Unlock Your Yoga Practice: Yoga of Healing and Awakening Summit – FREE Online Event

On and off the mat, yoga is a powerful path to becoming more radiantly healthy, spiritually awake, and passionately engaged.

If you’d like to move beyond poses — and deep into a holistic practice designed to unlock your capacity to heal and awaken — join us for a completely free, one-of-a-kind experience with a global community of yoga enthusiasts, advocates, and practitioners.

During the FREE Yoga of Healing and Awakening Summit, you’ll experience and celebrate the beauty, power, and depth of yoga — not as a fitness program, but as a path to a sacred life and a world built on Oneness.

You’ll hear from 60+ world-renowned yogis, swamis, swaminis, sages, musicians, scientists, and beloved teachers who will be sharing their accumulated wisdom and powerful depth teachings.

RSVP here for this inspiring 4-day event, where you’ll discover:

  • How yoga is awakening the Sacred Feminine and Conscious Masculine around the world
  • How yoga was intentionally sent to the West (planned centuries in advance) by great saints to help harmonize humanity
  • How your yoga practice is the key to major life transformation and spiritual shift

… and much more!

If you’re ready to live as a beautiful expression of the Divine every day, join us and the extraordinary presenters to discover a complete yogic lifestyle — see you there!