The Human Longevity Project – FREE Online Documentary Series

How do some people stay so healthy and happy into their 90s or 100s or even beyond? On the other hand, why is it that we have more healthcare available to us now than ever in human history, and yet as a society we’re the sickest we’ve ever been?

If you’ve wondered this too, you won’t want to miss this FREE viewing of The Human Longevity Project – an amazing documentary series which sets out to discover the secrets to ultimate health.

Health researcher Jason Prall traveled the world in search of answers and found that among the planet’s longest lived populations, something intangible was more important than diet and exercise: what these extraordinary people had in common were things like gratitude, community, connection and a sense of purpose.

In The Human Longevity Project, Jason speaks not only with long-lived individuals but with some of the finest minds in health. His goal was to uncover the hidden mechanisms which contribute to remarkable health.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to discover what truly lies behind happiness and health – it could change your life.