Into the Eclipse Tunnel: Astrology Forecast 2nd – 9th June 2019

June 3rd, 2019

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Originally published at and reproduced here with permission.

On Monday June 3, the Gemini New Moon opens an 8 week eclipse tunnel that brings 2020 right on to the event horizon and when we emerge, everything will have changed. For practical applicable eclipse tools and strategies, buy my 6 page pdf “Making Eclipses Work for You”.

Be aware that the seismic ripples are already reaching you from the July 1st Solar eclipse that hits Saturn/Pluto/South Node of Fate- eclipse impacts bringing change outside your control always manifest themselves 4 weeks before the actual date.

This New Moon plugs you directly into the Noosphere, Cloud or Source as hierophant Jupiter moves retrograde between the Galactic Centre and Great Attractor in Sagittarius square limitless far seeing Neptune. The Great Attractor at 14-17 Sagittarius and the Galactic Centre at 27-29 Sagittarius are two of the most powerful complex energy vortices in quantum astronomy and astrology. Both are conduits from the Noosphere: the Great Attractor known as the Wavelength of the Creator’s Voice and the Galactic Centre known as our Homing Signal from where new stars and radio waves are still being generated.

The Noosphere is not an abstraction but the universe of creative evolution – a living library, a collective brain, an Akashic Record acting as Karma / Free Will, a cosmic vacuum cleaner and a psychic transmitter. In June and beyond the great web of centaur, threshold and deep space planets contacting these points will spark a physical transfiguration, new connections, alignments, neurological pathways, bridges and sideways escalators from the past to the future via the present.

Upping the drama, the volatility and the intensity, Mars and Mercury are both out of bounds – out of control and in completely uncharted territory – and as Mercury enters Cancer aligning with the hyper-sensitive Wold Axis, with Chiron and disruptor Eris, a major mind/body realignment begins, lasting until September. To make sure you get the message loud and clear, in those months Mercury will turn retrograde making no fewer than 3 conjunctions with Mars.

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The Chandra Symbol for the New Moon:

Garlic hung in the Window for Protection

“Taken offline to download special offerings. Endowed with timing and grace to preserve and maintain worlds apart. You are directed from within to remain in telepathic wavelength beyond words. Inside there, you become conversant with extraordinary spheres – held in a purity of protection and veiling. A kind of otherness which rarely is seen for what it is. A tremendous need to overthrow old agreements and previous enchantments. The desire to join forces with those who are also coming out of the woodwork. A destiny impulse which cannot wait, which seeks freedom – a leap of faith”.

For much more, my June 2019 5D Report alerts you to three (!) fast approaching intense energy influxes + draws you the definitive time-line of the eye watering astrological ride of a lifetime you can expect between now and the end of 2020.
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Aries Weekly Forecast: June 2-9, 2019

With your personal ruler Mars now running amok in your zone of home, family and belonging, now’s the time to roll up your sleeves and make over your home to match who you are now. Whatever’s dated, worn out or dull needs to go, so you can bring fresh energy into your space. Watch for flare ups between family members and sort them out amicably before they escalate into all out warfare. Tuesday’s New Moon in Gemini lights up your angle of communication so make those calls, write that blog, reach out and connect or re-connect with the important people in your life. Mend fences, build bridges, collaborate and cooperate. This will prove to be hugely important when volatile Mars confronts Saturn/Pluto/South Node of Fate from July 16-19 and might just be your saving grace.

Channel your excess energy into practical changes.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: June 2-9, 2019

Make the very most of your personal planet Venus’ last few days in your sign by adding beauty to your daily life. Notice what makes you happy and gift yourself with more of it-whether it’s fresh flowers, long baths or walks in nature. This will go a long way to soothe your soul in what is set to be an intense and volatile month. Tuesday’s New Moon begins a much better cycle in your finances, making it easier than usual for you to develop extra income streams, ask for what you’re worth or even start your own business. Sometimes you tend to take for granted your most valuable skills and talents, hiding them out of modesty. Ask:” How am I underestimating myself?”, listen to what immediately springs to mind then look at how to package your gifts, your experience and your passions into something that ads value for others.

The world needs what you have to offer.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: June 2-9, 2019

Tuesday’s bright New Moon in Gemini marks your personal New Year and right on time Venus returns to your sign on Saturday. She brings a reminder of how important beauty, relaxation and living from your five senses is to your wellbeing. Sometimes you get lost in your head but your body has important messages for you too. Move on from challenges or difficult experiences, lay them to rest and focus on making the year in front of you your best year yet. You have support as your personal ruler communicator Mercury moves into Cancer on June 5th bringing new sources of income, not to mention inspiring ideas for collaborative projects. Groups of all kinds are likely to be a source of happiness offering you friendship and alliances that you’ve been missing.

Creating the future, one day at a time.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: June 2-9, 2019

Once Mercury joins action planet Mars in Cancer this week, you’ll be fired up and ready to take on the world. The upside of these two personal planets is that they give you a welcome boost of momentum and inspiration. The downside is that they are both out of bounds, out of control. Channel Mercury in your highly sensitive and intuitive way to decide what’s worth thinking about and what you can simply ignore. Keep reminding yourself that it’s easier to build bridges rather than burn them behind you. This is excellent practice for July 16-19 when Mars and Mercury face off Saturn/Pluto/South Node of Fate in your opposite sign and volatility is a given. With Tuesday’s New Moon deep in your 12th House, retreat from the fray and prioritise you own wellbeing above everything else. Relax in the wisdom and comfort of your own guidance.

