The Gut Solution: 15 Gut-Healing Remedies for Mental Health – FREE Report

What if your gut was the root cause of your depression – and what if it could easily be fixed?

The fascinating connection between the gut and the brain is revealed in this FREE special report: Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Mind – 15 Gut-Healing Remedies for Optimal Mental Health.

Research is proving more and more that good mental health is dependent on good gut health. For example, a recent report from Belgium discovered that those with depression were missing two particular species of gut microbes: Coprococcus and Dialister. Other studies have round that low levels of Faecalibacterium are linked to more severe depression and that pathogenic infections in the gut, like Campylobacter jejuni or Citrobacter amalonaticus, contribute to anxiety.

It turns out that it all comes down to the bacteria living in our gut, which we now know exert a powerful influence over our thoughts, feelings and actions. These bacteria support critical everyday functions that keep us alive and well, like nutrient absorption, immune response and metabolism. When we don’t have enough beneficial bacteria, or we have an excess of pathogenic species, our health and our minds suffer.

In order to heal your mind, you first need to heal your gut.

In this FREE Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Mind Report, you’ll discover:

  • how unavoidable toxic exposure depletes the bacteria which keep us healthy
  • how to restore this crucial balance
  • the relationship between what we eat and how much serotonin we have
  • why SSRIs just don’t work for most people
  • how to boost your serotonin levels without drugs
  • natural remedies which protect your mind from depression, anxiety and mental decline

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