Focused Intention

March 22nd, 2019

By Jennie Ankney

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

We want to ask ourselves a question from time to time just to check in. What are we focusing on?

To answer that question let’s look at the manifestation process, or Law of Attraction. If it is true that we create our reality, and it is a function of the collaboration of our thoughts, which creates a feeling and subsequently we are motivated to act and behave in certain ways. And it is also true that we are energy and all energy has a vibration. Then we are vibrating at a specific frequency that then gets broadcasted into the space around us. That energy or frequency tunes into other people or things or even situations that are at that same frequency, and thus we have an attractive force based on our thoughts, feelings and actions…or focus.

Our focus is entirely under our command. We choose what to focus upon. Sometimes that can still be like holding an open firehose, right?

It has a mind of its own.

I can’t get a saddle on my mind chatter.

This is more common than not for many of us. We are distracted by so much input and possibilities in our modern world. There is chaotic energy pulling our focus in many directions. We have even found reasons to blame other people or objects for what we are creating with the vibration we are pulsing out by the focus we are holding. When we take full responsibility for our vibration and resulting experiences, we grab our focus back onto the experiences we want to create vs. random creation/focus. We give ourselves back our personal power.

Look at how powerful TV has become.

We sit down, relax and gaze our focus upon the programming on TV. This is passive focus.

We allow our focus to be dragged in and out of our selected program to focus upon advertising for businesses with a lot of money to spend. They have control of our focus. And depending upon what program we chose, that program also has our focus and is making suggestions about us and the world around us.

When our focus is so relaxed as it is when we watch TV or movies, these suggestions are quite powerful because our brains are at the ready to be programmed in that relaxed mode. This is the place we want to get to during meditation. This is where we practice being the observer. Practicing no thought. This is a powerful focusing tool. Imagine the seeds you can plant when in this relaxed state. You have the power to change your life in what ways you see fit.

If we allow our focus to pin ball from one thing to the next, like TV programming and advertising, our energy is chaotic and the overall net vibration we are pulsing out creates more chaos. Do we want to start utilizing that power of our focus to our benefit?

What do we want to focus on?  What do you want to focus on?

If what we focus on expands, then this is where we decide what we want for our lives. We are here to create things in our lives that are enjoyable or even thrilling!  Not more chaos, right? Let’s set our intention on harmony, and we may want prosperity for ourselves and our loved ones too. Take the time to sit down and figure out what you want to create in writing – writing it out gives your creations more power. And we’re all about personal power.

Our practice of intentional focus can include the following steps:

  • Thoughts help us to describe the visuals and how we want to feel. Writing this down is another way to solidify our intentions. Starting with gratitude can put you in a good mood right away, even if you are in a terrible mood at the start. Ask me how I know?
  • Feelings are in the NOW moment. How we feel is always NOW no matter if we are remembering feelings from the past, or if we worry about the future. Best choice yet is conjuring our feelings for an expectant future. This is where being more childlike, making it fun and playful is where it is easy to get excited and dream big. Miracles happen when we are happily expectant of an amazing outcome. Why not set a trend where the miraculous becomes ubiquitous? We can all practice this gratitude and contentment for a future with an assured best outcome. It’s a great collective goal!
  • Action uses the body. When you follow inspiration and act on it, you are already in a great space because you are in the receiving mode of an inspiration. Meditation is another intentional action that is very powerful. This tool takes practice. Staying in the NOW moment and being the observer, where there ultimately will be no thought. You just start where you are and practice your best. Give yourself permission to make this a priority in your life.

Have you figured out what you have been focused on?

Is that your intention?

Perfect! Every NOW moment you have a chance to keep choosing something to focus on that is working for you. You can also make mistakes, as we all do, and choose another focused intention, preferably learning from those mistakes as we go along. There are no punishments for making mistakes. When we give ourselves permission to ask for forgiveness from ourselves or others, we give ourselves compassion. This opens our hearts to be more compassionate to others. What if everyone on earth decided to do that?

That would be some miraculous awesome-sauce!!

Please comment below! I love your feedback. Did I leave something out? Let’s start a conversation.

About the author:

Jennie has been an empath before she knew what that meant. She picked up the emotions of others without realizing what was happening, and it was quite confusing. As an adult, Jennie dove into the mystical world of the occult, astrology, numerology and self-help books to find who she really is, and what this world is about … at least, according to Jennie Sue. This was the start of a journey that continues for 25 plus years, calling it her own “Hero’s Journey.” She believes that everyone has this wisdom within, and when we tap into this self-guidance, we become empowered to direct our lives to fulfill our dreams. She truly feels that is why we are here, to find our own power – and when we do, we will have amazing powers beyond comic superhero’s. Jennie lives with her husband, two sons and two cats in Southern California. She loves to be in her garden and go on bike rides and hikes with her family. She has enjoyed working at home and raising her own family and continues her journey of self-realization and fulfillment.

You can follow Jennie at:



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