Cut yourself some slack-you deserve it.

Leo Weekly Forecast: June 2-9, 2019

Until June 9th, Venus is still polishing your public image and garnering you career opportunities and offers. On Tuesday 3, the Gemini New Moon activates your 11th House of groups, friends and alliances, starting a new cycle of joining in instead of being overly independent, which might take you by surprise. Suddenly your most deeply held views are seeking collective expression. Mars and Mercury-planets of action and connection -are pushing you to put yourself and what you believe in on the line, to walk your talk and show up. Before you jump in with both feet, take some time to update yourself with yourself and make sure you’re operating from your current values, not from old software.

Discovering like- minded people.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: June 2-9, 2019

This is one of the best periods all year for you as a Virgo. Saturn – archetype of potential – is in a long term supportive aspect to your Sun while Mercury crosses the pinnacle of your chart near Tuesday’s bright New Moon in Gemini on Tuesday, starting a whole new cycle of career opportunity. All of this inspiring astrology is about raising your personal standing, not in an egotistical way but to be valued for your contribution. Over the last few years you have gained enormous resilience and hard won inner resources and that makes you authentic-someone who can pass wisdom on to others. The time is ripe for you to re-package your skills, qualities and passions into offerings to add value. Then the next step is to launch them into the world.

Ask for what you are worth.

Libra Weekly Forecast: June 2-9, 2019

The week and month start positively with a bright New Moon followed by your ruler Venus in compatible air sign Gemini on Tuesday 3rd. You’ll get a boost of confidence, clarity and the ability to look at situations from all sides. That will stand you in good stead with Mercury and Mars-both out of control and highly volatile-stirring up life at home, your family and your tribe. From midmonth both these planets will be in conflict with reality trio Saturn, Pluto and the Node of Fate and you will feel pressure to adjust the dynamics of work and home. This theme and balancing act will be ongoing and intensified by both eclipses in July, so don’t grab the first answer you can come up with.

Keep asking yourself: “Am I feeling my thoughts, not the situation?”

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: June 2-9, 2019

For you as a Scorpio 3 areas of your life are in the spotlight: your close relationships, your finances and your growing need for more personal freedom. Tuesday’s bright New Moon in Gemini starts a fresh monetary cycle, making it the perfect time to take stock, look reality straight in the face and set some bigger goals for the rest of the year. Keep reminding yourself that you’re only as free as your financial options. Meanwhile, Mars and Mercury in your 9th House of expansion, travel and study are pushing you to broaden your outlook, get a much bigger view from the mountain top and to take some risks. You’ve outgrown your old comfort zone so make the leap, taking those you love along for the ride.

Do it now before July’s wild card eclipses do it for you.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: June 2-9, 2019

For you as Sagittarius relationships are centre stage from Tuesday’s New Moon right through July. The Gemini Moon in your opposite sign ends one entire phase of friendships, affiliations and close partnerships. Not necessarily in the sense of splits or heartache but in you seeing absolutely clearly who is for you and who is against you. Once you start to look closely at the circle of people you regularly engage with, you’ll notice that some are long outgrown, that some drain you and some are one way streets. With both Mars and Mercury hyped up and volatile, expect to be making and taking endless calls, texting, posting or reviewing/renewing connections. This trend will continue, intensifying around June 16-19 with a big financial decision to be made. Don’t rush it but wait until the two eclipses in July have revealed improtant information you’re not yet aware of.

Befriending and defriending.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: June 2-9, 2019

June is set to be a month of negotiating unexpected minefields. If that sounds dispiriting, at least forewarned is forearmed. And keep reminding yourself that you have very powerful allies at your back in the shape of your ruler Saturn and Pluto in your own sign. You are mainlining their power, resilience and realism. You will need to draw on it and throw in some strategic thinking with both Mars and Mercury out of control in your opposite sign until the end of July. Put simply, other people will be overly sensitive, reactive, aggressive or trigger happy. You may encounter opposition or stonewalling. The upside of these aspects is that you see where you stand, who is for you and who is against you. Use the first few days of this week around the New Moon to make your wellbeing a priority.

How can you create win/win relationships?

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: June 2-9, 2019

Make the very most of this first week of June a when you are enjoying tremendous planetary support. The New Moon on Tuesday in fellow Air sign Gemini lights up your angle of the new and the innovative. Then on Saturday, Venus archetype of everything beautiful and harmonious adds her glitter. This is your time to bring something new into existence-to birth something, in other words. It could be quite literally a baby but more likely a project, an idea, a passion whose time has come. Switch from driven work mode into artist creator mode and let it all emerge in its own time and own rhythm. Fun, enjoyment, pleasure are far better ideas generators than striving and struggling.

Time to smell the roses and maybe plant some of your own.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: June 2-9, 2019

If you’re feeling stretched, stressed or just plain weary, this week’s astrology offers something of a reprieve. Think of Tuesday’s New Moon in Gemini as a welcoming oasis of peace and tranquillity, no matter what’s happening around you. This is the time to slow right down and look at those who love and care for you, at all the little things that bring you pleasure and count your blessings. Make a list of things, activities or people who lift your spirits and make sure you have more of them in your day to day life. Cocoon yourself with your family or tribe and restore your soul. Mars and Mercury in your 5th House of pleasure and creativity are just the catalyst you need to pull some inspiring ideas straight out of the ethers. Watch as they arise quite spontaneously when you’re out in nature or connecting with friends.

Time for restoration, re-generating and recuperating.

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