creative potential, not from the history of your past creations.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: February 3–10, 2019

On Monday 3rd, Venus returns to your sign to stay for a month, gifting you with an immediate boost of support and protection. Then Tuesday’s New Moon in Aquarius starts a new cycle of self-worth, self-confidence and self-belief. Perhaps it’s time to have a makeover of some sort-whether it’s upgrading your personal style or fitness regime-to align how you look and feel to who you are now. This will be helpful in attracting investors or supporters for some of those bold ideas you are intent on turning into reality. If you need an injection of money, strike while the iron’s hot.

Invest in yourself and others will invest in you.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: February 3–10, 2019

Ever since the lunar eclipse in your sign in January, you’ve been uncharacteristically restless and bored with the stale status quo. On Tuesday the 4th February, the annual New Moon in your own sign marks the start of your very own New Year, letting in a ribbon of fresh air, grace and opportunity. With warrior planet Mars in your angle of communication and connection in cahoots with unpredictable Uranus, don’t just take action for the sake of it but channel the high voltage energy into a new frame of thinking. Ask yourself: “If everything were up for grabs and nothing was a given, what would I create?”

Change your coordinates and change your direction of travel.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: February 3–10, 2019

This time of the year between January 21st and February 21st is always a period of semi-hibernation for you as a Pisces. Your batteries are low and need recharging. This is down to the Sun-our Light-travelling through the deepest part of your chart, behind the scenes and inaccessible, shining at low wattage. Once you know this is simply part of your personal cycle, instead of trying to override it by keeping on keeping on, collaborate with it by looking after your health and wellbeing and looking inside to attune with your current Self. It’s definitely not the time for pushing on towards external goals. Use your gifts of intuition, sensitivity and far seeing to work with your dreams, listen for clues and nudges in readiness for your personal New Year in 3 weeks’ time.

Keep in mind the proverb: “To everything there is a season.”

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